5 Top Trending Hair Colours For 2016

5 Top Trending Hair Colours For 2016

Brad Ngata is a gun when it comes to smokin’ hot hair colours. The hair stylist and creative director for Schwarzkopf Professional has inspired and influenced countless women with his head-turning styles, cuts and colours. 

With more than two decades experience in the Australian hairdressing industry and a string of awards under his hairdressing belt, including the Australian Hair Fashion award, Brad has worked with leading designers and curated the creative hair direction at oodles of runway shows. He’s also been the creative genius behind the cutting-edge editorial hair styles and colours showcased in many of the glossy fashion and beauty magazines including Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. Here, Brad cuts to the chase to reveal the five top trending hair colours for 2016 …

Platinum Blonde

The colour: Glossy, glamorous and oozing in style. “This colour is a cool bleached blonde, with slightly darker tones on top,” explains Brad, who is the Schwarzkopf Professional Creative Ambassador.

The look:  Marilyn Monroe sexy, but with a grungy spin. “The look used to be quite polished, but the trend has become grungier in 2016 – think Taylor Swift or Kristen Stewart’s new locks!”

The maintenance level: If you’re a high maintenance gal, this one’s for you, baby! “It’s really difficult to maintain,” says Brad. But worth the glam factor – if you dare. “Between toning and dealing with regrowth, platinum blonde is not for the faint-hearted.”

Products: Clear some bathroom space – this one requires a little TLC. “Use Schwarzkopf Professional’s BC Repair Rescue S.O.S Elixir to reverse the damage from bleach, and the BC Color Freeze Silver Shampoo to neutralize unwanted warm undertones.”

 5 Top Trending Hair Colours For 2016;

“Bombshell, moi? Why, thank you!” Image: Schwarzkopf Professional

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Rose Gold

The colour: Think Pink’s rock hair appeal but with a softer and subdued ‘lady like’ twist.“With tinges of pink and copper, rose gold is a beautiful muted take on brighter hues.”

The look: “Rose gold hair is fun, but not too crazy,” explains Brad. “It’s the perfect option to mix up your look and stay on trend, without a drastic change.”

The maintenance level: Ooh this is a tricky one to quantify. “Maintenance depends on your natural hair colour,” explains Brad. “The colour is prone to fade quickly, so make sure you use products that will help it last.”

Products: “Use the BC Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Shampoo and BC Color Freeze Conditioner to freeze rose-gold colour pigments and revive dull hair.”

 5 Top Trending Hair Colours For 2016. Deep Red Hair

A rose in full bloom. Image: Dee Parker Atwood 

5 Top Trending Hair Colours For 2016

BC Color Freeze Silver Shampoo, $28.95, BC Color Freeze Conditioner, $28.95, BC Color Freeze Sulfate-Free Shampoo, $28.95, BC Oil Miracle Mist, $29.95, BC Color Freeze Treatment, $28.95, Schwarzkopf Professional

Honey Blonde

The colour: Brigitte Bardot’s lovely honey-gold look, but warmer. “This colour is a mix of warm blonde tones, which complements most women,” explains Brad.

The look: Dishevelled glamour. “Honey blonde is perfect for a tousled, undone look, as well as more glamorous styles,” says Brad. “It’s great for women looking for versatility and a lower-maintenance shade of blonde.”

The maintenance: For lazy vanity queens, this one’s perfect. “It’s low to medium maintenance. To make maintenance easier, your colourist should use a variety of tones to make regrowth look more natural.”

Products: “Use OSIS+ Session Label Dust It Powder and Salt Spray to style honey blonde into an effortless, natural look.”

 5 Top Trending Hair Colours For 2016 2

Sweet as honey. Image: Schwarzkopf Professional

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High Power Brown

The colour: This colour means business. “It’s a mix of warm and neutral brunette tones,” says Brad. “Experienced colourists will be able to develop a hue which complements your skin tone.”

The look: “Elegant and polished – it’s perfect for women who want to change their look for winter, but still keep it classic and timeless.”

The maintenance: Easy peasy lemon squeezy. “Brunette hair is usually easy to maintain,” says Brad. “Keep an eye on your regrowth if you’re naturally lighter though.”

Products: “Use nourishing products like Schwarzkopf Professional BC Oil Miracle Mist to hydrate brunette hair, and achieve a covetable shine.”

 5 Top Trending Hair Colours For 2016

Power up, brunettes! Image: Schwarzkopf Professional

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Deep Red

The colour: Red hot chilli pepper, this colour is on fire! “This is a deep red with gorgeous chestnut tones that works equally well for cool and warm complexions,” says Brad.

The look: “Going deep red is a simple way to up the ‘sexy factor’ of your look. It works particularly well for women who have naturally dark hair.”

The maintenance: Medium level of maintenance. “Colour fade can become an issue, depending on whether you went permanent or semi-permanent,” warns Brad.

Products: “The main concern with red hair is making sure it has enough shine, and that it won’t fade. Use the BC Color Freeze Treatment to lock in colour and deliver in-depth care to damaged hair.”

5 Top Trending Hair Colours For 2016. High Powered Brown Hair

Red hot and oozing confidence. Image: Schwarzkopf Professional

5 Top Trending Hair Colours For 2016

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ABOUT: Brad Ngata is the Schwarzkopf Professional Creative Ambassador, and creative director and co-owner of one of Australia’s leading boutique salons, Brad Ngata Hair Direction. He has directed the hair for many fashion festivals and runway shows including London Fashion Week, and worked with leading designers including Ksubi and Wheels & Doll Baby.


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