5 Awesome Kids’ Party Food & Theme Ideas

5 Awesome Kids’ Party Food & Theme Ideas

Sea creatures! Out of space food! Spaghetti and meatballs cake! Pancakes and pyjamas and more! You’ve never seen awesome kids’ party food and theme ideas like this before …

Foodie genius and mummy of two, Marie Phitidis is the creative talent behind deliciously popular food blog, Phoodie.com.au. “My whole philosophy with Phoodie.com.au is around creating affordable, easy, impressive and delicious meals quickly,” says Marie. ‘Impressive’ is the key word here – with Marie whipping up oodles of tasty recipes for her website visitors and very lucky family and friends. But when it comes to her children’s birthday parties, WOW-A-RAMA is possibly a more appropriate word to use!

Here, the creative Phoodie shares some of her favourite party theme & food ideas…

Out of Space Food

Having an intergalactic party theme? “Make rocket shaped icy poles by simply blitzing up a watermelon and filling up rocket shaped moulds,” suggests Marie. And don’t forget for invite the extraterrestrial neighbours!

“Alien cupcakes are also very simple to make, and super cute! Simply ice a plain cupcake green and use three ‘eye ball’ candies to decorate, as well as musk sticks and licorice.”

5 Awesome Kid’s Party Food & Theme Ideas

To infinity and beyond! Green martians ready for lift off! Image: Phoodie.com.au

Under the Sea Creatures

You won’t have to dive deep into your pocket to create these awesome savoury treats!

“The ‘Octopus’ Frankfurts are made by slicing from the base to the centre in two directions, then splaying the legs of the octopus,” explains Marie. “The ‘Crab’ croissants are made by filling mini croissants with ham and cheese. Then, cut two Frankfurt ‘claws’ out and place them on the edges of each croissant.”

Think that’s impressive? Wait until you see the sandcastle cake she made with crushed Arnott’s Nice biscuits to go with this sea theme.

5 Awesome Kid’s Party Food & Theme Ideas

“Hank, is that you on my plate? Break a leg! Image: Phoodie.com.au

5 Awesome Kid’s Party Food & Theme Ideas

Crabby french crustaceans on the claw! Image: Phoodie.com.au

Pancakes and Pyjamas

“Instead of giving out lolly bags at the end of the get-together, fill small mason jars with the dry ingredients required to make pancakes,” says Marie. “Create labels for the jars telling the recipients what liquid ingredients need to be added to the emptied out jar.” If pancakes are your weakness, you’ll love the show-stopping ‘pan-cake’ Marie whipped up.

5 Awesome Kid’s Party Food & Theme Ideas

Do guests a favour, and prepare takeaway brekkie for them! Image: Phoodie.com.au

American Diner ‘Spaghetti and Meatballs’

Guests will be wowed by a ‘Spaghetti and Meatballs‘ cake! “It’s thrown together by stacking a mound of homemade or store bought vanilla cakes on top of each other, and piping ‘spaghetti’ in wobbles and wibbles all over the mound of cake. Ferrero Rocher ‘meatballs’ can then be scattered all over the ‘spaghetti’. Raspberry coulis ‘tomato sauce’ is poured over the cake as the kids are singing happy birthday! I like to grate white chocolate ‘parmesan cheese’ over the entire thing for extra wow-factor

5 Awesome Kid’s Party Food & Theme Ideas

Cloudy and a chance of meatballs? You betcha! Image: Phoodie.com.au

Fruit and Veg Rainbows

“Amazing fruit and vegetable platters can be thrown together for added colour and enjoyment! The fruit and vegetables should be arranged on white platters in colour order, much like a rainbow itself. It’s fun to place meringue ‘clouds’ and chocolate ‘coins’ at the end of the rainbow too!” Don’t miss the four layer rainbow smarties marble cake for the sweet tooth!

5 Awesome Kid’s Party Food & Theme Ideas

How grape is this fruity rainbow? Go on, find the pot of gold at the end! Image: Phoodie.com.au

5 Awesome Kid’s Party Food & Theme Ideas

Stick to the good stuff – rainbows and vegie pops! Image: Phoodie.com.au

ABOUT: Marie Phitidis is the foodie genius behind Phoodie.com.au, one of Australia’s most popular food blogs. After a 10 year career in architecture, Marie decided to pursue her passion in food – first by studying at the world famous Le Cordon Bleu cookery school in London, and then starting Phoodie.com.au. Her Phoodie.com.au philosophy promotes creating affordable, easy, impressive and delicious meals quickly. Check out Phoodie.com.au for more foodie inspiration and party theme ideas.


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