Flamingo Home Interiors In Full Flight

Flamingo Bedding

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be tickled pink by the striking flamingo home interiors and décor trend. Here’s how to use these graceful, exotic pink birds to make a striking statement in your home…

Homewares trends may migrate south with the seasons, but my money is on flamingos staying around for a while yet. Bright and bold in shades varying from pink to vibrant scarlet, flamingos add an elegant, sophisticated and stylish statement to any room. And today’s interpretation of the classic tropical bird can even add quirk factor. Here’s my round-up of beautiful and fun flamingo designs and how to use them in your home.

Feathered Nests

Cushions are the easiest – and cosiest – way to dip your toes into a trend and instantly revamp your interior look.

Style it: Stick to a colour palette with three tones, like blues, pinks and yellows or neutrals. Vary the shades, with baby blue and teal blue block colours and prints in a similar theme. Mix up your sizes with smaller cushions placed at the front and larger shapes at the back, and use different textured fabrics to add visual interest.

Flamingo cushions

Amazon Flamingo Cushion, Adairs and Thomas Paul Bloomsbury Flamingo Cover in Coral, $165, contact Swing Gifts for stockists.

Walls That Sing

It’s a brave move to use bold wallpaper in multi-colours, but the results are absolutely amazing!

Style it: Surround yourself with walls that sing and add drama to a space! Use complementary block colour furniture in similar but subdued tones as your best supporting act, so the walls can do the talking. Metallic accents like gold and silvery blues add an element of luxury, creating a gorgeous effect. Or try a vibrant yellow sunset base that allows those exotic birds to pop from the walls with a sunny, tropical feel!


I spotted this stunning metallic flamingo wallpaper on a friend’s Instagram feed, and was inspired to write this story. Flamingo wallpaper from Berlin: Image: @harethtayem

Milton & King Wallpaper flamingo sunrise

Flamingo Sunset by Kingdom Home, $198 per roll 61.5cm x 10 metres, available at Milton & King

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Nostalgic Nod

Mix the best of the old with the new with vintage flamingo postcard prints and cards that can be displayed in frames or of course, take flight and be mailed to your family and friends with sweet messages.

Style it: For a subtle flamingo touch, frame retro postcards and cards in vintage frames to add flair to coffee tables, dressers and mantelpieces. If you’re using printed flamingo cards to write on, keep in theme with the old world style and use calligraphy fountain pens.


Pink Flamingo and Vintage Polka Dots Postcard, $1.38 each, and Varig Vintage Poster for Brazil Postcard, $1.43 each, Zazzle

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Birds Of A Feather, Sleep Together

I fell in love with this quilt set when I spied it in the Bed Bath ‘N Table window display – and snapped it up instantly. And my tired boudoir was thrilled with the choice.

Style it: The key to using busy and bold bedding is to go easy on the rest of your room. Use the striking flamingo print to create a freshness in your bedroom and highlight the space, then mix similar undertones, like hints of pale blues, whites, greys and naturals, for a harmonious feel.


Morgan & Finch MIAMI quilt set, single from $89.95, available at Bed Bath ‘N Table

Chirpy Walls

If you don’t want to commit to an expensive piece of flamingo wall art, hang a framed print – then you can swap them with something new whenever the mood strikes.

Style it: Create a theme that flows through all the rooms. Use simple, striking modern prints with sophisticated colour palettes of soft pink and gold tones for the perfect balance of luxury and minimalism, then add a few accent colours or flamingos throughout your rooms to tie it all together. Or, add a splash of black throughout your room for a contemporary spin.

Flamingo wall art prints

Flamingo Heart and Flamingo print from $15, Toucan

Ruffled Kids’ Feathers

The beauty of flamingos is that the trend appeals to all generations. So light up the kids’ bedrooms with a decorative LED night light and flamingo print curtains for a pretty theme.

Style it: Give those twinkling globes some space in a clutter-free environment so that they can truly shine. To take the theme to the next level, hang flamingo print curtains for a stunning wake up call.


Flamingo Timber LED Light, Adairs and Flamingo Fabric in Stone, 150cm, Spotlight

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Statue Of Liberty & Grace

Add a wild element to your living spaces with a proud flamingo standing tall and lean with striking plumage. It’s a sure fire way to get the conversation flowing the moment guests land on your door step.

Style it: A feature piece can instantly jazz up a lifeless, unused corner in the house, or even bring your outdoor areas and garden to life. Check your space proportions and allow for enough room for the piece to really work it’s magic.

Candy the flamingo art work

Candy The Flamingo, $49, Matt Blatt

Kmart Garden Flamingos

Add tropical flamingos to your garden bed for just $1! Flamingo Garden Sticks, $1, Kmart

Vibrant Entertaining

If you love entertaining and making things look pretty, these bright blue and popping pink flamingos will be right up your kitchen alley.

Style it: Dishes will taste so much better when prepared in this creative apron! Have some fun in the kitchen with bright and bold colours that pop and serve up drinks on rocking coasters that are bound to leave a colourful impression.


Annabel Trends Flamingo Apron, $12, Peter’s Of Kensington and Flamingo Coaster by Betsy Drake Interiors, set of 4, $23.99, Wayfair

Watering Hole Oasis

Sip your afternoon latte or pink fizz cocktail in style with decadent flamingo design mugs and glassware.

Style it: These mugs and glasses do all the talking, but if you really want to go flamboyant, add flamingo swizzle sticks and pink grapefruit ice cubes to those glasses for an unforgettable! Or try hot chocolate with pink marshmallows for a sweet cold-weather treat.

Pink Flamingo Mug And Cup

Villeroy & Boch NewWave Caffe Animals of the World Flamingo Mug, $39.95 and Ikea UK Sommarfint Glass, £0.50.


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