10 Free Christmas Gift Ideas Teens & Younglings Will Love

10 Free Christmas Gift Ideas Teens & Younglings Will Love - Fuller House, Netflix

Check out this Santa sack full of ripper free Christmas gift ideas teens and younglings will love. They’re high in spirit, heart and soul and oozing with thoughtfulness. Even better, they won’t yank on your purse strings.

And, as a Christmas bonus, they may even work to connect parents with their teens – and that’s a Christmas gift no elf could make happen.

Jennie Linton knows the power of a cashless gift that comes from the heart. As the program manager at Youth Insearch – an award winning, proven, comprehensive, early intervention program of counselling, support, mentoring and empowerment for at risk young people aged 14-20 – Jennie has seen the positive effects first-hand. Jennie

Here, Jennie shares a few of her festive favourites to kick start the Christmas cheer …

  1. Pen it

“Write a letter from the heart,” suggests Jennie Linton, program manager at Youth Insearch – the award winning organisation that has been running for over 30 years and saved over 30,000 young lives. “Remind them of what you love about them and how much you cherish your relationship. Mention good times you have had and your hopes for the future.”

  1. Create history

“Make a time capsule together,” says Jennie. Document the milestones, world events and family news then bury that jingly box for the next generation to discover!

  1. Plan your adventures

“Create a framed bucket list of things you can do together during the New Year,” suggests Jennie. It could be as simple as a day trip to The Dandenongs, Blue Mountains or Gold Coast Hinterland, kick starting a morning fitness regime together or packing up for an exotic holiday.

  1. Make a wish jar

“Decorate a jar with ribbon and put little notes inside your child can open one for every day of the coming year,” says Jennie. “You can write anything on the notes. Positive affirmations, what you like about them, anything!”

  1. Put your happy on

“Do something that makes you both happy — make sure it’s a positive activity,” advises Jennie. “Heading to the beach, watching your favourite movie or cooking your favourite kind of food are all great ideas.”

  1. Get Googling

Let your fingers do the walking and “Google ‘free stuff to do’ in your local area,” says Jennie. “You may be surprised at what is happening around you that you can enjoy together.”

  1. Share your talents

“Give them a part of you – give what you are good at. Knitting, sewing, cooking, gardening…” Can’t think of any personal talents? Then share stories from your childhood. Pinching apples from the farm down the road, carrying your favourite doll everywhere, hiding your naughty brother’s shoes…!

  1. Plan the celebrations

“A calendar with important dates already written in lets them know they are loved and you want them to be a part of special events,” says Jennie.

  1. Share your love for them

“Ask all members of the family to write something they love about this person. Place them in an album and make a book for them to read when they need a lift.”

  1. Give back to others selflessly

“Volunteer on Christmas day!” suggests Jennie. “It’s the ultimate act of selflessness, giving and caring for others. Not to mention showing you’re a rockin’ role model! “Lots of people need help on Christmas day, and there are many charities that provide meals for people who would love you to help them.”

This article was first published on FRANKIxo.com. Image: Fuller House, Netflix 


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