Mega Cool Chat With Frozen’s Anna & Elsa From Disney On Ice

Mega Cool Chat With Frozen’s Anna & Elsa From Disney On Ice

Freeze right there, Frozen fans! You’re about to get the inside (ice cream) scoop from Anna and Elsa on the new Disney On Ice Magical Ice Festival. Put your skates on, quick!

I know all the words to the Frozen soundtrack, and I don’t even have a little girl! I’ve watched the movie, oh, ten times and I still cry at the sisterly love and emotion it stirs in me. It’s magical, beautiful, and it swept me into the enchanting world of Arendelle like a giant snowball avalanching downhill.

So when I was invited to speak with Sophia Adams, who plays Elsa, and Stina Martini, affectionately known as Anna, I (axel) jumped at the chance! For the first time in forever, the two graceful Principal Skaters will be pirouetting their around the rink in the new Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival. The show features a mix of all my favourites including Frozen, Rapunzel, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast, and yep, I’ll be taking the Kleenex. So, do you want to build a snowman?

Anna, The Most Fearless Princess In The Kingdom Of Arendelle

Austrian Principal Skater Stina Martini performs as Anna.

Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival Anna played by Stina

Image: ©Disney. All Rights Reserved.

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What did you love about the movie Frozen?

“I loved the movie right away! I love the storyline, but I was really, really impressed by the good music and songs – they’re catchy!”


Your favourite Frozen song?

“My favourite Anna song is First Time in Forever because it shows her dreams finally coming true. I love everything in that scene, especially how excited and happy Anna is.”


What does Anna’s character teach young children?

“I love Anna’s positive thinking and her ability to fight for what you love! There is nothing more important than family.”


Were there any challenges playing Anna? 

“There really aren’t any challenges playing Anna. There is not a single day I am not having fun on the ice! I think if I had nothing in common with Anna, it would be hard to play her every day. I love her positive thinking in all situations, her energy and her lovely character.”


Tell us about her cool ice skating moves?

“Come and see for yourself! To make you curious, here are some elements: death spiral, throw Salchow, step up spin. Sounds interesting right?! My partner and I are pair skaters, which means you get to see some very cool tricks!”


Can you reveal any Disney On Ice highlights? 

“The whole Frozen segment is a highlight! Anna is on the ice a lot and entertains you with her funny and lovely personality.”

Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival Anna played by Stina with Olaf

Image: ©Disney. All Rights Reserved.

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What can parents expect from the Disney On Ice show?

“This show is all about telling all our favourite Disney stories on the ice. We have Ariel, the Little Mermaid; Rapunzel from Tangled; Belle and friends from Beauty and the Beast – and of course Frozen! We have something for everyone! Our show also includes a Spanish web act, Maximus, Sven, and of course Olaf. You also get to experience snow! Don’t believe it? Come see for yourself, and get lost in the worlds of Disney and figure skating combined!”


Elsa, The Magical Princess Who’s Misunderstood

Californian Principal Skater Sophia Adams plays Elsa.

Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival Anna played by Sophie Adams

Image: ©Disney. All Rights Reserved.

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How did you feel the first time you saw Frozen?

“The first time I saw Frozen, I really didn’t know what to think of it! I had grown up with all of the other Disney princesses, and so those were the characters I felt a connection with. When Disney brought out Anna and Elsa, they were unique from the rest – as is the storyline of Frozen. I loved Anna mostly throughout the movie, and of course, the whole transformation of Elsa through Let it Go.”


Do you feel a connection to Elsa? 

“I feel like my personality is more like Anna, but Disney On Ice hired me to play the role of Elsa because of my skating ability. It took a long time for me to get into Elsa’s character, but portraying a powerful yet elegant queen skating to Let it Go was much easier!”


What does Elsa’s character teach young children? 

Elsa’s main struggle throughout the movie Frozen is that she constantly feels that she has to hide her true self. I think kids and even adults can learn from Elsa – that it’s okay to be who you are, and once you accept that, it even makes life easier!”

Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival Anna played by Sophie Adams ice skating

Image: ©Disney. All Rights Reserved.

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Your favourite Elsa song? 

“For the most part, Elsa mainly sings Let it Go, and I’m pretty sure it is hard to find someone who hasn’t heard it! My favourite part is listening to the song without the lyrics – the instrumentals in the background are beautiful.”


Any challenges playing Elsa in Disney On Ice? 

Elsa’s personality is nothing like mine! I had to work off ice a lot to really understand her. Skating as Elsa, for me, was the easiest and most liberating part. She is by far one of the most popular Disney characters. I love hearing how loud the audience gets when she comes out for the first time in the show. It touches me hearing the audience sing along to Let it Go while she’s skating! She has real powers on the ice, and her dress makes her skating moves look stunning.”


What can parents expect from the Disney On Ice show?

“We have four beautiful segments to our show: The Little Mermaid, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, and of course Frozen. Each one tells their story through great productions set to iconic Disney songs and features real special effects. I honestly can say this is one of those shows that is special for all ages and one that anyone can relate to.”

Disney On Ice Logo

Image: ©Disney. All Rights Reserved.

ABOUT: Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival will be touring Australia from June 2 to July 17, 2016 across seven cities. This show is going to be a hit, so book your tickets quick smart. Purchase Wollongong tickets through Ticketmaster or call 136 100. Tickets for all other cities purchase through Ticketek or call 132 849. Images: Disney On Ice.


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    i really seen frozen and the acting and ice skating looked so amazing

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    i really like disney on ice it looked so amazing

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