10 Bucket List Destinations For Free Spirits

10 Bucket List Holiday Destinations For Free Spirits

Say ‘bon voyage’ to a land-locked existence and get yourself some hot tickets outta here, with these 10 bucket list destinations for free spirits! 

There’s a world full of amazing adventures just waiting to be seized. And Hanna Axelsson and Ashleigh Powell know exactly where to start. The creative duo and founders of Australian travel and lifestyle brand, Axel & Ash, have been there, done that … and are now inspiring others to do the same.

Axel & Ash is all about adventure, with Hanna and Ashleigh using their well-trodden travel experiences to create a chic collection of travel journals – My Bucketlist, Swept Away by Wanderlust and Life’s a Roadtrip.

The journals are packed with inspiration and motivation to live life to the fullest, defy the odds and break the rules!

So, curious, I asked Hanna and Ashleigh to share their own top 10 bucket list destinations. And, low and behold, they did – and it’s packed with awesome destinations off the beaten track. So pack your bags, baby, you’ve got a plane to catch. Oh the places you’ll go!

1. Cuba

Put your dancing shoes on, ‘cos Cuba is at the top of Ash and Hanna’s bucket list. “If you want to feel what life was like in the 1950’s, Cuba is the place to be,” they say. “Due to the politics and history, internet and Wifi is hard to come by and you can’t pay for anything here with eftpos, so a trip to Cuba really is like signing out of everyday life. Instead, you get to enjoy every bit of the Cuban lifestyle – befriend the locals, enjoy the amazing cuisine and get ready to be blown away by the perfect vintage cars driving past!”

10 Bucket List Holiday Destinations For Free Spirits

Ashleigh Powell and Hanna Axelsson, the creative duo behind Axel & Ash.

2. Iceland

Snow queens, you won’t get an icy reception here. In fact, your heart might just melt by nature’s beauty. “You can’t go ten minutes in this beautiful country without being wowed!” Ash and Hanna explain. “With 60 metre waterfalls sitting right next to the main highway, hot geothermal river springs, the magical blue lagoon, glorious hikes and volcanos around every corner… this country offers spectacular scenes and endless adventure!”

3. Morocco

It’s much more than just the spice and textiles capital. “Climbing the great big sand dunes and camping under the stars in the Sahara Desert was one of the most magical moments in our lives,” explains Ash and Hanna. “It’s hard to find a place more colourful – from the rugs, art and beautiful mosaics to the spicy cuisine, unique architecture and the wonderful personalities. This is a place that really takes you outside your comfort zone and makes you appreciate a culture different from your own.”

10 Bucket List Holiday Destinations For Free Spirits

My Bucketlist by Axel & Ash is a space where dreams are made and realised. Designed for the wanderers, the dreamers, the insatiably curious and those who dare to live a less ordinary life.

4. Green Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

I’ve been to Green Island myself about, oh, five times, and I totally get why it made Ash and Hanna’s hit list. “The magical white sands and crystal clear waters of Green Island will blow you away,” they agree. “We love snorkelling with the fish and sea turtles all whilst seeing one of mother natures’ most beautiful creations, The Great Barrier Reef.”

5. New Orleans, USA

Sing the blues and pour yourself a hard spirit, or, hit the round-the-clock night life! “If you are into music, this place is like nowhere else!” say Ash and Hanna. “Walking down Bourbon Street is one of the most wonderful music experiences you will ever have – Jazz and Blues pouring out from every corner with dancing all around.”

10 Bucket List Holiday Destinations For Free Spirits

Hanna and Ashleigh sing their own travel tune.

6. Hallstatt, Austria

“If you have ever wondered where the beautiful scenes from fairy tales come from, this lakeside village is most likely the inspiration. A hidden gem in the Austrian mountains – this is the perfect romantic getaway for someone special! Discover all the hidden backstreets, head out on a private boat or discover the first Salt Cave. And did we mention there is the most picturesque castle overlooking you!” Go on Princess, you know you want to!

7. NYC, Brooklyn, USA

“It’s crazy, big and beautiful, with something happening every minute of every day. There is something about the streets of NYC that make you believe anything is possible. Bike across Brooklyn bridge, go see a Broadway show, visit all the amazing art galleries, eat a rainbow Bagel, dance on a roof top and befriend all the wild and wonderful New Yorkers on the subway!”

10 Bucket List Holiday Destinations For Free Spirits

Life’s a Roadtrip is the latest addition to the Axel & Ash series, designed to inspire travellers to escape on wheels and explore the road less travelled.

8. Whistler, Canada

“A truly magical place to be in winter, summer or all year round. The two mountains are truly amazing and once you get to the top you will be blown away by the view. The town is wonderful and everyone is so friendly and happy. Definitely one to tick off the list!”

9. Joshua Tree, California, USA

“Despite how many times we go, a constant on our bucket list is to go glamping in the unique desert landscape of Joshua Tree and enjoy the complete silence under the star studded sky,” explains Ash and Hanna. “Don’t be fooled by the ‘middle of the desert feel’ – this is an area filled with activities you won’t be tired of easily! Your days are filled with road trips to the beautiful surroundings – vintage shopping in Yucca Valley, exploring Slab City or living like a 1950s celebrity in Palm Springs!”

10 Bucket List Holiday Destinations For Free Spirits

Swept Away by Wanderlust differs from other journals in that every page is individually designed with playful questions, beautiful photography and inspiring quotes, encouraging the owner to capture their days, thoughts and memories in style.

10. Trolltunga, Norway

“The nature and amazing fjords of this country is like nothing we have ever seen! On the top of our travel bucket list is to sit on the spectacular Trolltunga scenic cliff 1100m above sea level and simply enjoy what Mother Nature has created!”

ABOUT: The Axel & Ash collection includes Life’s a Roadtrip, My Bucketlist, Swept Away by Wanderlust and Let’s See it All, a world map that encourages wanderlusting souls to dream, trace, decorate, explore and plan new adventures.

My Bucketlist is inspired by Mae West’s famous quote “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” Each page within the beautifully bound book features a selection of exciting ‘before’ and ‘after’ prompts and is brimming with tips, motivation, sensational photography and inspiring interviews from trailblazers like Lisa Messenger, Sebastian Terry, Tara Winkler, Jai Vasicek, Felicity  Palmateer and Kayla Itsines.


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