Libby Trickett: A Day In The Life Of The Mum And Swimming Champ

Libby Trickett: A Day In The Life Of The Mum And Swimming Champ

Four-time Olympic gold medallist Libby Trickett is loving life as a mum to her 14-month-old daughter Poppy. However, it hasn’t been without its challenges. For four months Poppy barely slept a wink, which tested both Libby and her husband Luke to their very limits. But life is now decidedly looking up.

“I’ve hit a sweet spot now with Poppy,” the champion swimmer smiles. “She’s settled down and is at a lovely age, so I’m really enjoying things.” Libby is currently loving her role as celebrity judge for the new Weet-Bix Messy Kids Search competition. The month-long contest kicks off this week by asking people to upload a picture of their child’s messiest food moment onto the site. “Weet-Bix wanted to celebrate all those really messy parenting moments, which I can relate to,” says Libby. “Making a mess at meal times is just an everyday thing for Poppy!”

Having retired in 2013, the 31-year-old now works part-time in marketing for a technology company, alongside her media commitments. And just like most mums, Brisbane-based Libby finds working and parenting a juggle. Here she shares with us her typical day and lets us in on her nutrition and exercise secrets – which still includes a good dose of swimming!

5am: Wake-up call

“Poppy is an early riser so her cry usually gets me up. That’s fine because I’m an early riser, assuming I go to bed at a reasonable time. Poppy’s usually full of energy and can be very stubborn and focussed. However, she can also get really distracted – a bit of a mixed bag like Luke and me!”

5.30am: Get moving

“I take our three dogs Wilson, Buddy and Harry for a walk around the block and Poppy usually comes with me in the pram. Back at home I give her breakfast – she’s a big fan of Weet-Bix! Although she has a fondness for smearing Weet-Bix all over her face, so I usually have to spend a bit of time cleaning up. Luke and I then get her ready for day care.”

I'm not going to lie.. She's learnt from the best. 😛 #platelicker #dinnertime

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7am: Pedal to the metal

“Luke goes off with Poppy to day care and I jump on a bike and ride into work which is about 2km from where we live.”

7.30am: Brekky is served

“I bring my breakfast to work, which is always oats I’ve soaked overnight with milk and yoghurt. I find this gives me a good dose of energy for the day.”

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10am: Morning tea

“I’ll have a coffee around this time.”

11am: Pool workout

“A few of my colleagues and myself head across the road to the pool. I still love to get into the pool, although I’m certainly not training at Olympic level anymore! I usually swim about 2km or 40 laps, with a mix of strokes like freestyle or butterfly. Or else I’ll do drills with a kickboard and flippers. When I was training professionally I would swim 5km or 100 laps at a time, so things are certainly different now!”

12 noon: Lunch leftovers

“I usually bring a leftover dinner from home. I don’t want to spend money on buying lunches! Plus, I like to eat mostly healthy stuff I’ve made myself like cannelloni or a chicken and avocado dish.”

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2pm: Snack o’clock

“We have a fruit bowl of work so I usually grab a piece of fruit from that. But sometimes someone will bring out chocolate or cake out which is awesome!”

3.30pm: Poppy pick-up

“Luke runs his own fund management business and luckily for me works nearby. I’ll walk to his work, jump in the car and pick up Poppy from day care.”

4pm: Swimming lessons

“Often I’ll take Poppy to a swimming lesson at the pool. She really enjoys the water and we have a good splash. Lots of people ask me whether I think she’ll be a swimmer. It’s still too early to tell, but at end of day, as long as she loves the water and is safe in there, that’s fine with us. Although it would be fantastic if she wants to be a professional swimmer – I would love to share that with her.”

4.30pm: Early dinner

“Poppy has an early dinner. Spaghetti bolognaise followed by yoghurt for dessert is a favourite of hers. A lot of it usually ends up on the floor which the dogs love because they’ll rush over to gobble it up! I’ll then give her a bath and get her ready for bed.”

6pm: Poppy pops into bed

“I’ll read her a story before it’s nighty night.”

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6.30pm: Dinner with hubby

“Luke can sometimes work long hours, but he often tries to get home about 6.30pm. For dinner I’ll usually whip up something like a stir fry or vegie burger. I aim to be healthy but I do love my carbs as well! I’ll never say no to a good Italian dish.”

7.30pm: Reality TV-fest

“Time to relax in front of the box. I’m a bit of a lame reality TV junkie so I love watching shows like The Bachelorette, The Block and The Great Australian Bake-off – anything with a bit of a competition theme! I’m also really enjoying The Wrong Girl at the moment.”

Do you have a messy child? Check out the Weet-Bix Messy Kids Search competition and you could win yourself a $10,000 prize!


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