Kate Kendall’s Ultimate Yoga And Workout Playlist

Kate Kendall’s Ultimate Yoga And Workout Playlist

Put on those runners and get set for a workout that’s fuelled with motivational music that will last the distance, with Kate Kendall’s ultimate yoga and workout playlist…

Kate Kendall is the epitome of health. The Yoga Director at Flow Athletic literally glows – and that glow is most certainly not from sitting on her toosh. It’s due to a blood-pumping active – and healthy – lifestyle. So what keeps her motivated to keep going? Well, music plays a big part. We all know that the power of music can have be uplifting and motivating. There’s also the positive effects on your mind as those endorphins are pumped around your body. But choosing the wrong playlist to break a sweat too can, well, be a little deflating.

“There’s nothing worse than having bland or uninspiring music while you’re on a run – and even to keep those endorphins going while you stretch and recover,” says Kate. “Music is such a big part of my mindfulness and cool down rituals, so having a playlist that matches perfectly to my music preferences and tempo avoids the temptation and distraction of having to use my phone during a session.”

Kate Kendall’s Ultimate Yoga And Workout Playlist

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Yoga Guru and Blackmores Ambassador Kate Kendall’s Playlist for a strenuous workout:

  1. Papercuts feat. Vera Blue – Illy Vera Blue
  2. Rebel – G-Eazy
  3. Hustle Route – Young Greatness
  4. Panda – Desiigner
  5. Famour – Kanye West
  6. Buttons – The Pussycat Dolls
  7. 7/11 – Beyonce
  8. Drunk in Love – Beyonce Jay-Z
  9. Witness (1 Hope) – Roots Mauva
  10. Jumpman – Drake Future
  11. DJ Turn It Up – Yellow Claw
  12. Slides (feat. Nyne) – Allday Nyne
  13. The Arrow – Urthboy Timberwolf
  14. All The Way Up (Remix) – Fat Joe Remy Ma Jay Z, French Montan
  15. Live Your Life feat. Rihanna – T.I. Rihanna
  16. Cry Me A River – Justin Timberlake
  17. Baby – Justin Bieber Ludacris
  18. Waking Up – Mr Little Jeans
  19. Crash – Usher

Kate Kendall’s Ultimate Yoga And Workout Playlist

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Kate’s favourite yoga tracks are:

  1. Shanti – MC Yogi
  2. Highway to the Stars – Kai Engel
  3. D’Afterglow – Phaeleh

ABOUT: Kate Kendall is the Yoga Director at Flow Athletic and a Blackmores Ambassador. Kate will be treating runners who participated at the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival on 18th September to a cool-down yoga session, demonstrating stretches to support recovery and alleviate soreness. To hear Kate Kendall’s full unique playlist, check out Spotify.  


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