11 Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

11 Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

Dining out with children can be a tricky business! Between navigating ‘child-friendly’ food to considering the service and entertainment on offer, there is a lot to be taken into account when taking the family out for a meal. So where are the top family-friendly restaurants?

The foodie experts at OpenTable have kindly listed their top picks of child-friendly restaurants, so you can enjoy a delicious meal with the family without the fuss!

NSW Top Child-friendly Restaurants

Centennial Parklands Dining Café: The Centennial Parklands Dining Café offers a venue with a view and plenty of space for littlies to play. The childrens’ menu offers meals to please even the fussiest eaters.

11 Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

Centennial Parklands Dining Café

Hurricane’s Grill Brighton Le-Sands: With a deck that overlooks the oceanfront boardwalk this is a picturesque setting the whole family can enjoy. The mouth-watering childrens’ menu offers junior ribs, burgers and cutlets.

11 Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

Hurricane’s Grill

Duck Duck Goose: Renowned for being one of Sydney’s best child friendly spots, the café offers a childrens’ menu that covers breakfast, lunch, drinks and dessert. The café includes a fully equipped play area, so parents can sit back and relax while the little ones keep themselves entertained.

11 Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

Duck Duck Goose

QLD Top Child-friendly Restaurants

Jamie’s Italian: Now the entire family can enjoy the taste of Italy! Parents will love the varied menu, listing old favourites such as Tagliatelle Bolognese as well as signature dishes like Jamie’s famous Prawn Linguine. The childrens’ menu includes pasta, seafood, chicken and burger dishes and caters to both big and little kids – offering “little kids” and “big kids” sizes for reasonable prices.

11 Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

Jamie’s Italian

Beach House Brown Plains: With a big open dining area, Beach House provides a relaxed dining environment perfect for a casual family meal. The childrens’ menu contains all the old favourites, including fish and chips, chicken nuggets, cheese burgers and spaghetti.

11 Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

Beach House Brown Plains

VIC Top Child-friendly Restaurants

400 Gradi Brunswick East: Whether it’s a birthday, celebration or just because – the entire family will love 400 Gradi with popular pizza and pasta dishes and children’s cooking masterclasses so gourmet littlies can bring the food home too.

11 Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

400 Gradi Brunswick East

Munich Brauhaus: This lively venue is a great place for the family to get out and about, boasting a water-front location and lively atmosphere. Parents will love the wide and varied menu while children are able to choose from mac n’ cheese, burgers, wraps, sandwiches, hotdogs and hot chips.

11 Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

Munich Brauhaus

Beachcomber Café: Nestled into the heart of St Kilda beach, this is the perfect spot for a family day out. Created to bring food, family and friends together, the café offers a wide variety of seafood dishes as well as popular favourites including Atlantic salmon, barramundi fillet, snapper and their renowned seafood platter. Littlies can enjoy a menu of their own, including pizza, pasta, nachos, parmigiana and spaghetti.

11 Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

Beachcomber Café

WA Top Child-friendly Restaurants

BWG Steakhouse: Just ten minutes from the CBD, this conveniently located restaurant offers diners a delicious meal and a great view. With the childrens’ menu split into mains and desserts the youngsters are guaranteed to love what is on offer! Parents are able to choose dishes from the slicer and rotisserie, wood and coal fire grilled meat and seafood – making it a great option for the entire family.

11 Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

BWG Steakhouse

The Hive Cafe & Restaurant: This local food joint has been designed specifically to deliver a casual, fine dining experience fit for the whole family. With sharing plates, steaks, seafood, pastas and tapas in the mix there is something for everyone. There is also a specific menu for little ones under ten.

11 Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

The Hive Cafe & Restaurant

 SA Top Child-friendly Restaurants

Nino’s Lamesita: With a menu designed to share, Nino’s is a great option for a family meal. Inspired by the chef’s Filipino background, as well as flavours from South East Asia, the menu offers signature meals such as “Knockout Pork Knuckle Crispy Pata” alongside old-style family favourites.

11 Top Family-Friendly Restaurants

Nino’s Lamesita

Heading overseas with the family? Make sure you check-out OpenTable’s US and UK family dining guides too. Top Child-friendly restaurant list kindly supplied by OpenTable.


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