How To Create A Plantation Style Bedroom

How To Create A Plantation Style Bedroom

With a luxury resort feel, touch of the exotic and the perfect blend of contemporary and colonial tributes, plantation style bedrooms won’t date and make a dreamy slumber sanctuary.

The Block 2016 winners Will and Karlie now all about it. The design duo have teamed up with bedding experts Sealy to create a series of bedroom looks and to launch new sleep research aimed at helping Australians to improve their quality of sleep.

Here, Will and Karlie share their bedroom stylin’ tips and trends to create the ultimate sleep haven …  a plantation style bedroom.

Create Cooling Colour Schemes

“Set the tone for your plantation themed bedroom by using teals, blues and greens against a backdrop of crisp, neutral colours,”advise Will and Karlie. “Whether it’s a pop of colour on a pillow or bedside accessories, highlights of colour will create a cool and calm atmosphere within the room that is perfect for drifting off to peacefully to sleep at night.”

How To Create A Plantation Style Bedroom

Feeling keen for black and green?

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Just Add Timber

“Modern plantation style celebrates a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. When styling your plantation style bedroom, choose natural timber or wicker features such as small chairs or bedside tables to add to your neutral palette. This will add warmth to the room, and act as an anchor for any highlight colours.”

Get Back to Nature With Inside Plants

“Tropical greenery blurs the lines between inside and outside, adding life to any room.

“Indoor plant varieties such as the Swiss cheese plant work perfectly within a plantation style room, with their glossy and wide leaves creating a summer sensation. For those who are space-conscious, hanging plants can also serve the same function without taking up as much space within the room.”

How To Create A Plantation Style Bedroom

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Keep It Light & Comfortable

“Using sheer fabrics and organic textures on your bed will continue the light and airy feeling found within plantation style homes. Try opting for a light cotton duvet cover that breathes to help give the room a breezy, relaxed atmosphere. Remember that your bed is all about comfort too, so ensure your mattress has good support with no sagging, especially in the lower back area. The Sealy Exquisite is a good example of a mattress that combines luxury design with support.”

What are your tips for plantation style bedroom decorating? Share your comments in the box below!


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