How To Match Your Wall Paint Colour To Your Personality

How To Match Your Wall Paint Colour To Your Personality

There’s nothing like a fresh lick of paint to revamp your home and mood – unless you choose the wrong colour, that is! Interior designer and The Block judge Shaynna Blaze may just have the solution to your colour dramas, though – and some nifty advice on how to match your wall paint colour to your personality.

So are you a sunflower yellow kinda gal or a frosty white queen?  Shaynna says before you commit to a shade, it’s important to remember that colours change with different lighting and reflections – so paint a sample swatch first. “Each colour looks different in every house,” explains Shaynna, who is a Taubmans Brand Ambassador. “Testing your paint colour with sample pots allows you to see the colour at different times of the day and see how it looks in your surroundings. This also allows you to test a couple of colours at one time to work out your best palette. Paint can be a bit of a chameleon, and even the most seasoned designer or decorator, including myself, cannot be 100% sure of the performance of a colour. Don’t get me wrong – a colour won’t change dramatically from a blue to a red, but the subtleties of a colour change in a room. For example, a blue might take on a greener tone depending on its surroundings, or what you thought was a very bright white might have a slight yellow to it in your house due to the timbers in the room or the direction it is facing.”

Now that you’ve brushed up on your ‘room and lighting lessons’, to the fun part! Here, Shaynna shares her colourful insights to match your wall paint colour to your personality. Ready, set, paint!

Your personality: Treasure Hunter

A collector of experiences and exotic wonders. You are inspired by your travels and by the colours, sounds and scents of unknown places. You make your own maps when it comes to decorating your home.

Shaynna’s personality-perfect colour pick: Try a little Taubmans MOJO to help you find the best backdrop for your treasured collections, working just as well in modern or traditional interiors, while contrasted with whites gives a classical elegance to any space.

How To Match Your Wall Paint Colour To Your Personality

QUICK TIP: “Trying only two colours at once – any more can get confusing.  By process of elimination you can easily define the right colour for you.” Shaynna Blaze.  Image: Taubmans MOJO

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Your personality: Nature Warrior

You are probably a practical, down-to-earth person who knows how to harness the goodness of nature… In your home, you strive for balance and harmony and this you achieve (chances are if you are a green lover, you are a super high-achiever across most areas of your life…)

Shaynna’s personality-perfect colour pick: Taubmans HIGHLAND MEADOW is a colour to cocoon you in your home – so perfect when you have a garden view.

How To Match Your Wall Paint Colour To Your Personality

QUICK TIP: “Using an A4 piece of cardboard gives you the flexibility to move the colour around all four walls of each room (as every walls get different light and reflections). Not rushing to paint straight on your walls means you don’t end up with a rainbow while you are still working out the perfect colour.” Shaynna Blaze. Image: Taubmans HIGHLAND MEADOW

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Your personality: New Neutralist

There is nothing ‘beige’ about you – in fact, you are a colour vanguard. You know how to combine the tried and trusted with the unexpected to create a look that turns the conventional idea of a neutral colour palette upside down, inside out and wrong way round…

Shaynna’s personality-perfect colour pick: Try a little Taubmans WINTER MIST in your lounge room or bedroom for a soft glow to your walls.

How To Match Your Wall Paint Colour To Your Personality

QUICK TIP: “View your colours in both morning and afternoon daylight, plus with lights on at night, ‘sitting’ with them for around three days – any more and you risk over-analysing. Colour should give you an instant feeling, so taking longer possibly means you are procrastinating on the work, rather than the colour choice!” Shaynna Blaze. Image: Taubmans WINTER MIST

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 Your personality: Coastal Curator

Welcome to pure bliss inspired by the Hamptons and Scandi – you like it simple and fresh, but with a twist of urban cool. You know how to use white to open up a space, but still maintain that cosy and homely feel.

Shaynna’s personality-perfect colour pick: Sample Taubmans SNOW DROP to achieve a freshness to an interior.

How To Match Your Wall Paint Colour To Your Personality

Melt hearts in the bedroom with snow drop white walls, Sleeping Beauty. Image: Taubmans SNOW DROP

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 Your personality: Dark Horse

Taking the leap over to the ‘dark side’ has the potential to invoke terror in some. But not you. You are bold. A pioneer! You go beyond the pale. You’ve got guts. You know how to make a dark palette work in any space.

Shaynna’s personality-perfect colour pick: Taubmans HOYA could be the perfect moody hue to add just the right dose of drama to your room or home – don’t be afraid to paint all the walls in your room as this is a colour that will lift a room, not enclose it.

How To Match Your Wall Paint Colour To Your Personality

Take a walk on the wild side of nature with darker surroundings. Image: Taubmans HOYA

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Your personality: Pastel Pioneer

All of the sweet with none of the calories. These sugary combinations will inspire you to extract all of the fun and leave most of the twee. Taubmans has the perfect pastel palettes for every room in your home – not just the bub’s room!

Shaynna’s personality-perfect colour pick: A sample pot of Taubmans STORMY SHADOW can help you experiment to find your perfect pastel – a great colour to add contrast. 

How To Match Your Wall Paint Colour To Your Personality

Make an entrance with colours that welcome… Image: Taubmans STORMY SHADOW

How To Match Your Wall Paint Colour To Your Personality

Taubmans Sample Pots are available in 250ml & 500ml sizes, from all Taubmans stores and stockists priced from $5.00 – just ask at the counter for your chosen colours. All images kindly supplied by Taubmans. 

What’s your personality type and which colour would you choose? Share your comments below!


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