Bec Judd: What The Mum To Four Did Next

Bec Judd: What The Mum To Four Did Next

Media personality Bec Judd seems to pack more into one week than some people pack into their whole year. She has no less than six part-time gigs on the go, has two energetic kids, Oscar, 5, and Billie, 3, and just gave birth to twin boys Tom and Darcy four months ago!

Despite her busy schedule, which includes hosting Melbourne’s Postcards, a weekly stint on KIIS FM’s 3PM Pick-Up and overseeing her blog Rebecca Judd Loves, Bec has recently taken on another worthwhile venture close to her heart – as new ambassador for ABC Reading Eggs.

A former speech pathologist, Bec is passionate about kids developing solid reading skills from an early age. “No matter what my schedule is I always make time to read to my kids every day,” says the down-to-earth 34-year-old. “Reading Eggs, which is an educational online reading program for kids aged three to 13, is a great complement to that. My kids adore it.”

Bec says she’s blessed to have such fantastic family support in her husband Chris and her mum who recently moved from Perth to live with the Melbourne family for a year. “It’s organised craziness in the house at the moment!” Bec laughs. “I stick to routines, which really helps. Mum and Chris are also fantastic. Chris is very hands on. He changes nappies, does the school run, makes me coffee in the morning and also makes dinner each night. I’m pretty lucky!”

Here the mum-of-four explains why developing good reading skills are so important.

How important is it to you to equip your kids with reading skills and why?

“It’s vital. As a ‘speechy’ I know how important it is being able to read at a young age. If kids fall behind with reading in class they lose their confidence and get teased by their peers. Then they can fall behind even further. We all know how important education is for setting up your child’s future and being able to read competently and confidently is an integral part of that.”

Tell me about Oscar’s reading. How has Reading Eggs helped him?

“Oscar has always enjoyed books and is very analytical. Because I’m a speech therapist I’ve been hammering phonics into him from a very early age. He’s got a good head start from me! So he immediately took to Reading Eggs. He’s up to level 70 now and is actually reading whole sentences – which is pretty good considering he only started school last week!”

What’s your reading routine with your kids? Did you start reading them daily as babies?

“Yes – I began reading to my oldest kids when they were babies. The twins are only four months old, but I’m already reading to them now. I’ll sit down on the mat with them during the day and read to them when I have a few minutes here and there. With Oscar and Billie we read to them every night. As Oscar’s books are a bit more advanced, Billie can get a bit bored with them, so usually Chris and I will take one child each and read separately to them. Billie loves Noni the Pony and Oscar’s favourite is The Snail and the Whale.”

How are the kids enjoying the Reading Eggs program?

“They love it. I don’t have iPads because I know the kids would just fight over them so both Oscar and Billie do Reading Eggs on my mobile phone or on our laptop. They usually do it every day and Billie is now up to level three. They think I’m being really cool by allowing them to play on it! They’re both really motivated to collect the tokens along the way, which spurs them onto keep going. It’s a relief for me too because whilst they’re doing it I can be feeding the twins or cooking.”

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What would you like other parents to know about the benefits of Reading Eggs?

“I think it gives kids a really good head start in reading and can aid in developing communication skills as the flow-on effects to the brain’s processing system are really positive – it’s good for sequencing and retaining information. It has an emphasis on phonics, which we know is the best way to learn to read. Plus, it’s already used by more than three million kids around the world so the proof’s in the pudding.”

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