5 Head-turning Swimwear Sets

5 Head-turning Swimwear Sets

The sun is finally shining, so ditch the jumpers and dive right in to one of these head-turning swimwear sets.

Top Aussie swimwear designer Ruby Licciardi, from online swimwear seller LunarSand, lets us in on five styles which will brighten up your day. Since launching her swimwear label in early 2016, Ruby has been dubbed one of Australia’s hottest emerging designers who’s also now making waves in the competitive international market. With an eye for vibrant colour combinations and a sought-after edgy, unique, feminine style, Ruby’s LunarSand collection has been described as ‘wearable art’.

As a rule of thumb, Ruby says comfort must also be a huge deciding factor when picking out the perfect cossie. “Your bathers must be comfortable, secure and compliment your body,” she says. “The crotch and bottom area are very important – you don’t want any excess baggy fabric thank you very much! The elastic must be firm but not dig into the skin and a well-lined costume will feel great against your skin.”

Here Ruby shares her tips on the most eye-catching swimwear choices…

1. It is all about the one piece

“I love a great one piece!” says Ruby. “They can be sexy yet understated, covering a little more skin then a bikini and not to mention incredibly comfortable! I adore the classic black and white look. It’s elegant, versatile and works for all skin tones and body types.”

5 Head-turning Swimwear Sets

“For something a little edgier we have introduced a vintage floral pattern and teamed it with gorgeous cut-out side panels and an urban lace-up front,” Ruby explains. “This swimsuit is a contemporary twist on pure vintage glam. It is sexy and elegant, yet gritty and ‘swag-a-licious’ at the same time.” Available at LunarSand.

2. Flatter your figure with a high waist

“I know trends come and go with each season, but high-waisted anything is always on trend in my eyes,” laughs Ruby. “The high-waisted bikini is so flattering and feminine and has lasted well through the ages. In fact, I have a fabulous picture of my grandmother relaxing on the beach in her very first high-waisted bikini!”

5 Head-turning Swimwear Sets

“A beautiful feminine floral teamed with a solid black is the perfect combination for this style,” Ruby explains. “The bold black panel adds structure and order. The classic bandeau is the perfect accompaniment; it can be worn with or without straps giving versatility and freedom. The thing I love the most about this style is that each set is individual. The placement print is unique through the line, meaning no two sets are the same.” Available at LunarSand.

3. Go green with envy

“Green is one of those colours that just stands out for all the right reasons,” says Ruby. “It is a natural head turner. I mean who could forget that stunning emerald green dress that Keira Knightley wore in Atonement? There is something so rich and alluring about a deep shade of green and it’s a perfect choice for spring which is all about greenery and nature.”

5 Head-turning Swimwear Sets

“This style is both womanly and bold,” says Ruby. “I quite like mixing a different colour top and bottom as a visual point of interest. In this set the white top contrasts beautifully with the black bottoms and lets the green really pop.  A little bit of extra padding in the top molds beautifully to the body giving extra lift and support, while the three string side panels on the bottom are smoking hot.” Available at LunarSand.

4. Choose an eye-catching print

“It’s always great when your swimsuit has a quirky, fun print which will be a great talking point,” says Ruby. “Recently we collaborated with DreamWorks and a fantastic selection of young Aussie designers to create a Felix the Cat capsule range – available exclusively through The First Thread. Retro cartoon characters have been hot in fashion recently and Felix still has massive ‘cool’ factor 100 years after he was created.”

5 Head-turning Swimwear Sets

“This little number is my personal fave from the Felix the Cat swimwear collection,” says Ruby. “This style is a sleek, has an athletic fit and sports a cheeky, playful and yet subtle print. Colour-wise you can’t go wrong with black, white, and a splash of red.  It’s also incredibly comfortable and versatile, which is important as everyone wants good value and longevity in a swimsuit.” 

5. Opt for the cute and quirky look

“I love coming across that piece that you just have to have because it is a little bit different,” Ruby reveals. “You want to feel good in your swimsuit, so choosing something that’s got a bit of a quirky factor which will make you smile every time, will do wonders for your endorphins.”

5 Head-turning Swimwear Sets

“Who doesn’t love a ‘beach bunny’? I can’t get enough of this top featuring these adorable little rabbits. So cute! The triangle cut offers that classic string bikini fit teamed with a cute medium-Brazilian bottom.  It’s playful, nostalgic, references vintage wallpaper motifs, peace doves, bunnies and good times. It’s also pretty sexy.” Available at LunarSand.

Check out the full collection at LunaSand or The First Thread for Felix the cat. 


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