Turn Your Passion Into A Full-Time Gig (While Still Paying The Rent!)

Turn Your Passion Into A Full-Time Gig (While Still Paying The Rent!)

Get off the mundane 9-5 hamster wheel and start focusing on YOU and YOUR happiness! Here’s how to identify and turn your passion into a full-time gig (while still paying the rent).  

Life coaches Jo Westwood and Lucy Sheridan know exactly how to do it. The dynamic duo have made it their career to help other people reach their highest potential in all areas of life – career, relationships, self-esteem, you name it.

Lucy, aka the UK’s first Comparison Coach, is most famously known for helping Gen Y get over the ‘compare and despair’ of social media and becoming truly happy off- and online – a ‘comparison-free’ life.

And Jo ‘The Spirit DJ’ is a life coach who helps women remix their lives with super practical spiritual coaching to be achieve career happiness and fulfilling relationships.

Now they have teamed up and just released their first book together, #HigherSelfie. In case the name doesn’t give it away, #HigherSelfie’s intention is to unite all those waking up spiritually in this digital age. Together, the Life coaches insightfully explore timeless topics such as forgiveness, surrender and the ego through the context of 21st Century subjects like using social media in a healthy way, online trolling, avoiding drama, finding a like-minded tribe and following your own spiritual and life paths without comparing yourself to others.

“Sometimes we can feel a bit lost and confused, especially if we’re feeling demotivated in a world full of ‘Live Your Dream’ Instaquotes,” explains Lucy and Jo. But there is an easy and practical solution.

Here, Jo and Lucy share their tips to help you find a deeper and more meaningful career and path. Are you ready?

Q. How can we identify our ‘passion’?

A. “It might sound clichéd but one of the easiest ways is to feel – not think – into what you would do even if you didn’t get paid. We say ‘feel’ instead of ‘think’ because when you think too much you often end up logic-ing your way back to right where you are now. Trust us, nobody’s passion looked normal, sensible or logical at first glance. Follow your feelings on this one.

“If you won an amount of money that meant you never had to work for money again, what would you do with your time?

“Your first answer might be ‘I’d travel the world on a permanent holiday!’  So maybe you need to be a travel writer and set up your own blog. Or maybe you need to look for a job that fulfils that desire to travel.

“Or your first answer might be, ‘I’d go to New York 5th Avenue and buy everything I’ve ever lusted over in Vogue’. Awesome, maybe you need to be a stylist, or a fashion designer, or the editor of Vogue!

“Give it go, see what comes up for you then try it on for size. Does it feel like a fit?

Turn Your Passion Into A Full-Time Gig (While Still Paying The Rent!)

Life coaches Jo Westwood & Lucy Sheridan know the negative effects social media can have and how to use it for ‘higher’ purposes.

Q. What if you aren’t passionate about anything?

A. “Personally, we’ve never met anyone that didn’t have a passion, a deeper purpose or something that they felt if they did it would give more meaning to their lives. We totally understand that passion isn’t always really obvious, even to ourselves. Sometimes we can feel a bit lost and confused, especially if we’re feeling demotivated in a world full of ‘Live Your Dream’ Instaquotes.

“If that’s where you’re at right now, we suggest doing something. Just do something. Try a new hobby, change jobs, go travelling, start an Etsy shop and make and sell jewellery or snarky greetings cards. Go to a painting class, write a blog, write in your diary, read every book on your bookshelf… Just do something!

“If you kick into action – any action – things become so much clearer. Again, it’s about not thinking too much – just going out and trying something. Either you’ll love it, or you’ll meet someone totally inspiring. Or you’ll hate it and, hey, that’s one more thing you know you don’t want to do! Bonus: you’ll have a hilarious anecdote for your future book/blog/podcast/interview with Oprah!”

Q. How can we generate an income from our passion?

A. “The simplest answer we can give to this question in a really generic and broad way is this: start talking about it. Tell your family, your friends, your colleagues … Set up a website and social media accounts. Get business cards. Set up meetings about potential business collaborations with everyone who you might possibly have something valuable to offer in exchange for business, a collaboration, or an introduction.

“If you’re not passionate enough about your passion to talk about it freely, proudly and excitedly as much as possible (without being a total bore! LOL! We trust you can make that judgement for yourself!), then no-one else will be.”

Q. How can we pursue our passion while still maintaining a paying job?

A. “The first step is to get serious about your finances. What do you need to cover each month? Where can you save money or re-allocate it towards your passion?

“Once you know those figures you can look at how to renegotiate your work situation. Maybe you can re-negotiate your hours and pay structure in your existing position? Find a better paying job that allows you to work less hours or more flexible hours that your current one? Or maybe you can go part-time in your current job and freelance with your existing skills, to supplement your income and give yourself a pay rise.

“All of these suggestions are way more do-able than we want to think they are. Get creative with your job searches online. Free your mind to the possibility that if there are people out there planning to put men on Mars, you can probably find a job that better supports your plans for doing your passion purpose full-time!”

5 More Awesome Tips To Turn Your Passion Into A Full-Time Gig

  1. Work smart: “Do your due diligence in terms of research, but ultimately trust your gut.
  2. Do it for the right reasons: “If it’s truly your passion you’ll feel like it’s a gift you’re giving to the world, rather than something you’re doing to get more fame/money/accolades/recognition. If it ever starts to feel grabby and desperate, take a step back and remember why you’re doing it.”
  3. Keep your eyes on your own prize: When you start out doing you passion, a common mistake lots of people make is to search the world for everyone who is doing something similar. Then they get paralysed in comparison because they are comparing their beginning to other people’s middles! So yes – do your due diligence – then enact self-preservation. Unfollow, unsubscribe, turn off all the distraction that might make you feel less than and just get on with your own damn thing! They’re gonna’ keep on doing theirs, whether or not you’re doing yours. So you may as well start now and just keep going.
  4. Be yourself: “And no you are not, shock horror, the first travel blogger or fashion designer or dog groomer. And yes, you do still have something unique to offer, because no–one else will do it quite like you, with your special flavour.
  5. Just do it! “Go on with your bad self and light the world up with what you love.”

Turn Your Passion Into A Full-Time Gig (While Still Paying The Rent!)ABOUT: Life coaches Jo Westwood and Lucy Sheridan are two young women mobilizing their generation in a movement. Their new book, #HigherSelfie is the perfect gateway drug for those looking for something deeper and more meaningful, providing a rallying cry for 20 somethings and beyond waking up to the ‘now’ age.

#HigherSelfie is a modern guide to love, healing, connection and surrendered action for millennial trendsetters and beyond with a toe in the door of spirituality and their hearts set on creating a life they love, but are unsure how.

With a no-nonsense approach, and full of pop culture inspired humour, #HigherSelfie interprets age-old concepts with attitude, in a language that is accessible to today’s soul-seeking reader. Whether you’ve just bought a yoga mat but can’t stretch to understand the complexities of Tinder dating, or have been meditating for years but still struggle with the noisy over spill of social media, this book will offer you guidance and support, whatever stage of the journey you’re at.

Main image: Salma Hayek in ‘Frida’, available on Netflix


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