Mini Cookie Birthday Cakes by My Cupcake Addiction  

Mini Cookie Birthday Cakes by My Cupcake Addiction

Feeding a classroom of kids birthday muffins can cost a pretty packet if you’re buying them ready-made. But these mini cookie birthday cakes by My Cupcake Addiction’s Elise Strachan will save you serious coinage, time and they’ll steal the show!

Being the sweetie that Elise is, the Queensland cooking queen and mum to two boys has kindly allowed me to feature a couple of ripper recipes from her tasty new cookbook, Sweet! Celebrations. Think of them as appetizers for the book!

Of course, I chose the easiest recipes with wow factor because, well, my culinary skills are crumby at the best of times. But these I can do! And with this sparkling rainbow sweetie up my apron sleeve, I’m all set for birthdays, bake sales, footy finales and swimming carnivals.

Even better, the kids can help make them. “Get the kids to help stick the cookies together and decorate,” suggests Elise. “This can get a little messy, but there’s almost no preparation and loads of room for creativity.” And loads of opportunities to lick the spoon…

My Cupcake Addiction's Elise Strachan On Family, Favourites & Cake Box Mixes!

Mini Cookie Birthday Cakes from Sweet! Celebrations by Elise Strachan.

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Mini Cookie Birthday Cakes Recipe

Makes: 12


  • 115g white compound chocolate
  • 24 vanilla sandwich cookies (as shown in picture)
  • 12 birthday candles
  • Small round edible pink pearls or dragées
  • Rainbow sprinkles


  1. Melt the chocolate (method available in ‘Sweet! Celebrations’) to pouring consistency.
  2. Take a cookie and place ½ teaspoon of melted chocolate on top. Place a second cookie on top to create a four-layer biscuit and allow to set.
  3. Cut the top 2.5 cm off a candle and set aside along with 8 round pearls and some sprinkles. Take 1 teaspoon of melted chocolate and drop it in the middle of the top cookie. Tap on the work surface until the melted chocolate drizzles over the sides.
  4. Add 8 pearls as ‘cherries’ around the outside edge, place the candle in the centre, and top with sprinkles. Repeat to make a total of 12 birthday cakes.

My Cupcake Addiction's Elise Strachan On Family, Favourites & Cake Box Mixes!ABOUT: This is an edited extract from ‘Sweet! Celebrations’ by Elise Strachan (Murdoch Books), $39.99

Elise is the host of hit YouTube channel My Cupcake Addiction, with almost 3 million subscribers tuning in to watch her create sweet sensations & cakes.

‘Sweet! Celebrations’ is Elise’s highly awaited first cookbook. It uses the same accessible approach that made her a YouTube sensation, with recipes for classic cakes, icings and toppings that will make any novice baker feel like a pro. There’s also innovative drinks, tips for adding extra wow factor to a party or celebration, DIY projects, fancy cakes, ‘small bakes’ and ‘no bake’ recipes.


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