9 Ways To Create Amazing Vignettes

9 Ways To Create Amazing Vignettes

Add some oomph to your home with these clever ways to create amazing vignettes (a fancy word for ‘artfully arranged knickknacks’).

Vignettes can actually be an inexpensive and visually eye catching way to put together those various interesting pieces lying about your house. So if you’ve been wondering what to do with the odd vase your mum gave you, along with your favourite childhood animal ornament and the shell you found on the beach, or even the vast LEGO collection, then don’t fret. Even the strangest collection of things can look beautiful when arranged artistically or interspersed with a couple of new purchases. Curate a few interesting vignettes around your home and you’ll be amazed at the visual appeal and personality it will instantly create. Here are nine tips to help you along.

1. Make it artfully random

The key to eye-catching vignettes is seeming randomness. Odd numbers of things – a collection of three, five, seven etc, tend to work best because there’s less uniformity. Objects of different sizes and unlikely pairings such as a tall vase next to a squat candle, next to a small bowl, will draw the eye in, adding intrigue.

2. Play with height and levels

If your vignette has one strong theme running through it – for example a collection of bird objects – then one way to artfully display them is to play around with height. Instead of having all the items on one level, create more interest by having some on the surface and others on a stack of books, a cake stand or small decorative box. This is especially useful if all your items are around the same size. You can also do this with a more eclectic mix of items as well.

9 Ways To Create Amazing Vignettes

Light up your living room with a candle family! Enjoy Flameless Candles, Zanui

3.Pair old with new

A classic combination it to pair new items with old. Weathered patinas – like that of an old wooden photo frame can look striking next to something shiny and modern like a striking copper or gold bowl. Or else a treasured ornament from your past next to something you recently discovered provides an interesting contrast and will flood you with good memories. It’s a good conversation starter too.

4. Go for the magic triangle

Still unsure how to artistically arrange? Go for the fool-proof “triangle arrangement”. This is where one object is positioned centre at the front and flanked by two others at the back. You can then make a zigzag of items the more you have.

9 Ways To Create Amazing Vignettes

A hexagon serving plate, rectangle table, jagged book stack and trailing plant adds size and shape spice. Kielder Coffee Table, Gallery Home

5. Reflect your collecting

If you want to curate a collection but don’t know where to start, start buy picking one theme such as photo frames. Position metallic ones next to smaller old-fashioned ones. Or try arranging glass bottles ranging from clear to opaque hues, or a vibrant group of candles. You can also work with different shades of one colour as well. Becoming a collector of something can be very rewarding. Just don’t go too overboard – no one wants to see an entire house filled with owl ornaments!

9 Ways To Create Amazing Vignettes

Colour love! Pinks and greens steal the scene. The Wait and Total X Canvas from The Shaynna BLaze for Urban Road Collection, Zanui

6. Celebrate odd spaces

Increase the charm factor by adding collections of curios in unexpected spaces. Stand in the doorway of each room and see if you can put odd places – such as under the stairs, the hallway or a dingy corner – to better use by installing a pretty table or sideboard and curating a collection on top of it.

7. Create a pleasing palette

To create a cohesive look, try matching one or two colours in your vignette to the same colours in a nearby artwork. For example if there is a streak of emerald green in a painting, then position a teapot in a similar colour, or one in a different shade of jade along with other items nearby.

9 Ways To Create Amazing Vignettes

Wycombe Console, Gallery Home

8. Reinvent your tableus

Just because you’ve artfully arranged, doesn’t mean the items are now glued forever to the one spot! Change things up and move around your tableus whenever the mood strikes you. Keep your interiors fresh and interesting by changing your pieces according to the season and trends. For example, embrace the on-trend “nature look” by gathering a gorgeous group of textile pieces, woven baskets and plants.

9. Curate from your heart

Lastly, curate your collection from the heart. If you see something you really love, but don’t know how it will fit into a vignette, then get it anyway! You will find a space for it somewhere. If you don’t have a lot of cash to splash, you can also experiment with found objects such as shells, tree nuts, and rocks. Eventually everything will find its groove.

Check out Zanui  and Gallery Home for lots of ideas and inspiration. Written by Fleur Michell


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