Nail It! The 8 Big Nail Polish Trends

Nail It! The 8 Big Nail Polish Trends

The clothes may have been the focus on the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2016, but the nails showed some stellar handy work in the style stakes too. So what are the eight big nail polish trends this season, and next?

The stylists behind the models by and large requested themed nails, based on the inspiration behind each collection. From soft and feminine and dark and gritty, to ‘90s inspired looks and crystal enhanced nails. Some designers and stylists were more adventurous, requesting nail art or textured nails, however, nude nails with an interesting twist were the stand-out fave – a trend that’s continued this year to complement the hair and makeup looks, natural and carefree.

And the shiny Italian nail polish brand, FABY Nails, was backstage making it all happen. “The colour tone is nude – bone, muted grey and neutral shades this year,” explains Karon McKendrick Taylor for FABY Nails. Karen says the look is clean and natural, using more of a solid coverage, opaque nude as opposed to sheer nude, with a touch of matte top coat. And the cut? “The length is rounder than previous years – we were not requested to add any nail tips – keeping everything natural and relaxed. There was some nail art this year but not as much as previous years. The key trend is about enhancing your natural beauty.” Here, Karen shares the tip top nail polish trends and highlights to master…

Ginger & Smart  – Nude & Wooed

Renowned for their sophisticated and stylish clothing, the nail colours chosen for the Ginger & Smart runway collection were super sleek, chosen to symbolise the vast emptiness of space. “The collection took us on a journey into the galaxy, with multiple textures and colours, whilst the nails were more subdued and neutral, reflecting time and space,” explains Karon.

The Collection: FABY’s This is My Style, a sheer nude with a touch of twinkle on the hands and a solid flesh toned nude and The Desert Rose on the toes.

Nail It! The 8 Big Nail Polish Trends

Jennifer Kate – Geisha Girl Grey Suede

Making waves, Jennifer Kate presented a gorgeous collection featuring multi-shades of muted grey suede and leather, with a super strong red accent colour. There were strong Japanese influences with cherry blossom embroidery on the suede and hair inspired by the Japanese with a modern ‘geisha’ style twist and tie. The makeup was soft, dewy and natural. The nails were strong and powerful and pulled the overall look together, using a muted grey base with a fine dark red on the tips.

The Collection: FABY’s Metropolis was used with Matte Top Coat with FABY’s What’s The Next Move, a thin line on the tip in gloss. 

Nail It! The 8 Big Nail Polish Trends

McGraw – Mary Antoinette Decadence

The theme was French Royalty – oplulent and decadent. The hair and makeup was pretty, feminine and innocent, with curled and bouncy hair and soft, dewy, girl-next-door makeup with added freckles.

The Collection: FABY’s most popular pale pink,  Soft Pink by FABY.

Nail It! The 8 Big Nail Polish Trends

Yeojin Bae – Pretty In Pink

In true Yeojin Bae style, the hair and makeup was raw and in stark contrast to the tailored designs and fitted dresses sashaying the runway.  A soft and pale matte pink was the stand-out pick for the hand and it was neutral nude for the toes, both coated with Matte Top Coat to add a little edge.

The Collection: FABY’s Yet Another Pink by FABY on hands with Matte Top Coat and FABY’s Naturally on toes with Matte Top Coat.

Nail It! The 8 Big Nail Polish Trends

AJE – Black Is Back

Think free spirited and effortless hair and makeup with a sense of innocence and positive outlook for the future thrown in. AJE had five, yes five, different nail looks to reflect the theme of independence and choice.

The Collection: The black, edgy look with FABY’s Black is Black. The shimmer and shine was created using FABY’s The Colours of the Light. The raw and ready look was on hand with FABY’s Matte Top Coat. The Midnight Blue look was created with both FABY’s Black is Black and FABY’s Paris by Night overlay. And the khaki and edgy look with FABY’s AC or DC.

Nail It! The 8 Big Nail Polish Trends

We Are Kindred – Pretty Neutral

Oozing in style and femininity, the inspiration for the collection was about empowerment, strength and individualism. There were four bespoke nail looks to reflect the individualism of the collection.

The Collection: FABY’s Beyond the Dunes a neutral grey beige, FABYs Metropolis, a muted grey, FABY’s I Scream 4 Ice cream, a creamy off-white and  FABY’s Sensual Touch, a delicate nude.

Nail It! The 8 Big Nail Polish Trends

Daniel Avakian –  Silver Lining

Daniel Avakian’s 90s inspired collection featured silver metallic with white piping detail. The nails symbolised the colour tone of the collection and touched on the white piping detail – silver nails with matte top coat with one accent nail painted with an edgy white strip.

The Collection: FABY’s My First Ring with Matte Top Coat with FABY’s Optical White applied with a nail art brush.
Nail It! The 8 Big Nail Polish Trends

TOME  – Bling & Bold

TOME’s collection was themed around a modern take on Nina Simone – the High Priestess of Soul. The collection was predominately black and burgundy, with models wearing southern style black turbans and crystals dotted on their brows. Nails and toes were dark and dangerous to complement the overall theme of the collection to symbolise what is trending in makeup overseas – bling accessorises!

The Collection: FABY’s What Are You Doing Tonight – a rich dark burgundy, with a Swarovski crystal featured at the cuticle base of each finger-nail and one the big toe nail. Samantha Harris walked exclusively for TOME.

Nail It! The 8 Big Nail Polish Trends

ABOUT: FABY believe nail lacquer as an expression of style. With over 270 lacquer shades to express that style, FABY is fashionable, fabulous and unforgettable. FABY is Cruelty Free and the BIG 5 FREE – made without DBP (DibutylPhthalate), Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. Contact FABY on 1800 720 807 or for the full range.  


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