How To Rock Hair Braids

How To Rock Hair Braids By Kevin-Murphy

You don’t need to have fancy fingers to rock these awesome braids (although it helps!). Here, international editorial stylist Kevin Murphy is on-hand to guide you step-by-step. You’ll be looking uber glam’ with this flipped out fishtail in no time…

It’s the hairstyle that keeps on giving. Perfect for wind-proofing your ‘do, weddings, romantic dinners or just looking glam while doing the weekly shopping or school yard drop off. If you so wish… And the best bit? The braid is long-lasting – both in staying power and in a timeless sense. Generations of women have passed down the braiding technique to their daughters all over the world, from Scandinavia to Down Under. But if you’re looking for a new spin on the old classic, super stylist Kevin Murphy has just the look. Try this triple treat for thrice for fun and a fairy tale, err, fishtail ending. Here’s how to get the look…

How To Rock Hair Braids By Kevin-Murphy

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Step 1. Get your lovely locks tangle free with your tool of choice

“Then, prime the hair with STAYING.ALIVE to even out porosity,” says Kevin.

Step 2. Make like a banana and split

Splitting your hair into equal sections, that is! “Prep the hair with HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY, then divide hair into four even sections,” advises Kevin. This will make sure your braid is perfectly balanced.

Step 3. Add movement

And no, we don’t mean flicking your head around. “Using a large curling iron, create a slight bend in the hair,” says Kevin.

Step 4.  Take the middle line

“Create a middle part first,” says Kevin. “Then, loosely braid each side of the hair.”

Step 5. Start sewing

“Sew the loose braids into a tight style, finishing with a fishtail braid that meets in the middle nape of the neck.”

Step 6. Voila! Mermaid magic…

Add some staying power and shine and you’ll be ready to rock your new, improved braid. “Then, finish with SESSION.SPRAY.”

Kevin M: urphy Hair Care Tips: How To Rock Hair Braids


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