34 Head-turning Red Carpet Hairstyles (& The Healthy Hair Plan)

Hair's to you, Kid! Nicole Kidman shines at the 'Lion' American Express Gala, BFI London Film Festival. Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for BFI.

Got a hot event on your social calendar? Look to the stars for head-turning inspiration. These red carpet hairstyles are just what you need to steal the show!

And award-winning hairstylist and educator Lizzie Liros knows exactly what to do in the lead up to get those locks in tip top shape. Here, Lizzie shares her ‘get healthy hair plan’ for red-carpet ready shine, volume and wow factor.

Treat with mask or oils

“Treating your hair does not have to be a time consuming affair as some products require only a few minutes of time to work wonders,” says Lizzie, who has created the red-carpet looks for oodles of celebs including Kylie Minogue, Guy Sebastian and John Travolta. “Hair masks are all the rage, as they help to replenish the oils and minerals that your strands may be lacking, resulting in healthier and visibly shinier hair. An easy way to save time is to apply your mask to dry hair and let it do its work as you get ready for your shower. It’s also a good idea to follow the instructions particular to each hair mask, as it is possible to let a mask sink in for too long, which may take away some of the amazing benefits of treating your hair. Whilst most of us can’t afford the time or money spent on our hair that red-carpet walking celebrities can, masking it up once a week can really add that Hollywood-esque touch to your hair.”

Avoid sun damage

“It isn’t just our skin that takes a hit from the damaging ultraviolet rays, our hair also suffers from the strong Australian sun,” explains Lizzie, who is also a Philips HairCare ambassador. “Try investing in a sun protection product for your hair which can help reflect some of those damaging rays away from your hair, especially during the summer.”

Don’t wash more than 3 times per week, and finish your wash with cold water

“Although it may be tempting, try to minimise your washing schedule to 1 or 2 times per week,” Lizzie advises. “Make sure you give your scalp a good massage when you wash as this helps to promote circulation on your scalp, and in turn helps your hair to grow. Washing more than 3 times per week can cause your scalp to produce excessive oils, as it tries to compensate from the drying effect of washing. Finally, at the end of your wash, mix it up with a little rinse of cold or cooler water. The cold water helps to seal the hair’s cuticle, which locks in nutrients and also leads to an instantly shinier red-carpet ready finish.”

Use heat protection products

“When styling, it’s important to tailor the routine to your lifestyle. Think about the tools and products you use to create your looks,” Lizzie suggests. “For example, daily blow drys might mean you invest in a heat protecting blow dryer. By using styling equipment that focuses on protecting your hair from damage, can go a long way in ensuring your locks are red-carpet ready, not just for your special night but for the long-term too! For fine hair, I always recommend volumising shampoo and conditioner. For curly hair, look at using a curl enhancer cream in damp locks and leaving to set naturally.”

Choose a styling range that minimises damage to your hair

“It is a breath of fresh air to find styling products that have a focus on protecting our precious strands from heat damage,” says Lizzie. “Having to style your hair with a heat-based styling tool is an important step in creating the perfect look for a special night out. By using styling equipment that focuses on protecting your hair from damage, can go a long way in ensuring your locks are red-carpet ready, not just for your special night but for the long term too!”

ABOUT: Lizzie Liros is an award winning hairstylist and Philips HairCare ambassador. Lizzie has worked with high profile clients including Guy Sebastian and Kylie Minogue, and fashion brands including Alex Perry, Steven Khalil, Rhonda Hemmingway, Collette Dinnigan, Carla Zampatti, Aurelio Castarello, Elle Zeitoune, Abbys by Abby and Sheridyn Fisher Swimwear. 

Got a few ‘healthy hair tips’ of you own? Share them below!


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