How To Attract Happiness & Success Into Your Life

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Want to attract more happiness, success and fulfilment into your life? Of course you do! Here’s how…

I’ve been a ‘luck magnet’ for years now. That is, amazing opportunities often arise out of nowhere, and when I seize them, more opportunities often follow. That’s not to say I don’t land flat on my face occasionally, oh I do! But as my wise Dad says, “that door hasn’t opened to you for a reason. The right door will open for you and it will be a much better experience.” And he’s right. Some call this The Law of Attraction. I call it being a ‘luck magnet’, but hey, that’s just my term.

According to Yildiz Sethi, a Brisbane-based personal development and relationship expert the author of two number one best-selling books, including Stardust on the Spiritual Path, anyone can attract success and happiness into their life. “We all have what it takes to create success and achieve our goals,” explains Yildiz. “The Secret and The Law of Attraction brought this to our attention and permeated modern thinking and personal development with its roots in ancient Indian philosophy.” Don’t panic, you don’t need a degree in philosophy or history to become a luck magnet. Here, Yildiz gives a step-by-step guide to attract happiness and success into your life…

How to attract more happiness and success into your life

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1. Understand Important Matters

Do you know what you want out of life? It’s a simple question but many of us don’t really give it much thought. But you’ll need to do more than kick your brain into gear to find the right answer for you. “In creating success the Mind, Heart and Soul matters,” explains Yildiz. “The mind, including beliefs, attitudes and thoughts are responsible for directing you through decision-making and what you choose to focus on. Interestingly, negative beliefs are just as powerful as positive ones, so make sure your beliefs are in line with what you want in life. Those who believe themselves to be fortunate often are and vice versa.”

We’re often told to think with our head rather than our heart, but Yildiz turns this theory on its head, so to speak, encouraging us to listen to our heart. “The Heart matters in the way our feelings inform us in a body sensation and emotional way of how we are,” explains Yildiz. “Feelings may linger in the body and become a complex mass of kinesthetic and emotional knowledge and experiences (both positive and negative). Such feelings form a body-based detector that may form trigger points to words, images or aromas of a wide range of pleasurable to painful sensations. For example, we all know of a song that brings back wonderful or sad memories, or a smell that can take you back to childhood, or a photo that brings happiness or regret.”

And the soul? “The soul matters as this is closely connected to your life purpose for being here,” Yildiz explains. “Normally if you have an inner knowing of what is right for you and when you are living this, you are happy or content, you are in tune with your life purpose or soul wish.”

2. Find Your Life Purpose

Easier said than done, right? But it’s worth some analysis. My life purpose lightbulb moment hit me in university. My journalism lecturer was explaining ‘bias’, and deconstructed a newspaper article, highlighting the political bias within. Naïve me was shocked. I didn’t realise how gullible I was, eating up the information like it was gospel. And that was the moment I realised I wanted to write informed pieces that would help and empower women, to equip them with the tools and information that could help them make informed decisions, rather than sneakily persuade them. Twenty years later I still get enormous satisfaction out of writing. I truly love what I do and do it with passion and enthusiasm. “It’s important to find your life purpose for happiness and success,” Yildiz says. “This will always have the effect of exciting and motivating you. Some of us have a very clearly defined life purpose, while others have one that shifts for each stage of life.” Of course my life purpose has multiple facets now that I am a mum, and but I do strive to create balance – although sometimes unsuccessfully.

How to attract more happiness and success into your life

Image: @caradelevingne

3. Notice How You Feel About Your Goals

Have you ever been asked to do something that doesn’t sit right with you? Or turned down a job because, while it seemed great, you just knew it wasn’t right for you and your values? I have, and I’m glad I listened to my inner voice. “A very good indicator of being in contact with a healthy life purpose is to notice how you feel about what you are attempting to do,” explains Yildiz. “Notice the feel-good, excitement or alternatively fear or disbelief, if that is the feeling. Many of us have a mixture of feelings. Once these are identified, the more negative ones can be dealt with and resolved.

How to attract more happiness and success into your life

Image: @caradelevingne

4. Perception Is The Key

Is your luck magnet charged to positive and negative reactions? Test it out and see. “Most situations may be viewed in either a positive or negative light,” says Yildiz. “The glass half-full or half-empty. Notice your natural pattern of preference. It is interesting to note that those who expect to have a nice day are more likely to have just that, whereas those who expect to have a miserable one often do too. In addition these two people maybe experiencing the same experience, but perceive it differently due to their perception filter. If you are a glass half empty kind of person, it is advisable to change this in order to become happier or more successful.”

And don’t forget to have fun while you’re doing it! Laugh, take risks, embrace your mistakes and create life experiences.

How to attract more happiness and success into your life

Image: @caradelevingne

Yildiz Sethi is a Brisbane-based personal development and relationship expert. She is the author of two number 1 best seller books, including ‘Stardust on the Spiritual Path’ and ‘Be Rich AND Spiritual’.

Image: Photo by Cata on Unsplash


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