Confessions Of An Iron Woman: Jordan Mercer

Confessions Of An Iron Woman: Jordan Mercer

What is it that motivates some people to be there absolute best? To achieve their dreams? To perform at their optimum day after day?

Jordan Mercer is an inspiration to women, men and children. She has just taken out the 2015/16 Nutri-Grain Ironwoman series, following in the footsteps of her father and uncle, who are both former champions and legends of the event.

As a self-confessed exercise procrastinator, I’m always very interested in what motivates health enthusiasts. Don’t they want to just hit the snooze button at 6am, like me? No, they don’t. They spring out of bed ready to seize the day and fill themselves with healthy foods that fuel their body to function at optimum level.

Jordan is all that and more. At just 29, winning the Ironwoman crown is yet another achievement for her, after she took out her fifth consecutive world title at Molokai 2 Oahu last year. So I decided to find out a little bit more about her and hopefully, her life outlook will rub off on me a little. Well, one can hope!

Here, the unstoppable force that is Jordan Mercer shares 10 confessions that have so far, won her multiple crowns, happiness and life balance…

Your Life Motto Is…

“In the busyness of life, promise to slow down, live in the moment, smile, love, dream big, imagine it in your mind, believe it in your heart, feel it in your soul, dedicate your everything and you will hold it in your hand!”

Jordan Mercer Taking Time Out

Jordan takes a moment to reflect in Noosa Heads. Image: Red Bull

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Your Attitude To Sport…

“It’s a lifestyle. It’s not something that I really choose to do as it’s something I need to do. I need to have it as a part of my life and it doesn’t matter that it’s my profession. I think that if I had have gone down a different avenue and taken a different career path… I wouldn’t be the same person without sport. It’s such a big part of my life and who I am.”

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Your Health Philosophy…

“Health is the most important thing in life – your health should come before anything else. There was a beautiful quote I read recently from Gandhi. It said something crazy about humans and the way they just want to work and work for money, but while they are working for their money they forget about their health and the little things that are truly important in life, such as enjoying the journey and working towards it. When they get the money they don’t want to waste it or spend it on their health, which then results in people getting sick and spending more money than they would have in the first place. It’s a viscous cycle. The whole idea of it is that the health philosophy should come first and foremost in life – because to be healthy is a blessing, you can’t take that for granted. It’s something you have to be conscious of, focus on, and give a little time back to, to ensure you stay healthy.”

Jordan Mercer Paddling

Let’s paddle! Jordan knows how to navigate choppy waters.

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Your Relationship Status…

“My relationship status at the moment is taken. I have a boyfriend and I’m in love. I’m not a bachelorette right now!”


Your Secret Indulgence…

“I really love music – a lot! I am never more relaxed than when I have a really good playlist on my phone. I can just chill out and listen to that. Sometimes I feel bad when I’m just chilling doing nothing but listening to music, but I just appreciate it that much!”


The 2015/16 Nutri-Grain Ironwoman Crown Means…

“That all of my hard work is worth it – all of the sacrifices I have made, and dedication I have put towards achieving that dream over all the years. Looking at that crown and knowing it’s got my name to it, it’s such a rewarding feeling.”

Iron Woman: Jordan Mercer Nutri-Grain Crown

Jordan Mercer competes during the Round 6 of Nutri-Grain Ironwoman Series in Sydney, Australia, 2016. Image: Red Bull

Your Wardrobe Favourite…

“I’m all about shoes. I grew up with so many ‘groms’ and young surfers around me (who don’t wear shoes outdoors) but my Granddad always said that if you don’t have shoes on, then you’re not dressed! Maybe that’s something that has been passed down to me. A comfy pair of the latest Nike kicks for me is the best. I’m feeling good when I have some nice Nikes on my feet. It’s been that way since I was little!”


Words Of Wisdom To Sporting Kids…

“To believe in yourself – always – no matter what. Believe that it is possible to achieve your dreams; be kind to your Mum and Dad and always have good manners.”

Jordan Mercer hits the surf

Unstoppable! Jordan competing in the Nutri-Grain Ironwoman Series in Sydney, Australia, 2016. Image: Red Bull

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Goals for the future…

“In a sporting sense there are a lot of achievements that I certainly want to work towards. I’m not quite ready to give up my series crown – I want to be the best in the world and to do that I’ve got to train for it and turn up in the best form I’ve ever been to fight for my title. It’s something I want to work towards in the future.

“With the Ironwoman series, I’ve just ticked off one of the biggest goals I’ve ever dreamt of and that’s amazing. I am so satisfied with that result – it’s such a special feeling to have something now that’s yours that you have worked so hard for, that nobody can take away from you.

“As for goals that I am yet to achieve, I’d really like to work towards the Australian Ironwoman title and the Coolangatta Gold. For me, they’re new ones that I’d love to achieve in the future.

“Away from sport, I’d like to work towards a career in the media such as TV presenting – it’s something that I’ve always been passionate about and I have enjoyed any opportunity I have had like that. I love kids and inspiring kids so maybe I could be a groovy little TV host on a kids show – I would be in my element!”

Jordan Mercer

Here’s looking at you, future! Image: Red Bull

Your Beauty & Skincare Regime…

“I do have a regime, but I wouldn’t, I don’t think, if it weren’t for my mum who is so helpful, and I guess somewhat pushy when it comes to looking after my body! Being out in the sun and the dangers of sun damage to your skin make it vital for me to protect my skin and look after myself, so I always apply zink and sunscreen. I wear Vertra sunscreen, which was developed for surfers who are in the water all day, so I trust it.

“When it comes to my makeup choice, it’s generally zink or sunscreen because heading from the beach, and going anywhere fancy, that’s the remnants that is left on my face!

“My first real transition to makeup was lipstick – I’ll never forget Mum’s words of wisdom about never wanting to leave the house without lipstick on!

“I am always in the chlorine and salt water, so moisturising my skin is really important. I use coconut oil. I feel like it nourishes my skin – when my skin feels like it’s hydrated I feel fresh in myself.

“I wash my hair a lot just because of the elements that I’m constantly in.  I use Neutrogena T-gel shampoo and conditioner, which doesn’t smell or look very nice, but for me it works really well, especially since I have sensitive skin and my scalp doesn’t deal with chlorine at all.”


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