About Franki Hobson

Who is she? Is she a bird? Is she a plane? Is she Wonder Woman? NO! Even better! Like many Aussie women, Franki is EVERYTHING! A mum, a best friend, a daughter, a sister, a journalist, a house cleaner … she plays many roles (and sometimes fails miserably) but loves them all (except for house cleaning).

Here’s a mini Q&A with her – to, you know, get to know her better.

Q. What’s your secret indulgence when the kids go to sleep?

A. Online homewares shopping while drinking red wine. And watching Vikings or Outlander on Netflix!

Q. What surprises people most about you?

A. I have an enormously curious nature and love of learning (hence my vast journalistic topics), but reading makes me fall asleep. I’m all audio. I’d rather chat to people than read a book.

Franki’s favourite role is being a mum to Maxwell, 9, and Louis, 11 months.

Q. What do you love most about your job?

A. I have access to – and interview – some of the most incredibly talented experts and leaders in their fields. I literally get to drill them with questions – and take away all these pearls of wisdom that I know readers are going to LOVE and learn an enormous amount from!

 Q. There must be something you loathe about your job… ?

A. Well, now that you mention it… transcribing tapes. Oh my lord… it takes 4 x the interview time – minimum – to transcribe a tape. And of course I want to document every “if…. but…. why….” Can someone please invent tape transpiration software that actually works, please?!

Q. You were an editor for 15 years. Why did you go freelance?

A. Maxwell was only one when his father and I separated. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel of wake/eat/childcare drop off/work/childcare pick up/sleep/repeat. I never had time to see him perform in his music concert, or at school assembly, or volunteer at the kitchen garden, or bake a cake (actually I still don’t bake cakes!). So, I decided to save myself 2 hours transit time a day and give the freelance world a try – so I could be there for my kids. I’ve been freelance or part-time + freelance ever since. Now, I’m a single mum with two beautiful boys to watch as they tick off their milestones.

Q. How would you describe yourself?

A. I’m 50% like my mum – fierce. Fiercely independent. Fiercely protective of my children. Fiercely committed to any project I take on. And 50% like my dad. Friendly, chatty and genuinely interested in helping other people.


Franki Hobson has more than 19  years’ experience as an editor, journalist and freelance writer. She earned her stripes at Cosmopolitan magazine as the Features Director before becoming Editor of Cosmopolitan Hair & Beauty, Bride, Pregnancy and Health magazines. Franki was also the Editorial Director of Australia’s number one teen magazine, DOLLY, just as emoticons entered the vernacular 🙂 No subject matter is off limits, from parenting (juggling mummy-hood with 1000s of other responsibilities) to health & wellbeing, recipes, relationships, career, cash, homes, beauty, fashion and travel, pregnancy, weddings and more.

Today, Franki is the Editor of women’s lifestyle, parenting and health website frankixo.com, where she continues to write about all the subjects she’s passionate about.

Healthy Parenting Hacks I Swear By

Franki & Maxwell pounding the pavement. Photography by Simona Janek

Freelance editorial:

Franki also freelances for a range of websites including Practical ParentingThe Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and Good Food as well as a range of women’s lifestyle magazines. Her work has also been featured on Kids Spot, Essential Baby, The Carousel, Weight Watchers, COSMO, Home Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, Womens’ Health, New Idea, WHO Health and more.

About Franki Hobson: her family

Yep, I look look a deliriously tired new mum juggling a nine day old baby with school drops and pick-ups …. because I am! Photography by Simona Janek

Freelance branded content:

Because she’s not busy enough… Franki also writes branded content for a range of clients, brands and media outlets. Clients have included Kmart.com.au (conceptualising and writing the stories for from December 2014 to April 2016, The Carousel), Disney (The Carousel), Transport NSW (Fairfax – SMH), Athletes Foot (SMH & The Age – Fairfax), SMEG (Goodfood.com.au – Fairfax), Apply Direct (SMH & The Age – Fairfax), Doltone House (The Carousel), Mortein (The Carousel), Kinsman Homes (Pacific Publications – Home Beautiful), The Chia Company (Pacific Publications – Women’s Health), Samsung (Pacific Publications – Womens Health), Allianz Home Insurance (Pacific Publications – Better Homes & Gardens), Caroma (The Carousel), ING Direct (SMH & The Age – Fairfax), Aptimal (Fairfax), Orthodontics Australia (Fairfax, SMH, Brisbane Times, The Age) and many more.

About Franki Hobson: her family

My heart melts… Me with my newborn, Louis. Photography by Simona Janek

Ambassador roles:

Franki is also a Netflix Ambassador, which means she has a legitimate excuse to curl up on the couch and indulge in The Clone Wars with her son, Maxwell, when her 11 month old baby goes to sleep!

Franki is also an X-Box Ambassador – and currently fumbling around with controllers while her son kicks her butt in Minecraft: The Hunger Games.

I’m 42 And Pregnant! And It Wasn’t An Accident

Franki 17 weeks pregnant. Baby number two, Louis, was born in August 2017.  Photography by Simona Janek

Franki Hobson: The Personal Stuff

Franki is mum to Maxwell, 9, and has an 11 month-old deliriously cute baby boy named Louis (prn: Loo-eeeeee, as in King Louis of France!). Whe she isnt changing nappies, tapping away on the computer or drinking red wine, she is catching up with her beautiful friends (who she thanks the universe daily for).

About Franki Hobson: her family

Franki with baby Louis and her former partner Josh. Front left, Franki’s step-son Daniel and her son Maxwell. Photography by Simona Janek

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