Spring Clean Your Mind – Tips For Your Star Sign

Spring Clean Your Mind – Tips For Your Star Sign

Out with the old and in with the new! That’s right, ‘tis the season for clearing clutter, simplifying our lives and infusing our environment with fresh energy, says Absolute Astro astrologer Hedy Damari.

Whether the good-old fashioned spring clean was a ritual invented by house-proud pagans echoing Mother Nature’s cycle of renewal or OCD housewives, it is now a globally annual practise. Musty closets, neglected drawers, turps-scented garages are obvious targets but there’s one thing we usually always overlook revamping – ourselves. Use the vernal pick-me-up to review your form, count your blessings and wipe the slate clean. Check out your star sign for a few tips on how to stay centred and spring clean your soul.


Nurture – your pioneering spirit. Rams are in their element when called to arms or offered a mission. Explore the unknown and meet challenges head on – it will boost your motivation and self-esteem.

Know – when to stop – talking, smoking, drinking and working. Most Rams have ‘Type A’ personalities, rarely taking a breather and running yourselves ragged. Slow down!

Cherish – your health. Although you have a robust constitution you’re not invincible! Don’t push yourself when you’re feeling run down, overindulge or ignore complaints.

Remember – to stop and smell the roses, think before you speak and share your innate enthusiasm with those around you.

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Nurture – your sensuality with activities such as cooking, gardening, massaging, revamping furniture – anything that involves getting your hands dirty.

Know – when to compromise. Being right doesn’t mean you have to be self-righteous. Making concessions for others doesn’t equate to admitting defeat – it teaches humanity and tolerance.

Cherish – your environment. Bad vibes and disorder on the home front have a hugely negative impact on your disposition. Your home is your sanctuary – don’t ignore any problems.

Remember – that change creates opportunity. Step out of your safety zone, express your emotions, no matter how frightening, and allow others to be there for you.


Nurture – your curiosity. Accumulating information enables you to understand your environment. Study, read, write, investigate and never stop questioning.

Know – when you’re spreading yourself thin. Think quality, not quantity and devote your time to one project rather than time-sharing three.

Cherish – the here and now. Your need for amusement and stimulation can create frenetic thoughts and behaviour which prevent you from living in the present. Slow down, absorb and enjoy the moment.

Remember – that humour and optimism are infectious, so share your wit and sunny disposition, and that silence is golden – a look, pause or gesture speaks volumes.


Nurture – yourself. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally putting your needs first – do what you want for a change and pamper yourself on a regular basis.

Know – when to let go. Holding on to hurts and rehashing events won’t change the outcome, it will only make you feel miserable. Stop dredging up the past and devote your energy to the present.

Cherish – help from others. You’re often in the role of advisor but forget how to reach out during your time of need.

Remember – to share your insight, be your own best friend and that others aren’t as perceptive, so cut them some slack.


Nurture – your artistic abilities by finding the right outlet for your talent. Expressing your creativity is extremely therapeutic and has a positive impact on all aspects of your life.

Know – your limitations. There’s a difference between a calculated risk and a foolish dare. Test the water before diving in the deep end.

Cherish intangible treasures. Wisdom from others, a family’s love, support from friends and random acts of kindness are precious things you simply can’t put a price on.

Remember – To instil faith in others, share your gift of loyalty and unconditional love, and never take situations or people at face value.


Nurture – your craftsmanship. Being useful fills your spirit – utilise your discriminating tastes and innovative ideas for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Know – when to accept chaos. Your need for perfection and order can make you overly critical. Improvement can turn to fault-finding and prevent you from enjoying all of the things that are right.

Cherish – the unexpected. Everything happens for a reason – learning to embrace spontaneity and the exciting changes that ensue make life more interesting!

Remember – to lighten up, worry less and go with the flow, and to also share your problem solving skills, warmth and sincerity.


Nurture – your love of harmony and beauty. Use your style and diplomatic nature to enhance your life and bring peace to those around you.

Know – when to face the music. Confronting a situation in a calm yet assertive manner ultimately brings relief and restores confidence.

Cherish your freedom of choice. Making decisions can be the bane of your existence, mainly because you’re afraid of making the wrong one. You have great judgment so trust your instincts.

Remember – to seek approval only from yourself, assert your sense of justice and stick up for yourself as much as you do for others.


Nurture – your need for intimacy, but not the usual sort associated with Scorpios! Be more trusting and allow yourself to open up to others.

Know – when you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face. Don’t dig your heels in and behave in a wilful manner just for the sake of it.

Cherish – your magnetism. Scorpios are acutely aware of the influence you exert over others. You don’t have to be intimidating to get your own way, so use your powers for good instead of evil.

Remember – that you’re not an island. You’re resourceful but don’t equate accepting help as a sign of weakness.


Nurture – your inner traveller. Nothing lifts your spirits like exploring the unknown – trekking in an exotic location or going away for the weekend will revitalise your soul and fill you with wonder.

Know – when to say no. You often over extend yourself then struggle to fulfil your obligations. Try not to bite off more than you can chew! 

Cherish – taking responsibility for your mistakes. Being accountable for your own actions and in charge of your own destiny can be very empowering.

Remember – to look before you leap, think before you speak and that taking off usually creates problems, not solves them.


Nurture – your effort. Trying your best is more important than being number one. Don’t be so critical and pat yourself on the back for giving 100%.

Know – when to take a risk. Sticking to what’s safe may prevent mistakes but it also stunts your spiritual growth. Hiccups and hurdles are an inevitable part of life but the lessons gained are enriching.

Cherish – your inner child. Your sense of duty often eclipses your playful side and prevents you from enjoying life to the full.

Remember – to work hard, but play harder, not take life so seriously and that you’re more than just your work and accomplishments.


Nurture – your individuality and eccentricity. Your unique personality is an endearing and essential part of your ingenuity.

Know – when to rebel. Your fighting spirit and altruistic nature are often responsible for wonderful contributions and changes. But don’t misdirect your energy and start the revolution just because you’re feeling punchy.

Cherish – commitment. Unless it’s associated with a cause many of you run a mile when you hear the ‘c’ word. Devoting yourself to a job, arrangement or relationship can be far more satisfying than coming and going as you please.

Remember – to get involved. Don’t observe from the sidelines, step up to the plate and participate.


Nurture – your intuition. Self doubt often clouds your judgement, so don’t second guess your instincts. Hone your psychic abilities and improve your clarity by listening to your higher self.

Know – when to make waves. Rocking the boat and standing up for your beliefs may create friction. Let others know that your gentle manner doesn’t mean you’re a push over.

Cherish – your imagination! Many a famed Fish have put their favourite hobby – fantasising – to good use. Write, paint, compose and never squander your vision.

Remember – that everyone doesn’t share your sensitivity. Try not to take things so personally. People rarely intend to hurt you.

Written by Hedy Damari, astrologer and founder of Absolute Astro. Image: Ajith Kumar


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