Style Tricks For Busy Mums Who’ve Lost Their Fashion Groove

Style Tricks For Busy Mums Who’ve Lost Their Fashion Groove

When you’re a busy mum juggling kids, homelife and a career, sometimes your wardrobe isn’t exactly on top of your priority list. Then, like a lightbulb moment, you realise your outfits have officially morphed from ‘formerly fashionable’ to ‘decidedly daggy’.

And that just won’t do. You want to feel like ‘you’ again – in all your glory. Where do you start? Here, Jules Sebastian, stylist and ambassador for leading online fashion retailer Ozsale, gives her tips for how mums can update their day to day look.

Look for what’s trending in fashion

“If you’re in the fashion doldrums, I advise to inject something current into your wardrobe as a first step,” advises Jules. “It doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be a $20 top or a simple bracelet. It’s always nice to buy something new and getting something that relates to a current trend will reinvigorate you to breathe fresh life into your outfits. Just make sure you actually use it!”

Style Tricks For Busy Mums Who’ve Lost Their Fashion Groove

Check out the racks or online for what’s in and what’s out…

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 Use a scarf to rescue an outfit

“Scarves are a good way to give your outfit a whole different look,” says Jules. “If you’re wearing something plain or neutral, throwing on a scarf instantly adds another level of interest with pattern and pops of colour.  Scarves pretty much go with everything whether it’s a dress, skirt, t-shirt or jeans. They can be matched to any style, and can either be used in a dressy or casual outfit.”

Style Tricks For Busy Mums Who’ve Lost Their Fashion Groove

Jules Sebastian, stylist and ambassador for leading online fashion retailer Ozsale.

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Use jewellery to brighten up your look

“A splash of jewellery will always make any outfit look a bit more fancy,” says Jules. “However, if you’ve worn the same earrings for the last 10 years then it’s time to dial it up a bit more with something else. Go for earrings that make an impact, such as an oversized or sparkly pair, not ones that people won’t tend to notice. Lots of different sized coloured bracelets will also create interest. You could wear one or two or really layer them up your arm – it just depends on your mood.”

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Don’t sacrifice style for comfort’s sake

“Sometimes wanting to feel comfortable is a major reason for committing a series of fashion crimes – you just don’t feel like wearing a pair of fitted jeans or a tight skirt,” admits Jules. “That’s why you need to find some staples that look good but also feel great. Look for oversized garments and fabrics that stretch. You can still wear a nice pair of jeans – just make sure they’re ones that have a good amount of give in a soft fabric. Or you could wear a pair of opaque stockings and a loose denim shift dress over the top. You’ll be able to move about easily and feel comfortable whilst looking good at the same time.”

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Get a new tracksuit!

“If you’re a mum on the run who simply can’t give up your tracksuit, I get it,” says Jules. “But at least get a new one! There are a lot of trackie pants out there which actually look really cool, so now there’s no excuse to continually wear your old, shapeless outdated pairs. And if you’re a fan of active wear in general, then there are lots of fun options to choose from. You can get bright, printed fluro leggings which are awesome teamed with a casual t-shirt.”

“Remember, injecting a bit more style into your wardrobe isn’t about rushing around buying heaps of stuff. It’s more about making little changes and tweaks here and there to keep current and fresh. Before you know it you’ll have ditched the ‘dag’ for ‘divine’ once more!

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ABOUT: Jules Sebastian is a Sydney-based television presenter, stylist and professionally trained make-up artist. As a mum to two young sons along with her singing star husband Guy Sebastian, she has a particular interest in how mums can remain stylish whilst juggling the demands of motherhood. Jules is a frequent guest of the Today Show, The Morning Show, The Daily Edition, and The Kyle and Jackie O Show, sharing her wisdom and expertise in fashion and life style. She is the current style ambassador for leading online retailer Ozsale and is also the host of the web series Tea with Jules where she interviews celebrities. Written by Fleur Mitchell


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