5 Ingenious Ways To Use Cushions

5 Ingenious Ways To Use Cushions

Turn your home from drab to fab’ without blowing the budget. Just add cushions in clever themes, mixed up sizes and a selection of textures and you’ll instantly add a fresh look to your indoors, outdoors and small spaces…

The directors of Langdon, sisters Phoebe and Delia Langdon, pride themselves on creating beautiful, handmade rugs, cushions and accessories. Their collection of handwoven textiles made by artisans in Rajasthan, India, use traditional techniques and the finest materials and metallic threads, supporting the local communities and helping to preserve generations of skill and craft – not to mention producing beautifully designed soft furnishings! Here, the cushion Queens pull up a chair and get cosy for some pillow talk and to share their ingenious tips for using cushions to style your home.

5 Ingenious Ways To Use Cushions: Langdon Director's share their tips for styling small spaces, entrance halls, decks and interiors

Mix up your prints! Cushions, rug and bag available at Langdon

1. On Sofas

How many cushions should you place on a three seater or two seater sofa without it feeling overwhelming? And can you mix up your prints and sizes – or is it better to go tonal? “Odd numbers of cushions always look best – one, three or five for the ultra-adventurous!” explain Phoebe and Delia. “It really depends what sort of a look you are going for. For a more minimalistic look, one fabulous cushion on a bigger lounge can speak volumes. For example, one of our shag cushions. On the other hand, a whole lot can be equally as fabulous. When having more than one cushion, it’s a good idea to experiment with a number of textures or shapes to add interest. Putting a fabulous statement cushion with a plainer cotton cushion and perhaps a leather cushion is a great way to create texture and interest without blowing the budget and being too matchy, matchy.”

5 Ingenious Ways To Use Cushions: Langdon Director's share their tips for styling, shape and size

Add some geometrics to your life. Cushions available at Langdon

2. Adding Texture & Interest To Your Interior Looks

There’s a load of cushion shapes, size, colours and prints made from everything from wool to mohair and cotton or recycled materials and metallic threads. So what’s the key to mixing things up for ‘beautiful home success’? “When it comes to colour, shape and size, anything goes really,” explain Phoebe and Delia. “Cushions are the perfect way to bring into and showcase your personality in your home. Personally, we’re not ‘matchy, matchy’ people, so you won’t see pairs in either of our homes but that’s not to say that rule applies to everyone. You can experiment with textures seasonally, for instance introducing some velvet and wool in winter. Cushions are a great, cost effective way to change up an area. Buying a few new cushions is a hell of a lot cheaper than replacing your whole lounge.”

5 Ingenious Ways To Use Cushions: Langdon Director's share their tips for styling small spaces and entrance halls

Tassels, texture & pattern add visual interest. Rugs and cushions available at Langdon

3. Creating Impact In Entrance Halls & Small Spaces

“An entrance hall sets the mood for the rest of the home’s interior,” explain Phoebe and Delia. “If you have a chair or a bench in your entrance hall, a cushion can certainly help to set a warm, welcome and comfortable tone. In terms of colour, this can be drawn to compliment art in the area or it could be used to tie in with another area of the home and set the mood for what guests are to expect. Cushions definitely cosy up smaller spaces. In terms of small spaces, a beautiful chair or reading nook can be brought to life with a gorgeous chair, a cushion and a throw.”

5 Ingenious Ways To Use Cushions: Langdon Director's share their tips for styling small space

Shape up your look with cushions and rugs in bold prints, available at Langdon

4. Adding Comfort To Outdoor Spaces

If you spend more time outdoors than in, ensure you have all your creature comforts. “We think cushions outdoors are a must. The Australian climate lends itself to entertaining outdoors and we all want to be comfortable. An outdoor lounge is the perfect place to relax and entertain. Outdoor furniture can be expensive, and a simple, cost effective way to rejuvenate these spaces is to replace your cushions.”

5 Ingenious Ways To Use Cushions: Langdon Director's share their tips for styling small spaces, bedrooms, verandahs, balconies and more

Add a relaxed boho vibe with neutral rugs and cushions, available at Langdon

“You can also brighten up the space to compliment the outdoors and they can act as a good segue to bringing the outdoors in, particularly on a verandah or deck. If you’re leaving cushions outdoors, they need be outdoor specific fabrics which have been tested to ensure they don’t fade, lose strength or yellow. The cushion inners also need to be outdoor specific or at least washable. There are some great PET inserts made from recycled plastic that make good outdoor cushion inners. Cushions for a picnics are a fabulous idea to add comfort – if you can be bothered to carry them!”

5 Ingenious Ways To Use Cushions: Langdon Director's share their tips for styling outdoor spaces

Brighten up your pool party with bright colours. Rug and cushions available at Langdon

5. Creating A Slumber Sanctuary

Create a dreamy bedroom setting with a few cushions that work with your interior theme, but how? “This is always a hard one as you’ve got a few options based on taste and opinion,” explain Phoebe and Delia. “You want the bed to be comfortable and you also don’t want to spend extra minutes taking them off at night and putting them back in the morning.

“The European pillow size, 65 x 65cm, can look great sitting behind the rectangular pillows. If you add this in a bold print or colour it’s probably not necessary to have a whole lot of smaller cushions at the front. One would be ample – or none if looking for a more minimalistic look. We believe the bedroom is a place the ‘odd number’ rule can go out the window. Two cushions sitting on each side in front of the pillows can look quite gorgeous. But at the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you.”

5 Ingenious Ways To Use Cushions: Langdon Director's share their tips for styling small spaces, bedrooms and more

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