Home Interiors: How To Create A Bohemian Vibe

Home Interiors: How To Create A Bohemian Vibe

Add a warm bohemian vibe to your home with these ‘70s inspired interior pieces. La Vie Bohème, baby!

Home-loving hipsters will love the resurgence of the boho-chic look, with ‘70s inspired textured pieces that create depth and add instant flair to dull spaces and handmade pieces that reveal a personal story. Here, Craft Consultant Judy Newman provides her top tips on how to embrace your inner hippy-chic without the boho-overload.

Kitsch Kitchens

Step back in time with intricate crochet table cloths reminiscent of your Grandmother’s family dinners. “Crochet table cloths have definitely hooked their way back in to style this season,” explains Judy. “The decadent lacy texture means that you can peel away other accessories and make the table the focal point of attraction. Select a crochet table cloth with colours that are complimentary to your existing décor. Channel the ’70s and decorate with simple and striking florals or greenery – and, where possible – colour-coordinate!”

Home Interiors Bohemian Vibe crochet tablecloth

Create a hippy-chic boho vibe with crochet tablecloths. Image: @felissimo

Home interiors how to create a boho vibe vintage crochet

Get nimble and crochet your own tablecloth. Image: Stitches & Craft Show

Walls That Talk

Create walls that speak volumes with a signature feature wall dressed in rich textiles to off-set white. “Feature walls help frame the room and create some interest and depth to an otherwise dull space,” says Judy. “Drape a wall with soft silk or staple vintage fabric around a stretched canvas to create inexpensive wall art that can be treasured for years to come.”

Home Interiors How To Create Boho Feel Walls That Speak Volumes

Let your walls do the talking. Image: onekingslane.com

Dreamy Boudoirs

For those who fancy fairy-tale furniture and a free-loving feel, let the furniture tell the boho-tale with a feature bed and pared-back textiles. “Dress a four poster bed with delicate materials that have a strong decadence that won’t require ‘further fluff’,” suggests Judy. Try hand-woven bedding, laces and intricate quilts in soft colours. Add a whimsical dream catcher above your bedhead for sweet dreams.

Home Interiors How To Create A Bohemian Bedroom

Vary your textures with wool and silk draping in neutral tones. Image: Decoholic.

Bohemian Vibe Dream Catches

Have a dreamy sleep with handmade dream catches. Image: Stitches & Craft Show.

Beaded Entrance Curtains

Add a touch of hippy-chic to your doorways and make an impact on entrance with beaded curtains. “Beaded curtains add a vintage-vibe,” explains Judy. “They create the illusion of space and help to separate each room – no strings attached! Get crafty and bead your own boho by stringing up a collection of beads or purchase one from a thrift store.”

Home Interiors How To Create A Bohemian Vibe BeadedCurtains

Create a boho chic entrance with crochet and beaded curtains. Image: Homedit

Fancy Floors

Ornate or textured floor rugs are one of the easiest ways to revamp your interiors and create a ‘70s twist. For au naturel hippy-chic, use jute rugs to add warmth to wooden floors. “Keep your floor simple and add playful decadence with a statement felt rug that will empower rather than overwhelm your space,” suggests Judy. “Rugs are now available in a range of virgin wools, bamboo, viscose and felt in a poppy colour combination of fairy floss to monochrome, cotton to hemp.”

Home Interiors How To Create A Bohemian Room Using Floor Rugs

Go for natural colours or weave a little colour into your floors. Image @etsy

Retro Tapestry

Show your appreciation for art and culture with retro-inspired tapestry that’s sure to be a conversation starter. “Visit your inner retro renaissance by adding a hand-woven tapestry wall hanging – so on trend,” says Judy. Choose a design that resonates with you. Places you’ve travelled to, flowers you love, Kings and Queens you admire or ’70s patterns make a strong statement and add texture to blank wall canvases.”

Handwoven Artworks

Get crafty and create your own handmade tapestries and woven artworks. Image: Stitches & Craft

Want to upskill your craftiness?

Are you rocking the handmade trend? Find one-off vintage textiles, buy up beads and fabrics, learn to print your own designs, source supplies for crafty creations, and weave your own wall hangings at the Stitches & Craft Show, Rosehill Racecourse, March 8 to 11. Or let your fingers do the walking and check out Temple & Webster for incredible on-trend homewares.

Main Image: Pinterest DesignSponge


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