What Your Child’s Wall Art Is Really Saying

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Jazz up your child’s slumber sanctuary with wall art that’s bound to get their ‘happy on’ every time they wake up. Here’s what to look for and what your child’s wall art is really saying…   

For Name’s Sake: Personalised Wall Art

Should you invest in personalised wall art, with your child’s name up in lights – or at least, displayed prominently?! The Founders and Designers of home décor specialist store Toucan, Natalie and Renee Muscatello, suggest a personal approach. “Bedroom art is the perfect way to personalise your child’s space to make it just as special as them,” they explain. “But with so many styles and options, the hardest part can be choosing which piece is best for your little one. A personalised name print is a sweet and simple way to put a signature stamp on a child’s room. These timeless treasures are a beautiful memento that your child can keep forever. The sweet designs are filled with love, and there’s nothing more special than an artwork that’s made just for you.”

Childrens Wall Art by Toucan Personalised Prints

Pretty as a personalised picture! Available at Toucan, from $15.

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To Be Quoted… Wise Words

Deck the walls with positive life philosophies and wise words that inspire and instil confidence. “A wall piece that has a fun or inspiring quote gives little minds a mantra they can hold on to as they grow,” explain Natalie and Renee. “It’s a fun, simple way to motivate a positive frame of mind from start to end of the day. Quoted prints are great for parents and children to be inspired and motivated by, and can have a special spot in kiddies’ rooms for years to come.”

Childrens Wall Art By Toucan girls rooms

You’re child will be tickled pink waking up to this beauty. Available at Toucan. Prints from $15.

Children's Wall Art inspiring quotes by Toucan

Get ready to rock and roll and conquer mountains! Available at Toucan. Prints from $15.

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Funky Fonts & Modern Designs

Monochrome interiors are right on trend, but they’re also timeless – black and white will never go out of style. So if you want a modern look that will grow with your child, choose personalised prints or wise quotes in the classics. “Monochrome prints featuring modern fonts and designs are funky and give little rooms the ‘fun’ tick of approval,” explain Natalie and Renee. “These designs fit perfectly with any style – keep it simple with black and white or have some fun with colour. Funky, funny or sweet personalised statements make your child feel extra special and encourages them to be happy, wild and free.”

Childrens Wall Art By Toucan Personalised Wall Art

“Hey, you’re on my side of the room!” Add accent colours to monochrome interiors for a colour pop. All product available at Toucan. Prints from $15.

Monochrome Children's wall art

Go for mighty black & white for a contemporary look that will grow with your child. Available at Toucan. Prints from $15.

Want more? Toucan have an awesome range of children’s and adult’s wall art and other stunning home decor to rock your pad. Check it out!


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