Celebrity Home Interiors: What Kendall, Salma, Gwen & Ellen Bought

Celebrity Home Interiors: What Kendal, Salma, Gwen & Ellen Bought

Take a sneak peek into the homes of Hollywood’s A-list – the furniture they bought, their colour palettes, style and designer picks! Home Furniture Queen Robina Benson has a red-carpet-long list of celebrity home interiors clients snapping up her luxury furniture, including Kendall Jenner, Salma Hayek and rock star Gwen Stefani.

In fact, Robina and her husband’s Niche Beverly showroom, which specialise in exquisite high-end furniture, has become the leader in indoor and outdoor modern luxury living for Beverly Hills’ who’s who, boasting cutting-edge collections by the industry’s most well-known designers, including world-renowned designers such as Kettal, Roda, Missoni Home, Paola Lenti, Vittorio Bonacina and Arflex.

So what did Kendall Jenner, Ellen DeGeneres, Gwen Stefani, Salma Hayek and Seth MacFarlane buy from the Home Queen? Robina shares some of her A-lister’s purchases and throws in a few gold-class styling tips!

Celebrity Home Interiors: What Kendal, Salma, Gwen & Ellen Bought

Home Queen Robina Benson with her daughter: all style & grace. Photography by Brooke Mason

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“Kendall Jenner loves yellow!”

Perhaps the most in-demand designer muse of the moment, this yellow canary, err, kanary, has her own bright and sunshiny style-thang happening on her very own doorstep. “Kendall has a fresh energy about her – she came in my showroom and bought the canary yellow Arflex Strip sofa right off the floor!” reveals Robina. “It was a bold choice and I was thrilled to have a fashion forward trendsetter appreciating Design. It’s not common for someone to buy right off the floor and be so decisive.” Robina says Kendall purchased the sofa for inside her home. “You need the right type of modern home that can accommodate such a statement piece. I just love it!”

Robina’s styling tip: “When buying bold statement furnishings, don’t be timid. Mix it up with other statement colours to create more of an artistic palette. This particular piece would be great paired with my vintage Franco Albini Rattan chair!”

Celebrity Home Interiors: What Kendal, Salma, Gwen & Ellen Bought

Anything but mellow, this yellow sofa chosen by Kendall Jenner makes a wow statement.

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“Ellen DeGeneres has a modern vibe.”

The lady can dance, and entertain, and she certainly is NO wallflower! So what style and pieces does she surround herself with at home? “Ellen is a regular client of mine,” says Robina. “She has bought numerous pieces from my showroom for her stunning modern Beverly Hills home. One of the larger items on her list was the same sofa Ms Kendal Jenner bought but in a different color – the Arflex strip sofa. Ellen is a big fan of modern art, so I thought her choices were fitting with her aesthetic and modern vibe.”

Celebrity Home Interiors: What Kendal, Salma, Gwen & Ellen Bought

Just lounging around! Ellen goes for crisp, clean and sophisticated hues for her super comfy sofa.

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“Gwen Stefani loves poolside cool!”

Gwen Stefani is not ‘just a girl.’ She is a style icon. So how does she balance her rock star cool factor with family-friendly outdoor living? “Gwen Stefani shopped for her outdoor poolside seating area for her 12,000 sq ft Beverly Hills estate home,” says Robina. “Her entire outdoor space is our furniture collection and you can see how perfect they look here. One great thing about these pieces is that even with her children and pets, she doesn’t have to worry about stains or ruining them – the quality is unbelievable and I guess that goes hand-in-hand with the price tag for these!”

Robina’s styling tip: “The key to buying outdoor furnishing for a poolside is to go transitional – you want the aesthetic to be timeless, while enhancing the environment. You can go with a monochromic vibe like Ms Stefani did, or go bold. Yellow and greens with a pop of white is one of my favorite choices.”

Celebrity Home Interiors: What Kendal, Salma, Gwen & Ellen Bought

No doubt this great outdoors space has seen some rockin’ poolside parties in its time!

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“Salma Hayek loves purple!”

Salma Hayek came in with her hubby when her sweet little Valentina was just a toddler and they bought numerous Paola Lenti pieces for the outside of her home and around the pool area. Salma is just stunning in person – very eloquent and truly a mega movie star. She made sure that her husband liked the furnishings she chose. One of her favorite colours is purple – she bought the Paola Lenti Float and Frame chairs in a gorgeous dark purple.”

Robina’s styling tip: “Don’t be afraid of colour! When in doubt, choose colours that accentuate and/or play with the colours of surrounding nature.”

Celebrity Home Interiors: What Kendal, Salma, Gwen & Ellen Bought

Salma makes a statement with the colour purple!

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“Seth MacFarlane appreciates artistic pieces.”

If you’re imagining Seth MacFarlane on a drag sofa a’la ‘Ted’ style, you’re way off course! He’s actually a real stickler for great design and artistic pieces. “Seth MacFarlane another one of our favourite client owns multiple pieces by Patricia Urquiola for the outside of his Beverly Hills home, including a gorgeous Maia Swing, Maia chairs and Veiques dining table.”

Robina’s styling tip: These are timeless pieces of art for your outdoor environment and fit perfectly even in a Masculine designed home.

Celebrity Home Interiors: What Kendal, Salma, Gwen & Ellen Bought

Style and substance, function and flair: Seth knows a piece of art when he sees one.

ABOUT: Known for being the outdoor style queen, Robina Benson has made a name for herself in the highest end luxury design world. She is currently named as LA “Power Players” 2017 of Los Angeles by Angeleno Magazine. Celebrity clientele is an everyday discussion to this highly driven entrepreneur. Her showroom is in the heart of the West Hollywood Design District and she sells to the rich and famous, including the biggest names in Hollywood. Her work is featured in InStyle USA, InStyle Turkey, Elle Décor, Elle Décor Italia, Architectural Digest, Spanish AD, LA Times, Angeleno, Interiors Magazine and Luxe Magazine. Main image (blue outdoor setting) by Brooke Mason

What’s your favourite celebrity home interiors pick? Share your comments below!


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