6 Reasons To Feed The Kids Chia: Superfood For Superkids

6 Reasons To Feed The Kids Chia

Get your Superkids eating superfoods for sustained energy, concentration, brain power and more with these tiny wonder seeds. Here’s the top 6 reasons to feed the kids chia – served up on a plate!

Chia is so much more than a superfood. Offering a number of health benefits such as slow burn energy release (perfect for long school days and concentration levels) and it has a high amount of protein absorption with very little calorie intake. Yep, it’s an awesome grain for your mini people. And the best news for parents? You don’t need to be a Masterchef to incorporate it into the family meals.

Check out these health benefits and easy ways to eat chia…

1. High five: It’s high in fibre

And regular little bowels equal happy little faces! The key to healthy digestion, chia seeds are high in fibre, which supports our bodies to perform at their best. Not to mention it’s also great for mum and dad’s waistline as it takes longer to absorb, keeping us feeling fuller for longer.

6 Reasons To Feed The Kids Chia

I don’t usually give the kids toast for brekkie but chia and fruit bun makes a great healthy after school snack! Chia fruit loaf is a great source of fibre and very high in wholegrains. The chia fruit bun is only 165 calories and contains 6.3g of protein and 4.5g of dietary fibre with no added sugar and no preservatives. Available at Bakers Delight.

2. Brain power: High levels of Omega 3

Load up those little smarty pants with Omega 3s for a brain boost and great heart health. Omega 3 is the type of fatty acid we should never avoid, and chia seeds contain this in spades. Helping us maintain a healthy heart, fight against heart disease and neutralise blood pressure, keeping cholesterol balanced, Omega 3 is also important to sustain and maintain brain function, especially for children developing brain functionality.

Chia pudding is a super easy dessert to make (or playtime treat) and can be transformed into a load of flavours with cocoa, fruit puree or vanilla bean. Or pack a chia fruit bun for a healthy brain-power snack.

3. Energy plus: Great source of protein

Remember the Energizer bunny that just kept going and going? I like to think of protein a bit like that bunny. Essential for body function, protein keeps our energy levels high and metabolism running. Most importantly, protein is used in every single cell in our bodies!

Brain function, blood regulation, muscle development, digestion and even stabilising our emotional states, protein is the brawn behind dietary intake – and you can find plenty of it in the humble chia seed.

Who’s just eaten chia then?! Image: gm photographics

4. Magneto strength: High in magnesium

Magneto may be the baddie on X-Men, but his namesake is a total goody-goody in real life! Magnesium is an essential mineral that assists the healthy function of every organ in the body. Where its real strength prevails is with increasing energy levels by activating vitamins B & D and restoring healthy blood flow to our muscles. It also regulates our blood cells making sure the right amount of insulin is released all day.

5. Tough teeth: High levels of calcium

“Break a leg!” said no parent EVER to their child. Even losing a tooth can cause adult tears! Yep, calcium is a crucial mineral that keeps our bones strong and increases dental health. As some low calorie diets prohibit calcium and dairy intake, then chia is a great and resourceful alternative to ensure enough you’re getting enough calcium in your diet.  Chomp into it, baby!

6 Reasons To Feed The Kids Chia

“Oh, mummy! My favourite! Chia toast, hummus, artichoke and spinach toasty!” Hmm. Maybe not for the underdeveloped kids’ palate but a ‘yes’ for the adults! Chia loaf and recipes available at Bakers Delight.

6. Secret powers: High levels of Phosphorus

Phosphorus has many faces of health benefits: bone development, hormone balance, slow energy release, cellular repair and increased brain functionality are a few of its daily benefits. You know, all the important stuff for developing bodies and minds! Similar to calcium, phosphorus can also be found in chia, making the chia seed the perfect additional to any diet to maintain healthy body, bones and brains.

Main image:  Ryan McGuire for Gratisography.

Are you feeding the kids – or yourself – chia seeds? How do you work it into your meals? Share your comments and tips below!


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