Renovating? 5 Smart Ways to Save Cash

Renovating? 5 Smart Ways to Save Cash

Your home can be your palace without costing a royal fortune.

And Josh Mammoliti knows just how to do it. As the founder of The Blue Space – the newest online destination for affordable and luxurious bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, Josh’s philosophy is that style shouldn’t be expensive or stressful.

“The Blue Space helps you create interiors that are chic, on-trend and expertly curated by a team of designers,” he says. Yep, you can choose complete stylised bathrooms, kitchens and laundries – or individual items – all at the click of a button. Read: you’ll save yourself 52 weekends traipsing the homewares aisles, cut costly mistakes (and save cash), and eliminate the stress of selecting a zillion individual items you ‘hope’ will work together. The shiny new gear will even be delivered straight to your brand-spanking-new door.

Of course choosing the new look is the fun part. Here, Josh shares five other smart ways to save cash on your renovation …

1. Budget, plan and layout

“Set your budget and plan your products, layouts and fittings early on – and don’t change your mind!” says Josh. “Changes made mid-project will often blow the cost out significantly and can often de-rail even the best laid plan.”

Renovating? 5 Smart Ways to Save Cash

Hook, line and sink! Now that’s a well planned kitchen. Image: The Bluespace

2. Leave the pipes alone

“Don’t move existing plumbing or electrical fittings. Often it is changes to plumbing and electrical work behind walls that add complexity and cost to your renovation. On the flip side, a perfect layout adds value to your home, so if it needs to move, move it!”

Renovating? 5 Smart Ways to Save Cash

Luxe on tap! Image: The Blue Space

3. Find your perfect fit

“Order all of your products and fittings early on. Do this before you book in your tradies. It doesn’t cost anything for products to sit in your home waiting to be installed, but tradesmen sitting around your home waiting for products to arrive will!”

Renovating? 5 Smart Ways to Save Cash

Loo? Check. Bath? Check. Basin? Check. Image: The Blue Space

4. Get what you deserve

“Invest in quality fittings, not just the cheapest available, as you want all your hard work to last the test of time. Repairs and trade call backs can get expensive.”

Renovating? 5 Smart Ways to Save Cash

Crappy fixtures won’t wash with your dream kitchen. Get what you want. Image: The Blue Space

5. Be enlightened

“Never underestimate the impact fresh and well positioned lighting will have on your finished renovation. In the bathroom, you want to focus your lighting on areas around the basin and mirror. In the kitchen, the stove, sink and entertaining spaces should be the focus. Don’t forget to look for energy efficient LED options as this will save you money long term.”

Renovating? 5 Smart Ways to Save Cash

Lighten up meal times with natural lighting. Image: The Blue Space

ABOUT: The Blue Space takes the hassle out of kitchen and bathroom shopping and helps you create luxurious spaces that are chic and expertly curated by a team of Australian designers from the comfort of your (soon to be spectacular!) home.

The Blue Space aims to solve one question: How do you make your renovation look like the pictures? The answer is by allowing people to purchase not just individual items, but complete stylised bathrooms, kitchens and laundries online – ultimately, changing the way Australians renovate. Renovating? 5 Smart Ways to Save


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