Unlock Your Unique Love Code: The New Manual That Reveals How

Unlock Your Unique Love Code: The New Manual That Reveals How

Imagine if there was a guide that could translate your unique Love Code – why you are attracted to certain people, how to get on the right love path and what to make of those ‘questionable’ love choices!

Well, there is. Dr. Marj Britt founder of “Called By Love Institute,” an organisation that offers transformative learning, has put all her expertise and wisdom together into a new manual for the soul. That’s right, folks – a love manual for the soul that can translate your Love Codes!

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Your Soul’s Invisible Codes: Unveiling Your Sacred Love Story invites readers to investigate the love in their life,” Dr. Britt said. “Some will find the process to be easy, while other’s will find it to be more difficult. However, if the process is approached with openness, readers will eventually reach their full potential and experience a full transformation.”

Here, Dr Britt explains what the soul love codes are and how to get on the right love path…

What are ‘Soul Love Codes’?

“Our soul is encoded with invisible codes that are about co-creating.  It’s as if we were pre-programmed.  The Codes are like software that need to be remembered, identified and updated.  They are eternal, existing before we were born and after we die.  Love is one of the codes.   Love is also the vibrational Field amplified as we activate and enter higher realms.  Our soul codes are like archetypes or like astrology.  They are cosmic.

So the question is:  Do you want a quick glimpse of something that may work for a month or a few years?  Or do you want a map that is about your soul’s passion, purpose and destiny?”

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How are ‘Soul Love Codes’ unique to people?

“There is a destiny, a plan and a purpose, the reason why you came.  There are soul imprints that you were born with.  A song by John Astin comes to mind:  ‘Why have you come to earth?  To love, serve and remember’.

“As we grow and mature different aspects of the soul potential come to the forefront of our awareness.  Other parts become background, sometimes dissolving or shape-shifting into new platforms of potential and manifestation.

“People have different soul imprints that play, showing up as dreams, desires, achievements and propensities.  The journey has paradoxes and opposites, joy and sorrow.  The Universe has a way of working with Attraction, sometimes ‘like attracts like’ and sometimes ‘opposites attract’.

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Can you explain a few types of ‘Soul Love Codes’?

“There are many forms. We will know what is uniquely our own, we feel it and intuitively know it.  It comes from beyond our human minds, it is from our soul.  Sometimes we recognise the love when it ‘shows up’, sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes one person can see it, while another doesn’t.

“Love Codes can last for an instant and be gone, like a bubble dissolving into the air.  Sometimes they last for a time, like a ‘season’, or forever.  We feel it in our hearts.  In its fullness, we remember it always.

“Love will ignite new levels of being within us.  It will dissolve what is unlike itself, if there is willingness.  Love matures in our conscious awareness, yet it has been there, always already imprinted unconsciously, and is awakening as we grow.

“My most profound examples of Love Codes have included ROMANTIC LOVE, filled with passion, chemistry, creativity and tenderness, uniting body, heart, soul and Spirit.  There is a Oneness that turns again and again to the true heart.

“Yet I have also experienced deep and ecstatic bliss in SACRED PARTNERSHIP, WITH BELOVED FRIENDS, coming from deep devotion to profound purpose and inspired vision.  It comes from inner awareness and co-creates in the outer manifest world.  It applies to everything, FAMILY, CAREER, COMMUNITY, WORK for COUNTRY or WORLD.  It is in potential in all of EVERYDAY LIFE.  I have called it ‘The Work of Your Life’.  It is a way of seeing and being.

“Love Codes are found in simplicity.  They are available to be lived and imprinted in complexity.  They are part of our lives in ordinary and extra-ordinary ways.  For me, they are the glue that holds my life and the world together.  Loving, fully felt, carries us into Love.”

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If opposites attract, can we hook up with the wrong soul code?

“If attraction and hooking up is happening, there is opportunity to learn, to recognise more about yourself, to see what feels good and what doesn’t, perhaps what hurts, and how to potentially choose once again.  Choices may appear to be right or wrong, but every choice has valuable lessons.  Healing can occur, wrong choices can background, right choices and seeing clearly can emerge.

