Damage Control: 7 Hair Rules Women Continually Break

Damage Control: 7 Hair Rules Women Continually Break with Vaniday and Jayne Wild

Still battling frizz and ratty hair? A few simple haircare tricks could be just what you need for head turning results. And they’re easy. Learn these hair rules now…

Award winning hairdresser Jayne Wild is the go-to for tip-top hair advice. The Vaniday Australia Hair Ambassador from Wildlife Salon in Sydney says keeping your hair looking fresh and maintaining that “just cut” look during the trans-seasonal weather is as simple as a few easy steps. But break the hair rules and you’ll see the consequences. Check out these seven hair rules women continually break and how to amend those damaging ways…

Hair Rule #1 Have Regular Trims

It’s a tricky dilemma: If you want to grow your hair, the logical thing to do is avoid cutting your hair. But doing this often leads to splits and ratty ends. Jayne recommends visiting the salon for regular trims, as split ends can be a girl’s worst enemy, especially for those trying to grow out their hair. To avoid that frayed and dull look, she suggests waiting no longer than 10 weeks between cuts to keep your ends looking as healthy as possible and to avoid having to lop off more than you want.

Hair Rule #2 Use The Right Haircare For You

It’s confusing choosing from shelves loaded with different ‘wonder’ products, but select with care. “Using the right professional products and styling tools is imperative to creating and maintaining gorgeous hair,” explains Jane. That means avoiding alcohol filled products that dry out your hair, stripping shampoos and conditioners that dull your fresh colour and go easy on the heating tools, which, when overused, can dry out your locks and lead to breakage.

Hair Rule #3 Pat Dry Hair Before Applying Product

“Never apply products to soaking wet hair – always towel dry before to remove excess water,” says Jane. And before you give your hair the quick flip and start rubbing furiously, take it easy. You should pat dry your hair to avoid breakage and splits. “To reduce static or frizz, squeeze excess moisture out of hair with a kitchen paper towel rather than a regular bath towel to avoid damaging you hair,” adds Jayne.

Damage Control: 7 Hair Rules Women Continually Break

Dryhair fully before whipping out the tongs… Image: Shutterstock

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Hair Rule #4 Dry Hair Before Using Heat Stylers

Yes it’s a nuisance having to fully dry your hair before you can get to the fun part of styling it, but it’s absolutely necessary to prevent moisture zapping, drying out your hair and breakage. “Always ensure your hair is completely dry before using heat stylers, such as straighteners and curlers.” No excuses.

Hair Rule #5 Shampoo Your Hair Twice

“Always make sure to shampoo the hair twice,” says Jayne. “The first shampoo removes excess oils and the second is a de-cleanse.” Then you can move to the fun party of silky conditioning…

Hair Rule #6 Blow Cold Air

You know that ‘cold’ setting on your hair dryer? It’s there for a reason. “After blow drying, blast hair with cool air down the cuticle to set it and give it shine.” Give it a try – it’s amazing how much shine a little cold air can create!

Hair Rule #7 Roll Forward For Volume

“For easy volume at home, pop a few rollers in the front of the hair,” suggests Jayne. “Pull the hair forward, rather than up and rolling it back down.” This trick will create va-va-volume like you’ve never seen!

ABOUT Jayne is helping women get their hair looking fantastic this autumn at the iconic Wildlife Salon, which is located in Milson’s Point and boasts panoramic views of Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge. Jump onto premium booking app Vaniday to check out all of Sydney and Melbourne’s top hair salons and get your mane looking fabulous this autumn.


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