Buying A Mattress? The Biggest Mistake People Make

Buying A Mattress? The Biggest Mistake People Make

Buying a mattress is like buying a new pair of jeans. It’s a big decision and investment – you need the right fit, shape, size and comfy factor. And you have to be in the right frame of mind to try a few out.

So if, like me, snooze fatigue sets in after your fourth mattress and you want to give up, these tips from Wade Ganzer, Bedding Industry Spokesperson for Sealy, could help. Here’s your five point checklist…

1. Size Matters

“Consider the space you have in your bedroom,” suggests Wade. “Make sure you have a good think about the size mattress you would like and what fits in your bedroom – you may want the king, but does it fit in your room with space for side tables and any other furniture you have? We recommend measuring out the room and the bed dimensions properly to ensure you get the right bed size.”

2. Start At First Base

“Think about the base you’ll need. The type of base you have for your bed really makes a difference on the performance of your mattress, so ensure you have a good strong base. Ensembles are best for mattress performance, however if you have a timber slat base ensure the slats are as close together as they are wide.”

Buying A Mattress? The Biggest Mistake People Make

Because it’s what’s on the inside that counts… Image: Sealy

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3. Position Yourself

“Keep track of your sleep position. When you go to store you will be asked questions about how you sleep. Do you sleep on your front, back or side? So make sure you take notice how both you and your partner sleep a few nights before you go in to try the beds.”

“The biggest mistake people make when buying a mattress is selecting the wrong comfort choice.”

4. Consider Your Comfort Factor

“Remember there’s different levels of comfort. The biggest mistake people make when buying a mattress is selecting the wrong comfort choice. A plush Sealy Posturepedic bed will give you the same level of support as a medium and firm, however there is a significant difference in how they feel. When you find the comfort choice you prefer, try some other models in that same comfort range.  We make it easy by colour-coding each comfort level, just find the same colour tags on the beds.”

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5. Have A Power Nap

“When you find the bed you love, do spend a little longer on it.  We suggest spending 10 minutes in your normal sleeping position – most people try a bed lying on their back with their feet crossed, however that’s not how they sleep, so we recommend you get into your normal sleeping position and have a little rest!”

ABOUT: Wade Ganzer is a Bedding Industry Spokesperson for Sealy, the leading and trusted sleep specialist, handcrafting mattresses in Australia for over 60 years. Wade has over a decade of experience in the bedding industry, working with leaders in innovation when it comes to mattress support and comfort. With Sealy, Wade is driving the message for Australians to consider the sleep support they require for a health mind and body.


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