Home Interior Ideas For A Cosy Winter Retreat

Home Interior Ideas For A Cosy Winter Retreat

Create a cosy winter retreat safe from the hurling winds and rains outside with natural, sustainable homewares, a warming colour palette and stylish home décor so luxurious, you’ll never want to leave the home…

Winter is the perfect time to update your home interior look and feel. In fact, it’s natural to want to cacoon ourselves in luxurious throws and surround ourselves with warming colours, says Robyn Connelly, who is the founder of beautiful home interiors and décor brand, Papaya. “We spend so much more time in our homes during the colder months, so are naturally drawn to ways of feeling warm, cosy and comfortable – both physically and physiologically. Being drawn to soft tactile materials and warm textures and tones is natural.”  Here, Robyn explains the striking winter home interior colours and shares stellar advice for creating a cosy winter retreat.

The Winter Colour Palette

Pack away those cool colours until the sun starts shining. For winter, the warmer tones will keep you and your family feeling toasty warm. “Warm tones unsurprisingly create a feeling of comfort and cosiness – it’s subliminal but very powerful,” explains Robyn. “Deep grey, browns, eggplant, siennas, khakis, taupes and of course rich whites to offset the deeper hues, create an environment that feels both nurturing and restful. I think textures play a great part in creating this comfortable environment as well, with smooth velvet surfaces layered with natural woven materials feeding into a sense of history and belonging.”

Creating Calm Spaces

Get back to nature for a warming winter vibe that evokes a sense of calm with earthy sandalwood, marble and white, suggests Robyn. “A neutral pallet in natural earthy tones brings calms and cohesion,” she explains. “We hear this commented on again and again in our stores. Something magical happens when you combine neutral tones, simple shapes and sensual texture. Using the right tones to compliment the season makes an enormous difference in creating an environment that’s subtly yet distinctly different. Smoky brown-greys through to buttery creams are a good basis for accessories in the colder months, while cool crisp white set against deep charcoals and dusty blues automatically give a summery, fresh feel.”

Home Interior Ideas For A Cosy Winter Retreat

Otto photo frames and Ophelia Table Lamp, both Papaya.

Warming Up Your Interiors

Just because you have a leather sofa and summery chairs, doesn’t mean you can’t create warmth in your house. Just add luxurious materials. “Loads of velvety soft cushions and throws are a really easy way to create a feeling of warmth,” explains Robyn. “Warm lighting is also really important – warm glowing table lamps with warm-white bulbs (not cool-white) instead of ceiling lights are amazingly effective in creating a warm ambience. And candles – candles, candles, candles! Nothing brings the feeling of warmth and well being like flickering flames from glowing softly-scented candles.”

Home Interior Ideas For A Cosy Winter Retreat

Add throws and scatter cushions in rich textiles to the Positano Modular Sofa for warmth.

Plum Walls & Paint

If you’re keen to go the extra mile and paint your walls, try warm plum colours with contrasting white prints to lighten up a space and add interest. “This is a good example of warm tones and textures creating a feeling of warmth and cosiness,” explains Robyn. “Warm grey timber floor boards, velvety dark walls with rich white porcelain objects and natural timber frames with clean white mounts, encapsulate the essence of restful calm. An oversized armchair upholstered in woven wool with a pile of textured blankets in deep greys, charcoals and creams makes you want to snuggle in with a good book and a giant bowl of something delicious!”

Home Interior Ideas For A Cosy Winter Retreat

Cavalier Teak Console Table, kitchenware and Otto photo frames; Eveliina Brushed Throws and Kristiina Basket Weave Throws, all Papaya.

Autumn &Winter Bedroom Updates

Turn your slumber sanctuary into a weather-proof cocoon that’s totally dreamy, with simple updates. “The turn of the season often creates a sense of new beginnings and fresh starts,” explains Robyn. “The warm glow created with a new table lamp can add the perfect autumnal ambiance, or brighten a room with light reflections from a wall mirror – without the need to move furniture around – there’s an instant illusion of space.”

