Buying A Floor Rug? Read This First

Buying A Floor Rug? Read This First

Revamp your living spaces with floor rugs that are the perfect size, colour, shape and style with these awesome tips from interior designer James Treble…

I love an expert who’s willing to share their best advice – so we, the consumer can benefit! And style guru James Treble is willing to do that. As the star Interior Designer on Network TEN’s The Living Room, James is renowned for being the go-to man for creating beautiful homes. And now, James has just released the James Treble for RugSpace collection, a range of natural, organic and sustainable rugs rich in texture and style – and a complimentary range of cushions, throws and Ottomans to match.  So who better to ask for advice on buying a floor rug than the man himself? Here, James explains the essential things to consider before you buy that fancy floor rug.

The Size

Size matters. There, I said it. And James agrees. “The size of the rug should always relate to the size of the room, as a small rug in a huge room simply looks wrong,” explains James. “But more importantly than this, it should also relate to the furniture. It is important, for example, to have enough space around your dining table for the chairs to be sitting on the rug when in place. This means you should allow a minimum of approximately 200mm around the dining table. So if your dining table is 1000 x 2000mm, then the rug should be at least 1400 x 2400mm.”

James says you can go larger than this too, which will allow the chairs to be pulled out for guests and still be on the rug. “For this reason, most of the designs in my James Treble for RugSpace range come in a generous 1900 x 2900mm, with many also coming in our largest format of 2430 x 3350mm.”

Buying A Floor Rug? Read This First. Interior Designer James Treble's On Colour Coordination

Hand woven Pronto rug in multi from $349,  made with sustainable and recycled materials, RugSpace

The Shape

Round rugs: You can’t fit a round peg into a square hole – or can you? “If you have a square room or perhaps one which is oddly shaped, a round rug works very well to allow you to create interest in the room, as well as softening the edges of the square feel of the space,” explains James. “Round rugs add an interesting shape to any room, as well as being a bit of fun. They work particularly well in square rooms, especially if a dining room has a round table placed right in the centre of it, playing further on the circular shape. They also work very well beside a bed, or in the home office, and are very effective to create a destination in a corner of a room with an armchair, side table and floor lamp, or as a great place to curl up with a glass of wine and a good book.” Cheers to that!

Rectangular rugs:  Don’t be a square, try a rectangle for visual interest. “The majority of rugs come in a rectangular pattern which works well for the layouts of most rooms, as well as suiting dining tables and living room layouts,” says James. “Depending upon your house plan, it’s always important to measure the size of your living areas, entry and bedrooms, and select a rug which will fit comfortably in the space. We have provided two sizes, being a medium and large within each rug style in the James Treble for RugSpace range, to cater for the widest range of floor plans.

Buying A Floor Rug? Read This First. Interior Designer James Treble's top tips on colour, pattern, size, shape and style

Antibes in natural, $999, is hand woven using a unique braided pattern with felted wool, available at RugSpace

Your Existing Interiors

It’s one thing to find a stunning rug, but making sure it works with your existing interior scheme is pivotal to ‘beautiful home success’. “I’d always suggest looking at your existing sofa and artwork when deciding upon a rug,” advises James. “A rug should be considered an investment – not only should it sit well in your home, but it should also date well over time. If you have a mix of colours and shapes in your accessories and soft furnishings, then selecting a rug with texture and pattern in neutral tones and muted colours will add a sense of calm to the space.”

James says there’s a trend for people to counter balance the amount of technology and manufactured goods in our lives with more traditionally made products and natural fibres. “For this reason, as well as my personal love of all things hand-made, my range for RugSpace is based upon rich texture and the use of natural materials such as jute, hemp, linen and felted wool, providing high quality products which are gorgeous to touch and look at, as well as being healthy for us to live with.”

Buying A Floor Rug? Read This First. Interior Designer James Treble's top tips on colour, size, materials and durability

Hard-wearing Belair in natural/blue, from $499, created by blending tufted wool with natural fibres like jute and cotton, RugSpace

The Use

Often overlooked but a necessary consideration, think about where your rug will be used and in what capacity. If it’s for your child’s bedroom and reading story books on, you’ll probably want something a little softer. Or if it’s for the often-used hall as a runner, it’s going to get some serious wear and tear, so you’ll need to consider durability.

“I always look for quality when selecting any item for my home and family,” explains James. “For rugs, they should be well made and have good quality finishes – especially on the edges, as this will get the most wear and tear and I want them to last. I also make sure they are easy to maintain, will date well in both colour and pattern, and always ensure they are healthy and as sustainably made as possible.

