Why I Cried When I Watched The Jungle Book Trailer

Why I Cried When I Watched The Jungle Book Trailer

I’ve learned the laws of the jungle. I’ve explored the ruins of the Lost City with Mowgli, ridden the thundering elephants, swung through the tree tops and battled the fierce tiger, Shere Khan, for three decades – well, my imagination has! But there’s a few more reasons I cried when I watched The Jungle Book trailer for the first time…

Jungle Baby

I was four when I first laid my little paws on The Jungle Book. Mum had given me a set of Disney book classics, and I was instantly hypnotised Kaa-style by those illustrations and Mowgli’s wild jungle adventures. But there was also concern. As a cub myself, I felt this connection to Mowgli and wanted to enter his world and save him! Here was this lonely little boy, living in a jungle without his mummy and daddy, battling evil, swinging through the tree tops and on the run from the king of the jungle, Shere Khan. I’d read the story night after night trying to rewrite the adventures in my mind to save Mowgli!

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Me Jane, You Mowgli

My favourite childhood adventures came to life again when I became an aunty at age 15, to my first born nephew, Ashley. It was love at first sight! I loved him – and still do – more than a kitten loves a saucer of milk. As the queen of the jungle, I taught Ash everything he needed to know about the wild world of Mowgli. We must have watched The Jungle Book DVD on loop hundreds of times over his early years. We’d sing The Bear Necessities and dance around the lounge room like the free-spirited bear Baloo and Mowgli for hours. And now, I sing the song and dance like nobody’s watching with my son, Maxwell – and he loves it!

The Jungle Book Disney

Let’s dance! Doing the jungle rock! Image: ©2015 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Jungle Book Mowgli with Baloo

How real does Baloo look?! Image: ©2015 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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A New Man Cub

I had the golden ticket to relive all those magical memories when I had my son, Maxwell. I received the most incredible baby gift for him – a pop-up version of The Jungle Book by Matthew Reinhart. And, great tree tops, I thought all my Christmases had come at once! Storytime with your child is pretty special, but this book really brings Mowgli’s adventures to life. Every page-turner results in incredible pop-ups of temples, attacking tigers, treasure troves, dancing bears, slithering snakes, monkey mania and more. It’s a work of art! So, inspired by the book, I searched high and low for The Jungle Book DVD to recreate the magic, but alas – it was nowhere to be found. I was heartbroken for years.

The Jungle Book Pop Up Book

The Jungle Book pop up book by Matthew Reinhart brings the jungle to life.

The Jungle Book Mowgli In The Lost City

One bannana, two bananas, three bananas more! Mowgli with King Loui. Image: ©2015 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Epic Adventures: A New Jungle Dawning

Not surprisingly, The Jungle Book was key to creating some of my most treasured memories. And the thought of being able to relive Mowgli’s great adventures again with my son is tear-inducing! Yep, I cried when I watched The Jungle Book trailer – for all the right reasons. I. Can’t. Wait. To. See. It! I’m going to sing from the tree tops, dance like Baloo, and relive the magic and adventures all over again. Thank you Disney!

The Jungle Book Mowgli with King Loui

I’d be shaking in my jungle boots! Mowgli with King Loui. Image:  ©2015 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Jungle Book Mowgli with wolf mother: Why I Cried When I Watched The Jungle Book Trailer

Mowgli with his adoptive wolf mother. Image: ©2015 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

ABOUT The Jungle Book is Directed by Jon Faverau (Iron Man), based on Rudyard Kipling’s timeless stories and inspired by Disney’s classic animated film, The Jungle Book. But the new spin includes awesome live-action with photorealistic CGI animals and environments. True to the original story, the film follows the adventures about Mowgli, a man cub raised by a family of wolves. But Mowgli has to abandon his home when the fearsome tiger, Shere Khan, promises to hunt him down. Mowgli’s adventures with his protectors, the panther Bagheera, and Baloo the bear, see him battling against the monkey king, King Louie, the hypnotising python Kaa, and the scarred tiger, Shere Khan. In cinemas this April.


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