The Hottest Hairstyles For 2016

The Hottest Hairstyles For 2016: Kevin Murphy The Full Effect

Get a head start in the style stakes with a hairstyle that’s a cut above the rest. Welcome to hair heaven…

I first met international hair sensation Kevin Murphy about 16 years ago. He was styling the hair on a Cosmopolitan magazine photo shoot and I was just a newbie to the magazine world. I was immediately in awe of his ability to transform hair into bouncy, glossy, head-turning styles. Flash forward and now Kevin is an international hit, creating catwalk hair looks for runways, hair shows, magazine covers and he even has his own hair brand – KEVIN.MURPHY, which I have been long been a fan of to control my wild curls. So who better to give us the heads-up on the hottest hairstyles, cuts and colours for 2016 than the man himself? Here’s your guide to most stunning looks and how to achieve them.

The Glamour Wave

Style: “This is what I would call a glamour wave – it’s a screen siren wave, nostalgic and chic. The colour is a rich warm dark brunette and the cut is simple. It’s long, with long layers and a solid base line.”

Maintenance level: “This is a low maintenance cut and colour but needs to be well kept to maintain the strength around the base line and the richness and shine for the colour.”

Great for: “Any women with long hair that likes to look well-groomed and polished. It’s a confident hair style that needs to be worn well. You need to brush it out well so it has the right amount of wave and doesn’t look too ‘50s.”

Hair Kit: You’ll need KEVIN.MURPHY HYDRATE-ME.WASH and RINSE for shine and lustre. Use ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY for hold and control to blow dry in and then SESSION.SPRAY to layer in, to hold the look all day and night.”

The Hottest Hairstyles For 2016: Kevin Murphy Glamour Wave

A shining example of rich browns. Image: Kevin Murphy

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Curl Power

Style: “A long layered hair cut with a textured base line to allow the curl to bounce. The colour is a warm biscuit blonde with a deeper base to show off the texture.”

Maintenance level: “Medium level, as you need to put some effort in to make curls look this good.”

Great for: “Women that love big hair and will confidently wear their hair in its natural curl.”

Hair Kit: “Use KEVIN.MURPHY HYDRATE-ME.WASH, RINSE and MASQUE for moisture and shine, with KILLER.CURLS applied to damp hair for curl control and definition.”

The Hottest Hairstyles For 2016: Kevin Murphy Curls

The curl has style, that’s for sure. Image: Kevin Murphy

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The Straight Flick

Style: “This is a long length hair cut with a solid base line and shaping around the front. The colour is a rich, warm dark chestnut.”

Maintenance level: “Low maintenance, but to have it look this good you need to use the right products to keep your hair healthy.”

Great for: “It’s a very modern look that works for women that like to look sophisticated and chic.”

Hair Kit: “Start with KEVIN.MUPRHY LUXURY.WASH and RINSE for smoothness and shine. Then apply SHIMMER.SHINE for heat protection and shine, blowdry that in and finish with SESSION.SPRAY.”

The Hottest Hairstyles For 2016: Kevin Murphy Straight Flick

Part ways with a new fringe that has all the benefits. Image: Kevin Murphy

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The Full Effect

Style: “A long layered haircut with shape around the front. The colour is a beautiful beige/champagne dark blonde.”

Maintenance level: “Medium level. It needs maintenance to keep the colour fresh and the ends looking thick and healthy.”

Great for: “Women who are confident wearing their hair thicker and fuller.”

Hair Kit: “Use KEVIN.MURPHY PLUMPING.WASH and RINSE for volume, BODY.BUILDER for fullness and body, MOTION.LOTION for weightless definition.”

The Hottest Hairstyles For 2016: Kevin Murphy The Full Effect

*Boyfriend not included. Image: Kevin Murphy

Naturally Sexy

Style: “This is a medium length layered hair cut with texture and a full fringe. The colour is a mix of warm and cool blonde tones to create a sandy blonde finish.”

Maintenance level: “It depends on your natural hair colour – blonde hair can be high maintenance to keep it looking fresh.”

Great for: “Women who like to wear their hair textured and play around with their style – it’s a more casual look.”

Hair Kit: “Use KEVIN.MURPHY BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH and BLONDE.ANGEL treatment to maintain the blonde tones. Then HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY for added texture and control, and UN.DRESSED for separation and definition.”

The Hottest Hairstyles For 2016: Kevin Murphy Naturally SexyFlick

Beach essential: Hot hair. Image: Kevin Murphy

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