What Is Beautiful? Artist Dina Broadhurst’s Exploration

What Is Beautiful? Artist Dina Broadhurst’s Exploration

Artist, designer and collector Dina Broadhurst’s art has been described as an orgy of simplicity.

Have you got the image in your head? If not, you can soon see it in real life. Dina is about to launch her first solo exhibition in Westfield Chermside from 6 April to June in her signature style of mixing photography and collage elements both 2D and 3D.

Dina’s works focus on femininity, sexuality, escapism, fantasy, desire, luxury and the perfect face that we like to present to the world (read: not our Sunday morning bed-hair, puffy eyes and pj’s self!). Also making an appearance in her artworks are influences by the worlds of fashion, advertising and design. Take a look at some of her incredible works below, which “draw the viewer through colour and composition, a perfectly poised image of allure, posing the question what is beautiful?”

What Is Beautiful? Artist Dina Broadhurst’s Exploration

LOVE STORY #2 “This speaks of love and power and balance in relationships,” explains Dina of her artwork, LOVE STORY #2. “It would be fantastic in an entrance, bedroom or living room. It’s classic black and white with a hint of golden glamour so would suit contemporary, classic and interiors with a touch of glamour and drama.”

So what is beautiful to you? Dina prompts the question: Is it the untamed natural beauty inside versus the staged, polished, edited and cropped versions that we present to others and consume daily? Is it a sterile “face” or image devoid of emotion, but all that burns underneath the “skin”.

Dina’s images leave you with a pretty picture that you can read into wherever your mind takes you – a memory, a prompt to look within yourself, an emotion, a colour, a smell.

“Beauty exists in all that is around us, in nature, in simplicity, even in the mundane,” says Dina. Her carefully staged compositions challenge the viewer to find the hidden beauty.

In this exclusive interview, Dina share’s the inspiration behind some of her pieces, advice for art buyers and some of her career highlights…

What Is Beautiful? Artist Dina Broadhurst’s Exploration

UNDER THE SEA “I love the colours and the idea that your mind is a gem,” Dina says of her artwork UNDER THE SEA. “The idea of diving into your mind or under the sea, blocking out all the background noise and believing in yourself. This would look great by the sea in a beach house, a place with light and air or in a fabulous bathroom. I would style it with white linens, navy and grey, with rustic timber elements or rough stone.”

You’re an artist and curator – what does that entail?

“Being an artist is my full-time career. It ranges from commission work to creating my own works and series as well as working with brands to develop pieces as part of a collaborative process. I am more a collector at this stage in my private time – I love to support other artists and get their name out there. In the future, I hope to be able to offer more support to other artists and hope to produce beautiful collectible art books of both my own works and curate the works of other artists into books as well.”

What Is Beautiful? Artist Dina Broadhurst’s Exploration

AMBIGUOUS BEAUTY #13 “I love this piece for its layers of mystery and monochrome palette – and those bedroom eyes! Great over a bed head or in a bedroom, with classic black and white or neutral tones, or it even goes well with a very dark moody grey palette.”

How do you help your clients?

“I help my clients to select works that suit – to decide on scale and proportion and to find works that sit well together in a room or side by side. My clients also get great joy out of the art once it is part of their home and I feel they get strength, beauty, uniqueness and confidence from my images.”

What Is Beautiful? Artist Dina Broadhurst’s Exploration

MISSY FRENCH “This piece is elegant whilst still being fun and vibrant, like you want to sing and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. This would be great in a kitchen or family room with a Hamptons or French style interior – something very contemporary mixed with rustic pieces.”

What are some your favourite career highlights…

“Working with brands both locally and overseas such as Viktor & Rolfe and Jason Wu, as well as Westfield Chermside, which has been such an amazing opportunity on such a large scale – it is a career highlight that will stay with me forever. Personal private clients are also a huge highlight as it’s so intimate and such an honour to be welcomed into someone’s private life and get to know them, to photograph them and then be a part of their art collection on display in their homes.”

What Is Beautiful? Artist Dina Broadhurst’s Exploration

EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN “This piece has depth and mood and a mystery that draws me in and makes me realise that beauty is just an emotion in time. It would suit a warehouse or a very glamorous space. I would style it with velvets, deep jewel tones of bronze, brass, ruby and amethyst.”

What art styles are you drawn to?

“I love mixed media work, and I love photography and self-portraits. Cindy Sherman, John Baldessari, Richard Prince, Andy Warhol and Ed Ruscha are personal favourites.”

What Is Beautiful? Artist Dina Broadhurst’s Exploration

BAGGED IT (Patch) “I love this as it includes my favourite orchids and has a fresh pretty feel with lots of undertones about beauty myths. It has strength and presence. It would be great in a living room, a bedroom and office or study, or a reception area. Style it with dark tones and contemporary interiors.”

What should buyers look for when choosing an artwork?

“Always choose what you love. You will find a place for it and never regret it as it will hold a special memory of the leap of faith you took in what inspired you and drew you towards it. Like a favourite song it never leaves you and the memories you have forever return.”

What Is Beautiful? Artist Dina Broadhurst’s ExplorationSee it live!

Dina Broadhurst, artist, designer, and collector, is turning construction into art in her very first live exhibition. Dina has created bespoke artwork for premium fashion retailers of Westfield including; Scotch & Soda, SEAFOLLY and Tony Bianco that will be on display on hoardings in Westfield Chermside from 6 April to June (transforming the fashion precinct into a beautiful art display for all to see). The exhibition showcases her signature style of mixing photography and collage elements in 3D.

Profile photos of Dina: Photography by Akila Berjaoui.

Do you have a favourite work of Dina’s? Share your comments below!


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