Home Interior Ideas For A Cosy Winter Retreat

Shinto bowls, Otis mango wood lamp, Vecchio mirror in cream, vases and fresco wooden weave basket platter, Papaya.

Vanity Love: Easy Bathroom Updates

We spend a lot of our time primping and preening in our bathrooms, so it’s only natural we want to create a beautiful space. But how do you revamp without a complete tile overhaul? “It’s often tricky to find the right pieces that work in a bathroom, particularly in materials that can tolerate water and steam,” explains Robyn. “Softening those stark clinical bathroom edges with functional streamlined accessories in sleek marble or warm greystone are a really simple way to give a bathroom a stylish refresh.”

Home Interior Ideas For A Cosy Winter Retreat

Mason grey stone bathroom range, available at Papaya.

Home Interior Ideas For A Cosy Winter Retreat

Osso marble bathroom range, available at Papaya.

Comforting Soul Kitchens

Whip up a storm while it’s storming outside in a kitchen made for creating comforting soul food with delicious and functional kitchen decor. “We move to more warming, comfort foods as the temperature drops and the nights get longer, so bringing the same principle into the kitchen in how and what we serve our food on enhances the feeling of cosiness,” explains Robyn. “Our red wine infused baguette boards made from old wine barrels are a perfect example – they’re deep and rich in colour with distinctive aged wood grain sets off a cheese board and freshly baked bread like no other!”

Home Interior Ideas For A Cosy Winter Retreat

Cape Vineyard Timber Boards create a succulent serving platter, Papaya.

Light Up Your Space With Ambient Lighting

Using lighting to create visual interest to create a cosy ambiance is a simple trick that can transform your living spaces. But how? “We love texture and tone – there is such an energy created by contrasting textures,” explains Robyn. “Using a rough brick wall painted in a warm pumpernickel colour can offset a smooth stone table surface such as our Satthi tables.  The texture and clean shape of the table lights is supported by these contrasting surfaces. Another way to create a cosy ambiance is by accentuating the rawness of concrete with the clean shapes. Below, we used the light and bisque ceramic vases, each with their own linear patterns. The warm lighting of both bring the surfaces to life, creating interest and ambiance.”

Home Interior Ideas For A Cosy Winter Retreat

Ophelia Table Lamp; Alvar Ceramic Vases and Miko Concrete Vases, Papaya.

Bringing The Outdoors Inside: Nature Loving

For outdoorsy types, the winter winds can bring a chill to your nature loving lifestyle. So try bringing some of the great outdoors in to create a serene natural interior look and feel. “No matter how urban we have become, I think deep down we all have a connection to the earth and the richness of moist soil, from which things magically grow and feed us and make our planet beautiful and lush,” explains Robyn. “So cultivating healthy, living plants in our immediate environment is satisfying and nurturing, and aesthetically creates that indoor/outdoor feel which we are so naturally drawn to.

“Atriums are a great way to create a mini garden on your coffee table or sideboard.  They require very little maintenance and a well planted atrium with different shades and heights of succulents and ferns which thrive in a confined moist environment, is like a perfect art installation – that grows!

“Concrete vertical gardens are also an excellent way to create a mini garden wall in a sunny spot within your home. Mixed with bamboo lanterns and glowing candles, it becomes a tropical sanctuary.”

Home Interior Ideas For A Cosy Winter Retreat

Jazz up the indoor garden with show piece Sadurni Bambo Hanging Lanterns and Ula Glass Atriums, Papaya.

ABOUT: Papaya – Simply Beautiful Homewares, combine the unspoiled beauty of raw materials with understated contemporary design. Papya are most famed for utilising sustainable natural materials and combining these with simple, elegant designs to form homewares that are innovative, contemporary and timeless. All manufactured products are created to Papaya’s own unique designs, in partnership with artisans and producers across the globe. Visit Papaya for stockists and to view the Winter 16 collection.


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