7 Spring Home Interior Trends

7 Spring Home Interior Trends

Take a deep breath and breathe in the fresh air … or is that pollen? Yep, spring is on our doorstep – quite literally, and with it, you’ll be seeing a host of interesting new homewares and interior trends for the second half of 2016. So what are the fresh spring home interior trends?

James Hudson from leading British brand Gallery Home, available now in Australia, and Stina Ericksson from online retailer Zanui reveal the new interior trends heading our way.

  1. Gold brightens up

Strap on your sunnies, because oh-so-shiny metallic hues will continue to dazzle your eyeballs for some time to come. “The metallic trend has been around for a few years now, but it’s not going anyway and will continue to re-invent itself,” says Stina. “Copper was the go-to metallic shade for 2015 but there has been more brass finishes around this year. Yellow gold will be big in the second part of the year as the weather warms up as it’s such a bright colour.” Expect to see it everywhere – in ornaments, bowls, vases and even tapware.

Meanwhile James says that in Europe the pinky hue of rose gold was big over the warmer months, so we’re likely to see more of it here. “People are currently buying a lot of rose gold jewellery, textiles and accent pieces in Europe,” he adds.

7 Spring Home Interior Trends

Rafferty Table Lamp and Samba Mirror with gold leaf finish, both Gallery Home

7 Spring Home Interior Trends

Hammered Metal Bowl, Gold (Set of 2), $49.95, Edison Style Round Bulb with Brass/Gold Pendant Light, $99.95, Lux Pineapple Sculpture, Large, $69.95, Small, $54.95, Lauderdale Cushion (Set of 2), $69.95, Marble Hexagon Wall Clock, $144.95, all Zanui

  1. Industrial elegance and concrete will cement home looks

One huge trend in the UK over their spring was the elegant industrial look. This primarily features concrete incorporated into furniture such as table tops and other accessories. “We first launched our faux concrete pieces a few years ago,” says James. “Since then it’s gone from strength to strength and it’s into the mainstream now. In our Chilson range we have concrete framed mirrors, sideboard and dining tables. I especially love the trestle dining tables which have a faux concrete slab on a weathered oak frame. It’s fashioned in a contemporary way with a node to the classics.”

7 Spring Home Interior Trends

Concrete Chilson Sideboard, $3957, Gallery Home

  1. The indoor/outdoor nature look will extend its ground

So sun-loving Aussies are officially mad for homes where the lounge/dining room can seamlessly merge with a leafy back yard with just the flick of a bi-fold door. In the last few years this house style has become so popular that it’s gone global. It’s even infiltrated countries like Britain where the sun doesn’t exactly make a regular appearance! “The indoor/outdoor design look has been big in the UK so we’re now looking at ways to incorporate that feel into furniture and homewares,” says James. “As a result the ‘nature look’ has been big and will continue to be big.” Think woven textures, natural fibres and somewhat rustic pieces, like slightly weathered looking wood.

7 Spring Home Interior Trends

Farmhouse Chic Kielder Dining Table Bench and Chairs, Gallery Home

  1. You’ll have an urge to go green

Spring is always huge for plants, and this season the greenery trend will be boosted even more by the nature look craze. “Succulents and cactuses have grown very popular in the last couple of years, but we will see more of the larger, leafy plants like fiddle leaf figs, monstera and rubber plants for the rest of 2016,” Stina says. “As a result we will also see more pots, baskets, hanging planters and plant stands around.”

However, if you can’t manage the commitment of an actual plant, then there is an alternative. “One of Gallery Home’s biggest sellers this year has been our artificial potted plants,” says James. “People are keen for the nature look, even if it’s not real!”

Outdoors In Jute Plant Hanger, $59, Zanui and Outdoors In Cactus from $259.95, Zanui

Outdoors In Jute Plant Hanger, $59, Zanui and Outdoors In Cactus from $259.95, Zanui

  1. Hang on to your marbles

Marble which has been huge worldwide, and will continue to rule. However we’ll also see different types of natural stone as well. “We’re also working with a brown hued marble which is quite beautiful and is a softer alternative to white Carrera marble,” says James.

7 Spring Home Interior Trends

Enjoy Lighting Carrara Marble Flameless Candles from $34, Zanui

  1. Folk and oriental patterns will add interest

Oriental-inspired patterns in softer shades will provide a nice compliment to all that nature love. “Folk patterns, tribal motifs and traditional Nordic prints work well across a range of homewares categories – from tableware and wall art to bedding and soft furnishings,” says Stina.

  1. New farmhouse chic will be cool

Farmhouse décor has always held its place in home interiors, but in recent times it’s been modernised and given more of a sleek update in keeping with the woodsy outdoors vibe. “Our new Kielder range reflects a contemporary farmhouse and has been very popular,” says James. “It’s solid oak with a bit of whiteness to the grain which gives it a vibrant, fresh appeal. Marlow is also a nod to updated farmhouse furniture for the modern age. We’ve given the pieces a soft grey tone with a hint of white. Wycombe is more of an edgy, sleek style also made from solid oak. People really love the solid feel of wood and the honesty of the craftsmanship, which looks a little traditional, yet very stylish, fresh and light.”

7 Spring Home Interior Trends

Farmhouse Chic Kielder Chest Drawers, Gallery Home

Written by Fleur Michell


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