How To Host An Epic Star Wars Sleepover

Primark Star Wars Bedding

Summon The Force and assemble the little Jedis for an epic sleepover party that is out-of-this-world.

If your little Padawans are anything like my little Padawans, then you’ll know how strong the Star Wars Force can be. Confuse the ‘clones’ with the ‘storm troopers’ and you could easily trigger an intergalactic battle that not even the Republic could control. So for all those parents out there desperate to gain some ‘cool cred’ with their mini apprentices, this is a sure fire way to win the battle. Welcome to your step-by-step guide on how to host an epic Star Wars sleepover. Your training begins here…

Assemble The Troops

You can’t win the war without a strong army, so get your child to write up a list of their favourite clone troopers to invite. Make a note that there are limited spaces on this space shuttle, or you may have the whole empire showing up and not enough bedding!

Summon Your Inner Commander

As any good commander knows, logistics and strategy go along way on the battle field, so lock in the date, time and venue early. You don’t want some of your best fighter pilots missing out on all the action because they are off battling the baddies on the new frontier. And don’t forget the dress code – a Star Wars theme of course!

The Star Wars Family Ready For Action

Check out Costume Box for awesome Star Wars gear. Image: Costume Box.

Stock Up On Intergalactic Provisions

No battle has ever been won on an empty stomach, so write up a list of out-of-this-world goodies to keep the Jedis and spaceships well fuelled. Encourage your apprentice to come up with a list of fun foods and creative ways to turn healthy options into tasty treats. Carrot sticks disguised as lightsabers, green apples posing as Yoda, muffins masquerading as Stormtroopers, popcorn bombs, or the Great Pit Of Carkoon cake will all have impact on missile launch. Use cookie cutters to make star and planet shape sandwiches and decorate them in Star Wars themed goodies. Make sure you double check the serial number of your Clones for any food allergies or intolerances.

Star Wars Party Provisions

Get to Costume Box at light speed for these party supplies. Image: Costume Box.

Inhabit Your Planet

It wouldn’t be an intergalactic party zone without a few space age decorations. Transform the house into an epic party zone with Star Wars posters, hanging planets, glow in the dark stars, and Star Wars figurines and memorabilia. Set up an energy station with your party food table with your tasty treats and Star Wars cups and plates and you’ll be ready for lift off.

How to host an epic star wars decoartions

Night lights and posters available from Target.

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Initiate The Battle Games

It will be ‘all systems go’ from the moment those troops land, so be prepared! (Safe) lightsaber battles, constructing Star Wars LEGO ships and battle scenes together, quizzes that test their Star Wars knowledge, Star Wars Monopoly, (Clone Wars) Celebrity Head, computer games and a dress-up disco dance off complete with flashing lights and lightsabers should wear them out pretty quickly. When the battle is won, switch on a Star Wars DVD or hit Netflix for The Clone Wars series for some well-deserved R&R.

Kids battling for supreme suthority

I bought my son, Maxwell, costumes from Kmart and Costume Box. Image: Kmart 

The Clone Wars

Shhhh. Anakin and Obi-Wan are devising a battle plan. Image: Netflix

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Switch Off the Droids

When the five suns go down, you’ll need somewhere safe for the troops to recoup. Set them up in The Pit of Sarlacc (aka, lounge room) so there is plenty of space for everyone. Use themed bedding and sleeping bags or pop-up tents to set the scene. Fold out beds and blow up mattresses will make sure they’re well rested for the next day’s battle.


Target Star Wars Sleeping gear

Maxwell is fully stocked up with Star Wars Bedding. All available at Target.

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Awaken The Force

Serve the troops inter-planetary eggs, Carkoon porridge, star shaped toast or mixed fruit in space theme shapes (use cookie cutters) for the final battle.Wise Words From Yoda

In the words of Yoda, ‘Emperor title, a sleepover like that deserves. Hmmm.’

How To Host An Epic Star Wars Sleepover


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