The most popular colour for children’s bedrooms is…

The most popular colour for children’s bedrooms is…

Can you guess? Here’s a clue – it’s NOT Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year – living coral. In fact, the most popular colour for children’s bedrooms is yellow!

That’s according to British Paints expert, Kelly Magee.

Kelly says there’s good reason yellow is the standout favourite.

“Children’s bedrooms can be fun to create because of the more playful, vibrant and youthful colours people tend to paint them,” she explains. “At the moment, we are seeing a trend towards softer hues such as pastels like purple, pink, blues and yellow as they bring creativity and playfulness to a room tastefully without over stimulating.”

The key words right there are ‘playful’ and ‘without over stimulating’, because, well, science says that ‘stimulating colours’ – and in fact all colours – can affect our mood, health and behaviour.

“Despite giving character to interior spaces, colour is also useful in influencing human behaviour, decision making, health and more with or without our realisation,” according to Science Direct, which analysed the findings of 40 colour studies. “Colour is a subtle stimulation with salient impact has been highly affecting human lives physically, psychologically, physiologically and sociologically every day, and has now been widely accepted.”  

So, while the kids (and the parents) mightn’t realise it, every trick in the colour book that’ll make the little peeps that much chirpier helps.

Here, Kelly explains the trend and why yellow is the most popular colour for children’s bedrooms …

Hello yellows!

Kelly says yellows can fill a room with warmth and can evoke cheerful, energetic and happy environments. “For this reason, splashes of yellow are particularly fitting to give the room a calm feel.

Colour picks

Team yellows such British Paints Happy Home and Golden Butter and bring colourful touches into the room with accessories.

Splash some sunshiny yellow around the walls, bedding and accessories for a chirpy mood. Image: British Paints

Blues and Greens made to be seen

“Soft shades of blues and green have calming qualities so great to relax children for bedtime,” explains Kelly. “To create some added fun, think about bringing walls to life with stencils such as spots or clouds.”

Colour picks

“Tones like Reckless Green or Pacific Lagoon are great options with shades like Tiger White.”

Hot and cold tip:  Blue, green and purple are regarded as the ‘cool colour’ range, while red, orange and yellow are categorised as ‘warm colours’. 

Purples and tickle you pinks

“Pinks and purples are great in kids rooms because they are delicate yet playful,” Kelly says.

Colour picks

“Pinks like Pink Bliss or Spring Bloom work well with whites like Love Note, whilst pairing different depths of purples such as Impatiens Petal and Sweet Hyacinth together can create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.”

Lovely lilac for the little people in the home… Image: British Paints.
What colour is your child’s bedroom? And did it have an affect on their mood or behaviour? Leave your comments below…

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