Pop Art Family Portraits!

Pop Art Family Portraits! Transform Daggy Family Photos Into Awesome Affordable Art

So your family isn’t exactly photogenic… Relax! Catchy Attitude’s Caroline Pereira can transform even the cheesiest of chidling’s grins into pop art masterpieces with her unique artistic mix of fashion illustration and pop art.

And it won’t break the bank, either!

WIN! A Catchy Attitude Custom Digital Family Portrait 

In this special interview, artist Caroline Pereira shares her early creative years, the secret behind her unique fashion and pop style and how she creates catchy digital portraits at affordable prices.

Say cheese!

Eye-catching artworks! How do you describe your artistic style?

“The style of my artwork is a mix between fashion illustration and pop-art. My portraits are realistic but I use bright and flashy colours to give them a ‘catchy’ look.

Catchy Attitude [Caroline’s business] allows me to mix fashion looks with mischievous expressions and play with colours and patterns to create pop portraits.

With my custom portraits, I want people to look bubbly and feel confident. I see my portraits like a fashion stylist restyling her model (not that they need it – but it is like showing them a different version of themselves). At the end, they see themselves from a different point of view and they can embrace the Catchy Attitude to its fullest!”

Pop Art Family Portraits! Transform Daggy Family Photos Into Awesome Affordable Art

Catchy Attitude’s Caroline Pereira

Budding artist: Tell us about your younger years, discovering your artistic passion and talent?

“I was very young when I first started drawing. I loved drawing cartoonish characters.

I was lucky enough to be natural at it and my parents always nurtured my talent by buying me creative books, paint by number kits, still life drawing classes, etc. As an only child, I had learnt to entertain myself and art was my way to relax and keep myself busy.

Neither of my parents could draw but I believe subconsciously I have this thing for fashion and manual work because my mum always worked in the fashion industry, and my dad worked in construction.

After year 12 I studied for five years – Applied Arts first, then Fashion Design and finally Textile Product Development. I’ve been working in the fashion industry in France, Barcelona and Australia ever since!”

Pop Art Family Portraits! Transform Daggy Family Photos Into Awesome Affordable Art

Sister love…. art by Catchy Attitude’s Caroline Pereira

Catchy Attitude… sounds catchy! Tell us about the recent launch of this business?

“After years working for other people, I’d almost forgotten what inspired me to work in this industry: my passion for drawing! My partner always thought that I was really good at drawing and I should nurture this talent. He’d also started his own business a couple of years ago, and watching him grow and work for himself inspired me to do the same.

He encouraged me to draw every day! Then in in August last year I decided to share my artwork in a Facebook group of women entrepreneurs to test myself. I wasn’t expecting much from it, but I got an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone. It was then that I decided to launch Catchy Attitude as my side hustle business.”

Get snap happy and have Caroline transform your photo into art!

Hang ups: How do people get their hands on one of your personalised portraits for their own pad?

“It is super easy! Check out my Catchy Attitude Etsy store to get your own custom digital portrait. My portraits can feature up to 3 people. Two high quality photos of the person(s) of your choice are required in order to execute the portrait. Upon purchase, you will receive the item in a JPEG format within 5 to 7 working days. This item will print as an A3 (resizable).

You can print your portrait at home or you can take it to a professional printer. It’s important to understand that colours may vary slightly depending on your printer or screen though.

All portraits are unique and can be a unique gift for your mum, grandmother, BFF or even for yourself at home. You can use it as a social media profile picture, make a canvas or even print it as a poster and frame it!”

Pop Art Family Portraits! Transform Daggy Family Photos Into Awesome Affordable Art

Brotherly love!

Million dollar question: How much do they cost?

  • 1 person custom digital portrait costs $85.
  • 2 people custom digital portrait costs $132.
  • 3 people custom digital portrait costs $195.

For more people, just email me for quotation at catchyattitude@gmail.com

Pop Art Family Portraits! Transform Daggy Family Photos Into Awesome Affordable Art

Mummy power!

Gen Next: What advice do you have for budding artists eager to make a living from their creative skills?

“I never considered myself an ‘artist’ (until people started saying it), but you don’t need to be a ‘Pablo Picasso’ to express yourself – as long as creating makes you feel alive! There will be some ups and downs but it is all worth it.

If you are brave enough to assert your talent, then you are able to develop this talent. The ones that become successful are not always the ones who have more talent, but the ones who dare asserting this talent. Be aware of who you are. Nurture and develop this talent and it will grow with you.

Have your favourite movie star digitally printed!

Follow the pop art brick road…. What’s next?

“My permanent collection will be available soon on society6 and I am currently working on a collaboration with a jewellery brand. Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see what’s coming next!”

Caroline knows how to have fun!

12 Fun Facts About Catchy Attitude’s Caroline Pereira

  1. I was born in France but my entire family is Portuguese.
  2. I speak 4 languages: French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  3. I met my partner the first night I landed in Australia, 8 years ago.
  4. I learnt how to swim 8 months ago and I just did my first ocean swim competition a week ago (1.4km in 24mins 17sec).
  5. I have been chased by a snake once – that was not fun!
  6. One glass of wine is enough for me to be super mega crazy happy!
  7. The only pets I have had are domestic Canary birds and a few red fish. I’d loooove to have a bulldog though, and maybe one cat and two horses!
  8. One of my favourite meals is my mum’s lasagne.
  9. I broke my left little toe kicking a bed leg and my right little finger playing basketball.
  10. I dropped accidentally a hot coffee on an old lady once. I apologised and ran everywhere like a headless chicken to buy her a new coffee. Could not find any… and started crying my balls out of embarrassment in from of her.
  11. My next travel destination is Canada to visit my childhood best friends.
  12. Every morning I put on a bit of sun powder from Guerlain and my favourite lipstick brand is Dior Addict.”

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