“It’s for this reason that I worked with the team at RugSpace to pull together my range. It uses natural fibres made with traditional handmade techniques, which are both healthy to live with and hard wearing. And they were made ethically and of high-quality to last.

“The great thing about rugs, which have been made for centuries, is that they can easily be rolled up and taken outside for a good bash with the broom! You can even wash them down with soap and water for your spring clean. Like many people these days, I also live a very busy life, I have a pet and kids and I want to enjoy living in a beautiful, inviting space with family and friends, without having to be worried about how I enjoy living in my home.”

Buying A Floor Rug? Read This First. Interior Designer James Treble's top tips on colour, size, shape, texture & use

Birchwood Natural rug in steel blue, $499, is fully reversible, hand woven made with 100% undyed jute fibres, RugSpace

Colour & Pattern

Is it better to go for a neutral or something striking and vibrant? “A rug with a strong pattern or vibrant colour can add interest to a room, which works very well if the furniture or room lacks personality and sometimes a space needs that ‘kick’ to elevate it, and simply make the space come alive,” advises James. “It’s worth remembering that sometimes these busier designs and more intense colours can also be overpowering, and often what looks amazing on Saturday night, doesn’t necessarily feel the same on Sunday morning!”

Buying A Floor Rug? Read This First. Interior Designer James Treble's top tips on colour and pattern

Hand wonven Pronto rug in Multi, $349, made with 50% Jute & 50% Recycled Fabric, RugSpace

Block Colours

Colour, especially at the grand entrance or as a main focal point, can really lift a room – there’s no doubt about it. And it’s a safer bet than colour and pattern combined. “A rug in a block colour can create a statement without being as strong as one with a busy pattern or many competing colours!” says James.  “This can work very well to ground a space and you can pick up on the colour within your artwork and accessories to help balance the feel of the room.”

Buying A Floor Rug? Read This First. Interior Designer James Treble's top tips on size, shape and style

Parkstone in Taupe, $899, available at RugSpace

Tonal Palettes

If neutral hues are more your mood, then you’ll love the versatility of tonal rugs. “A tonal rug in neutrals, particularly greys, will create a more cavilling feel in a room,” says James. “They can still provide contrast against lighter or darker floors and they work very well in dining rooms to help relax your guests and create a neutral backdrop, allowing the table setting to be the star!”

Buying A Floor Rug? Read This First. Interior Designer James Treble's top tips on colour, pattern, size and style

Klee in light denim, from $299, available at RugSpace

Geometric Designs

The geometric trend has made a big impact on everything from bedding to vases and even pendulum lighting, but should you take the design to the next level with a floor rug? “A geometric rug is a great way to play with the dimensions of a room as well as adding interest,” says James. “A geo design in two colours will provide a lot of drama and play on the eye, which can be used to draw people into the room and create excitement without being too over bearing.”

James Treble Rugspace Collection

Charlton rug in ivory/blue, $699, is an intricately hand woven mix of wool and cotton with a detailed herringbone pattern. Super soft & extremely durable, RugSpace

Flower Power

If soft and pretty is more than just a Spring fling for you, lay out down for those fancy feet.  “A floral carpet can create a softer way of creating interest, as organic patterns and motifs will add flowing lines to the space and create a more calmer feel than a geometric,” says James.

The Cost

What’s the difference between a $300 rug and a $3000 rug? Will you get more wear, life and love from your rug? “The James Treble for RugSpace range starts from a very affordable $299 for a 1600 x 2300mm in Recycled Denim & Jute, or Recycled Leather and Jute,” says James. “These are hard-wearing and very well-made, and the price reflects the cost saving benefits of reusing quality materials, which saves both the environment and your budget.

“The highest price point in the range is $1999 for the largest format rug – 2430 x 3350mm in 100% New Zealand Wool – making it extremely well-priced for the quality, as New Zealand wool is world renowned for its strength of fibre and durability.”

ABOUT: James Treble a Sydney based Interior Designer, TV Presenter and writer, who loves to share his passion for houses, colour, good design and recycling. With over 20 years’ experience working across varying roles in the building industry, from qualified Real Estate Agent to Kitchen and Bathroom Designer, and qualified Interior Designer, James has worked with some of the largest and most experienced builders in the country. He combines his years of experience as well as his design and building knowledge to assist and guide his clients in maximising their real estate investments potential, as well as creating beautiful homes. James joined the team on Network TEN’s The Living Room in 2012 as the resident Interior Designer, which has provided him with a platform to design under tighter budgets and time frames, as well as indulging his passion for reusing and redesigning old and existing pieces of furniture to create new, beautiful, yet functional living spaces. Visit RugSpace for the full collection. Buying A Floor Rug? Read This First

Buying A Floor Rug? Read This First


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