Child’s Play: Smart Tips To Move House With Kids In Tow

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Moving your family means a lot of stress, especially if you are moving around Christmas time when there’s still plenty of shopping to do. Although it can be stressful, it is also an exciting time and making the move as smooth as possible can especially help your kids adapt to the new place.

Here are 3 shortcuts that will save you time and stress later.

  1. Keep the kids involved

Keeping the kids involved in the whole process will aid them in dealing with the move. Keeping them busy with little jobs to do like sorting their toys or picking out new items for their new rooms are two great ways to keep them involved and excited about the change. On the day; make sure there are plenty of snacks readily available to munch on during the day, and little activities to keep them occupied like saving a box for them to play in is great. It’s also a good idea to get them out of the way when the movers are dealing with the big heavy things, maybe get a friend or relative to mind them for a few hours.

  1. Prioritise your rooms

Have a plan of attack as to what items or rooms you will need first in your new place. It’s good to start off in the kitchen just in case you need something quick and easy to refuel; then of course, assembling the beds. Loading these things on the moving truck last will definitely help you out during the unpacking stage. A lot of moving companies like Hire A  Mover are great at helping  you decide what items you want first and make it easy when unloading your items from the truck. Guaranteed there will be a lot of flat packs that will need to be built over the next few days but prioritise what you will need first and get the tools together for the job. A good tip is to put your tools in a bag and tape it to the item as I can guarantee you will probably be up all night putting furniture together and there is nothing worse than having a few parts missing.

  1. Prep for the first few days

Pack some suitcases to use as overnight bags with essentials for the first few days at the new house. Making sure there are plenty of clothes, toys, books and other items to entertain just in case the TV isn’t set up straight away. Pack some sheets and towels in there too. A great idea is to get the kids to pack 1 box each with all of their favourite things which can be the first thing they open when you get to the new house. The most important part of the move is making sure the kids feel comfortable within the new space, so unpacking their rooms first should be a main priority to save them being stressed for too long.

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