“Sometimes things happen that shock us with devastating loss, disappointment or grief.  There can be holy wounds that are about healing and destiny.  It can be a play of complexity that is beyond our human mind.  Yet, it will guide us through.”

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What can we do to become in tune with our Love Code?

“FIND WHAT YOU REALLY LOVE AND PRACTICE THAT It will be a way to know love.  It will come from within you.  It can relate to anything, your work, a hobby, or something you love doing.  It is what you love and feel filled by.  My top and favourite choices include:


“Simply aware of my breath, the energy of feeling the Essence of the All That Is.  I simply sit… eyes open or closed, sometimes scribing what comes, simple phrases or words.  I write about this after each chapter in the book and call it Practices.


“Sometimes in the Stillness without sound.  Songs that have deeply spoken to you and have given you messages of love carry imprints of Awareness.  You will know your own love songs, the ones that are related to your unique soul.


“I see it and feel it in colours and textures, in flowers and trees with the background of the ocean or sky.  I experience it in touch or even taste.  The exquisite nature of love moves in our entire being.  When you begin to experience it in yourself, you will begin to see it or experience it in others.”

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How does your book help develop this process?

‘Your Soul’s Invisible Codes:  Unveiling Your Sacred Love Story’ reflects the work of my life, which I see clearly as a love story.  It is based on invisible soul codes, which I can now see repeating themselves as I have awakened and matured in my own life.

“It consciously began when I was in my early 40’s, feeling lost as I faced a dissolving marriage relationship… again.  I felt the yearning, crying, pleading and praying, ‘Show me the way, show me what to do.’  Dreams had seemed to manifest, often wonderful dreams, and then seemed to dissolve and change.  The stories of the revelations and discovering are in the book.

“You will find answers coming through all of the stages of your life, coming out of the ‘Void’, dark and light, like day and night, natural parts of time.

“Faith and trust in innate gifts that I recognise now as imprints of my soul emerged.  Receiving the awareness of glimpses of purpose and an unfolding life of ‘follow the dots’ are part of it.  The invisible stages had to come before the visible could manifest consciously.

Moving into action and manifestation came at the highest levels that I was growing to understand, becoming part of the way.  Discerning and choosing once again happened when dissolve rocked my life.  It included tough things like the death of my son.  It has shown me how to take the next steps in the plan that I cannot always see.

“Opening into Love and Wisdom without an opposite emerged as a monumental leap that gave a different way of seeing.  The Mystical Marriage of my own inner receptive feminine and active masculine happened within my own being.

“Looking back, it seems like a re-wiring of the brain, my way of thinking was shifting.  Knowing multiple realities existing simultaneously became part of it as I began to experience resting in the Realisation of living Love and Knowing I Am That.

“The Vastness then begins leading us in this unveiling of what now feels like a Universal love story.  It has guided in showing the way, returning to dance all of the colours of the rainbow, a full-chakra awareness of love in all of its stages, faces, places and moments in time.

“Now it feels like it is co-creating an invisible and visible campus of consciousness, inviting others into this delight of living your destiny, loving your life and realising legacy.  It is about Love as a conveyor belt that changes our individual lives and through that, ultimately the world.

“So, there a blank page after each of the 40 short chapters in the book.  It is there for you to scribe what comes as you go into the Stillness, as you unveil your own life as a sacred love story.  It calls you when you are ready.  It whispers even now.  If you are listening, you will hear it.  Each ‘dot’ as you ‘follow the dots’ will lead you, if you are willing.  It is like a Cosmic Follow the Dots colouring book.  If you say ‘yes’, you too will experience living Love and Knowing I Am that.”

Dr Marj BrittABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Marj Britt is a Mystic in the world, with the Living Flame of Love at the Center of her heart and life.  She has guided many in finding purpose, passion and destiny in five decades of public education and Unity ministry.  Her EdD combines curriculum, psychological education and counselling.  She lives in Southern California and is the founder of CalledByLoveInstitute.com and LivingLovingLegacy.com.  Her author page is Marjbritt.com where you will find a sample chapter of her book, ‘Your Soul’s Invisible Codes: Unveiling Your Sacred Love Story’, as well as testimonials about it.

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