Great Outdoors: Fabrics that Beat the Summer Heat!

Great Outdoors: Fabrics that Beat the Summer Heat!

Take those tinsel toes outside and soak up those golden rays! It’s time to enjoy natures’ finest with outdoor fabrics built to take a beating from the summer heat and let you lounge around in super style. Here’s how to enjoy the great outdoors with fabrics that beat the summer heat…

Textiles technology has come a long way, and today’s outdoor fabrics are made with a wide range of protective properties built in. Even better, the creative waved their visual wands over the new designs to ensure that these super durable are not only environmentally practical, but super stylish too. From UV protected nautical stripe designs, to water repellent bright red polka dot prints, No Chintz have you covered. Here’s your guide to everything ‘outdoor fabric’ you need to know…

Great Outdoors: Fabrics that Beat the Summer Heat! Relaxing

Outdoor Fabric Upholstered Sun Lounge Chairs

Get the Look: You won’t get lost on the beach with a bold base with stripes and bright ikats.

Outdoor Fabrics: What Can You Use Them For?

That sunny sky is the limit… Use outdoor fabrics on everything from balcony furniture and sun lounges to patio chairs, day beds, verandah seats, outdoor curtains and ground or throw cushions – anything with fabric that needs to take a beating from environmental factors. Oh, and as a bonus, if you have messy children, outdoor fabrics and waterproof laminate are a fabulous option for tablecloths.

Great Outdoors: Fabrics that Beat the Summer Heat! Ikats

No Chintz Ikats

Get the Look: Ikats in bright summery colours make a statement.

What Makes Outdoor Fabrics Different?

Outdoor fabrics are usually made from more durable textiles. Some come with UV protection to avoid fading, others are made with washable covers, water repellent properties and fabrics that are soil and stain resistant. When choosing outdoor fabrics, consider the environmental factors they will be exposed to as well wear and tear and the fabrics rub count.

Great Outdoors: Fabrics that Beat the Summer Heat! Chair and Umberella

No Chintz Mosaic Ikat Outdoor Fabric in Multi

Get the Look: Go for mixed prints and spice things up on the beach.

Outdoor Fabric Tip:

When purchasing outdoor fabrics, look for Olefin, Solution-dyed Acrylics or Polypropylene. The yarn in these fabrics has all the outdoor properties you need – water repellents, UV protection and they are soil and stain resistant.

Great Outdoors: Fabrics that Beat the Summer Heat! Teal Cushions

No Chintz Outdoor Cushions

Get the Look: Go for ocean blue print outdoor fabrics for a seaside theme.

Where Can You Find Them?

No Chintz are outdoor fabric specialists with a huge range of fabrics for sun lounges, day beds, curtains, patio chairs and more.

Great Outdoors: Fabrics that Beat the Summer Heat! Lime Cushions

No Chintz Outdoor Cushions. Top Cushion: Mallacoota Lime. Bottom Cushion: Avoca Lime

Get the look: The grass is always greener with outdoors textiles.

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