How To Update Your Stripey Wardrobe

How To Update Your Stripey Wardrobe: Clashing Prints.

Stripes are a perennial favourite and the go-to fashion piece for many a gal. But if you’re tired of blending into the stripey crowd every time you walk out the door, try these clever tricks to revamp your look.

Here, Fashion Director Olivia Waugh shares her favourite spins on stripes so you can get more bang for your fashion buck and amp your style factor.

Add Layers

Winter has its perks, that’s for sure. For a start, you can wear more of your favourite pieces – just layer them! “Winter is the perfect climate for layering your stripes and updating your look,” says Olivia. “Add some substance to your stripey styling – a stripe styled back with a check or floral is my favourite and looks quirky cool when done right. Just remember the key to mixing prints and patterns is to ensure both have a common colour, and one print or graphic should be larger than the other.”

How To Update Your Stripey Wardrobe: Clashing Prints.

From left: Mix classic plaid with stripes and channel Audrey Hepburn. Image: @kaylafarhang. Traditional flannel + classic stripes = casual cool. Image: Uniqlo. Get in vogue with bright florals and fine stripes. Image: @VogueItaly

How To Update Your Stripey Wardrobe: Prints and Layers.

From left: Mix pretty pastel florals with bold monochromes for wow factor. Neopolitan Jumper, $139.99, and Simply Lovely Skirt, $189.99, Review (available from May 3). Get Twiggy with your style, a la Dina Moldovan for Woman Madame Figaro magazine March 2016 issue. Image @Racked. Add jackets and jumpers to a stripey dress. Image: JC Crew.

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Mix Up Your Directions

Vary your stripes width, style and direction. “Wear larger stripes on smaller areas, and smaller stripes on larger areas,” suggests Olivia. “Add interest with a tweak in stripe direction, and use stripes to your advantage as they can accentuate and elevate your shape. If you’re hourglass or boy shape, try wearing horizontal stripes to create shape. If you are a pear shape, stick to stripes on your upper body, which will add balance to that beautiful booty.”

How To Update Your Stripey Wardrobe: Mixing stripe directions

From left: An asymmetrical shoulder with diagonal stripes and a cut-out waist adds drama. Image: Mugler. Go for a patchwork stripe look for visual variation. Image: JC Crew Australia. Sharpen up your pencil skirt with vertical side panel stripes for elongation and mixed tones. Image: JC Crew USA.

Get Colourful

Tired of your navy and white stripes or monochromes? “There’s no need to stick to the classics,” says Olivia. “Mix up your colours and try an all-over stripe. I love a stripe with a bright pop of colour. Whether that’s a classic Breton styled back with a bright skirt or pant, or a bright clutch or heel with a stripe dress. They both complement each other, but both try to steal the show!”

How To Update Your Stripey Wardrobe: Stripes On Stripes

From left: Jess Hart looks red-hot in a nautical look. Image: @HarpersBazaar. Stylist Viviana Volpicella pops in pink. Image: @VivianaVolpicella. Oliva Palermo shows how stripes on stripes can really work. Image: Laia Magazine.

Throw On A Jacket

Use the cool winds blowing in as an excuse to style up your look. “One of my winter faves is wearing a khaki anorak, leather biker or long line man style blazer with my little summer stripe dress and ankle boots,” says Olivia. “Play with contrasts – wear a casual stripe with a dressy skirt or pant for a chic look.”

How To Update Your Stripey Wardrobe: Layering Jackets

From left: Kirsten Dunst mixes masculine with feminine style. Image: @YenCovers. Add attitude to your look with a tough biker jacket. Image: Madewell. Jess Hart works a classic trench with stripes. Image: @Portmans.

How To Update Your Stripey Wardrobe: Layering Jackets

From left: A sophisticated spin on a duffel coat teamed with a pencil skirt and stripe top. Image: @Countryroad. Jess Hart pops in a red jacket. Image: @Portmans. Mix rugged adventure wear with classic stripes before hitting the trail. Image: @lalalarobinson.

ABOUT: Olivia Waugh is a freelance creative stylist who has been directing beautiful and contemporary content in the fashion and lifestyle market for over 12 years. She has an authentic love for the creative in all its forms. As well as personal and lifestyle fashion styling, Olivia has held the reigns as Fashion Editor and Fashion Director of some of Australia’s highest selling fashion magazines.


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