Cracking Fun Easter Ideas Kids Love

Easter hunt sign posts trail and set

Put your bunny ears, it’s time to start hatching your Easter plans! Here’s a few chirpy ideas to get you and your little chickens chirping with egg-citment…

Decorate Your Bunny Burrow!

Amp the festive feel and deck your den out in Easter decorations. Set the scene with a cute bunny at your front door to greet guests, and scatter ceramic or weather-proof bunnies around your secret garden. Don’t forget the hen house! Make the place look chirpy with little fluffy yellow chickens perched on tabletops and dressers and hang ‘Happy Easter’ bunting from the walls. TIP: Get crafty with the kids and DIY bunting using coloured cardboard, a hole punch and string.

Easter bunny decorations

Hop into Bed, Bath N’ Table for a huge range of cute Easter theme gear. Image: Bed, Bath N’ Table.

Leave Tell-tale Signs The Easter Bunny Has Been

It’s the sweetest awakening of the year, so make it a cracker! Place cut-out bunny footprints from the bed to the door and beyond for an awesome bunny trail to chocolate heaven. If cutting out feet Easter eve isn’t your strong point, you can buy ready to go Easter Egg Hunt kits from Kmart, which include feet, sign posts and maps. Or, use talcum powder sprinkled on the floor. I used 5 cent pieces to outline bunny toes, and cut out the sole from cardboard then sprinkled talc over for a perfect foot print.

Get Hunting!

Oh it’s the best part of the day, so let the kids hop straight to it! Give the kids an Easter basket to collect their eggs in and follow the trail throughout the house and into the garden. Mix up your chocolatey treasure finds with mini eggs, medium size and leave the ultimate find for the end. Place little chickens, plastic eggs with hidden goodies inside, and keep-sake bunnies with each find to amp the Easter magic. Older kids will love a bunny map with clues so they can navigate their way through the chocolate labyrinth. Tip: Don’t let them eat all the eggs at once.

Easter hunt sign posts trail

How egg-citing! Follow me! Image: Bed, Bath N’ Table

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Dress For The Occasion

Easter is the perfect excuse to dress up! Pop on some Easter Bunny ears, a bunny print top and your fluffy slippers and get into character! Twitch your nose like you nose what’s going on and get the kids dressed into their favourite cotton tail outfit and ears or Easter hats for the egg-citing activities.

Easter table spread for children and adults outdoor

Set up outdoors for an awesome Easter celebration. Image: Bed, Bath N’ Table.

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Set An Awesome Easter Table

When the first round of action is over, gather the chicks for some tasty family bonding. Spruce up your table with festive decorations and themed serving plates and cups to add to the Wonderland feel. Dish up soft boiled eggs with dipping soldiers or Hot Cross Buns and spend some uninterrupted time with your family. I have storage boxes with my festive décor and decorations which I reuse annually – an Easter box, Halloween, Birthdays and Christmas (yes, I know, OTT, but I LOVE it!).

Easter table spread for Kids

Now that’s a cracker table set-up! Image: Bed, Bath N’ Table.

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Get Crafty

Switch on your arty side and decorate hard boiled eggs with the kids using paints, glitter and stickers. Then hit the hills for an egg rolling competition that’s totally smashing!

Easter table ideas villeroy and boch

Create an Easter tree with decorated ornaments hung from trees and bring out your finest Easter décor to celebrate the occasion. Image: Villeroy & Boch

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Create Family Traditions

Whether it’s visiting Nan and Pop, hitting the Easter shows, getting crafty, egg rolling battles, backyard cricket, watching classic Easter films or doing religious activities together, Easter has more significance than just chocolate. Determine what it means for you and your family and celebrate the significance in your own way. Happy Easter!

How does your family celebrate Easter? Share your tips and traditions below!


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