Hair Removal & Silky Pins Guide

Hair Removal & Sexy Pins Guide

Get those pins ready for some leg flashing action with this super easy hair removal & silky pins guide.

You’ll be ready to leg it to the nearest beach and dive into summer (and those thigh-high shorts) feet first with these smooth tips and golden rules! Here, I spoke to the hair removal pro’s at Philips – who do everything from exfoliating creams and shavers to epilators and IPL – for the latest info’.

1. Find your hair removal choice de jour

Not all pins are created equally. Some are olive, some are freckly. Some have fine hair, some have coarse hair.

Getting to know your skin and hair will help you analyse the best hair removal option for your body and pain threshold. You’ll have different pain tolerances in different zones too. For example, you may epilate your legs pain-free, but the under-arms or bikini line is a no-go-zone.

Red heads and fair skin beauties ‘stereotypically’ experience a lot of pain when waxing, so go for less tear-inducing options, or gradually increase your pain threshold over time with an epilator for longer (hair-free) results.

On the other hand, or foot… your hair and skin tone may make you a perfect candidate for laser hair removal. In-salon IPL can be pricey and time consuming, so check out at-home laser hair removal. It’ll mean less time de-fuzzing and more time for frolicking in the sea.

Hair Removal & Sexy Pins Guide

Taking care of (hair removal) business in the shower with a Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry epilator.

2. Make a hair-raising plan

Your hair grows in multiple stages, so think strategically. If you’re branching into new methods, many people find epilators and IPL aren’t that painful and the results last longer.

The best time to start IPL is in winter (or when your legs aren’t exposed to the sun).

How does it work? The Philips Lumea hair removal device emits high-intensity light pulses (IPL) that cause hair follicles to shed naturally. Most treatments take less than 15 minutes. Studies show a 75% hair reduction after four bi-weekly IPL hair removal treatments. After four treatments, you can score up to two months hair-free between sessions.

Epilator your choice de jour? Mine too. I usually let the forest flourish during winter then gradually introduce the epilator in spring, increasing in frequency as my pain tolerance rises. Then I do as-needed touch-ups every couple of weeks throughout summer. The new wet and dry epilators mean you can blitz the forest in the shower, rather than leaving fine hair all over your bathroom floor.

Waxing more your thang?  It’s certainly a great way to get to the root of the problem (pun intended) and blitz excess facial hair. Unless you’re one of the unlucky women who experience pain and slight burning, particularly in sensitive zones. If you’re looking for something new, consider doing a test patch with laser and IPL treatments and see how you go. It’ll avoid scaring, grazed skin and dastardly in-growns.

Hair Removal & Sexy Pins Guide

Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry epilator comes with bonus attachments: Massage, facial and delicate area caps; shaving head; trimming comb (for shaving head) – so the boyf can use it. 

3. Buff and polish

Speaking of in-growns, don’t forget to exfoliate regularly! I know it sucks lathering up with fake tan and then having to exfoliate it all off when the dry patches appear. However, if you exfoliate while showering regularly, you’ll remove dead skin cells and moisturisers will magically soak into your skin better.

An exfoliating mitt, dry brush or gentle exfoliating cream such as Philips Visacare should do the trick. Work in circular movements towards the heart and get that blood flowing.

4. Reduce your shower temperature

OK technically your water temperature has nothing to do with hair removal, but it does relate to your ‘legs eleven’. So if you exceed ten on the temperature dial, cool things down a notch!

High temperatures and cleanser will wash away the natural moisture that resides within your skin cells. Ensure that your water temperature is appropriate and doesn’t dehydrate your skin.

And don’t forget to slather your body with a thick moisturiser at the start and the end of the day. It’ll lock in your skin’s essential oils. Moroccan Oil is a beauty for problematic areas such as knees and elbows that dry out faster.

5. Protect your pins against UV with SPF

Most of us are pretty good with the old slip, slop, slapping on our face (sun damage is ageings number 1 enemy), but how are your pins looking? Red with a splash of sun spots?

Those strong UV rays permeate the Ozone layer year-round and they don’t discriminate against legs. So give those pins a little SPF loving too.

This article was produced in partnership with Philips. Leg it to Philips hair removal for their full range. 


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